90 Part 2

Xu Zirong raised his eyebrows slightly. He snorted, and there was suddenly force in the blood-colored giant vine, and with a snap, the shield on Yu Nianbai’s body split. The two giant vines took advantage of this and hit on him. He vomited some blood instantly, clutching his arms and rolling on the ground in pain.

“How dare you!” A black shadow yelled angrily. It crossed the gate of Moon Garden and plunged into the corner where Xu Zirong and the others were. “How dare you hurt my young master, damn it!” Afterwards, the black shadow cast a spell and there was a blue light rushing toward Xu Zirong.


Xu Ziyan’s facial expression changed, and a thunder light as thick as a thumb shot out, hitting with the blue light that was emitted. Then, with a “boom” sound, not only the blue light disappeared, but even the black figure flew back along the same trace.


When Xu Zirong was trying to control the blood vines to fight against master Yu, those who were watching didn’t find it overly shocking. All in all, Yu Nianbai’s just an ordinary person. It’s completely normal that he couldn’t win over a cultivator.

However, as soon as Xu Ziyan took the lead, the situation completely changed. Master Yu was always followed by two powerful cultivators as guards, and this is a well-known fact. Since Yu Moran really spoilt his son, of course he’d appoint the best guards for him.

It is said that there was a conflict between a cultivator of building base passing by and Yu Nianbai. He wanted to kill Yu Nianbai, but was killed by one of the guards in the end. Since then, the residents of Wuti City knew more or less the strength of these two guards.

And now, this very powerful guard was beaten off by this handsome young man. Although these people could not judge the level of cultivation, they could still easily compare after seeing this.

“Tsk tusk, Yu Nianbai kicked the iron plate.” One of the guests teased him.

“Huh, Yu Nianbai should have been taught a lesson long time ago.”

“Who would disagree? But that guy Yu Nianbai is usually quite smart, how would he try to offend a cultivator? Wait, no, if those two are cultivators, how come they aren’t in Star Building?”

“Who knows? But it’s got nothing to do with us. Just watch the fun.”

“You’re right, haha…this is really a big trouble…”

After hiding in a relatively safe corner, many guests began to whisper and discuss among themselves. Seeing Yu Nianbai’s blood dripping, not only these people didn’t have any sympathy, but they even started teasing him.

“Please be merciful to cultivators!”

After the figure flew out, another person quickly rushed over, but this time, this person had learned his lesson and dared not take any action first.

This time, Xu Ziyan didn’t make a move, he was just coldly watching the person rushing over, standing not far from them, not daring to act rashly.

It was a middle-aged person, having only the strength of the initial stage of building base, and such level of strength could already be regarded as a small master in Wuti City, and it’s a bit wasteful for him to be a guard of an ordinary person.

The middle-aged man saw Yu Nianbai who was hanging upside down by a giant vine, and he couldn’t help but breathe in cold air. Does that bloody, swollen face belong to his young master? My Gosh…perhaps his mother wouldn’t be able to recognize him…

(At this time, this cultivator still didn’t know what it means by “so beaten up that even your mother doesn’t recognize you”…)

“This cultivator, I don’t know what my master has done to offend you. Please spare him in the face of the Yu family.” This middle-aged man was very smart. After being with master Yu for a long time, he knew the personality of Yu Nianbai very well. After seeing the gorgeous face of Xu Zirong, the reason of this fight became so obvious to him.

In addition, although his master was beaten up quite miserably, his breathing was still quite steady. After seeing that he could kick old Liu away so easily, he knew that his master would have turned into a corpse now if they wanted to kill him. Since they didn’t do so, it meant that there’s still space for discussion.

“The Yu family?” Xu Ziyan’s eyebrows twitched slightly, the Yu family in Wuti city? It sounded quite familiar, but he couldn’t recall where he’d heard of this name.

“Yes, this is the eldest young master of our family in Wuti City, and the son of our patriarch.” The middle-aged man raised his head and said so, as if he was very proud of the status of this family. But as soon as he finished speaking, he realized that something was wrong again, and he quickly added, “he’s the only son of our patriarch.”

“The Yu family? Is it powerful?” Xu Ziyan pretended to ask.

“It ranks the third in Wuti City.” Xu Zirong added coldly.

“Oh…the third…” Xu Ziyan said and he seemed to be meaning something else.

The middle-aged man suddenly blushed, but there was no way for him to object either. The Fang family was indeed very powerful in this city. The second place was initially the Yu family, but no one would have thought that the girl from the Jiang family would get together with the second master of the Fang family, and once the two families were compared with each other, the Jiang family, which was just a little more inferior than the Yu family, got to rank the second in terms of power in Wuti City.


Just when Xu Ziyan was running towards the middle-aged man, the guard who was beaten up also ran over. Xu Ziyan didn’t try to act more softly. Anyone who dared to touch Xu Zirong must be prepared to receive his thunder blow.

And it would be the real thunder blow!


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