91 Part 1

Chapter 91

After this guard was hit, he felt numb throughout his whole body. It took him a long time to recover and the other person rushed toward him already. He hadn’t heard the conversation between the middle-aged man and Xu Ziyan clearly, yet he could see very well how much Yu Nianbai was suffering.

“You guys, how dare you?!” The guard seemed older than fifty years old, and his eyes immediately turned red when he saw Yu Nianbai being beaten like a pig. He stared fiercely at Xu Zirong, who was holding the bloody giant vine, and he really wished he could bite him to death.

Xu Ziyan was very dissatisfied with his behavior. He slightly touched Xu Zirong, who reacted by raising his wrist and tightened the bloody giant vine tightened quickly, and Yu Nianbai’s body suddenly made a terrifying noise.


“I will kill you all!” The old man was going crazy, he’s ready to raise his hand to attack.

“Old Liu, stop!” The middle-aged man was startled immediately. He was not as strong as old Liu, but he had a much better vision.


Just now, Xu Ziyan knocked old Liu into the air. Although there were many reasons why old Liu underestimated his enemy, it could be seen that the cultivation level of these two people was at least equal to his.

Now that the young master was still in the hands of the others, if he accidentally made them angry, they would leave after killing the young master, and he’d be the only one bearing the anger of the patriarch…

When thinking of this, the middle-aged man couldn’t but shiver. He became more determined to stop the impulsive old Liu.

Seeing that old Liu wanted to attack, Xu Zirong was not anxious at all. He’s only a cultivator at the middle stage of building base, and as he’d reached the later stage of it, plus the tactics that he had learnt in his previous life, he wouldn’t even be scared if he had to face the patriarch of Yu family, who was at the later stage of Qi condensation.

When old Liu had any attempt to attack, he immediately used the giant vine to defend himself. It was a clear message to the old guy – wipe away your young master if you want to attack him!


The first attempt of attack of old Liu was stopped by the middle-aged man. And it’s a good thing that it’s stopped, or the first one to take it would be Yu Nianbai.


Everyone could fully imagine what would happen if Yu Nianbai, who was in a coma, took this blow. Even old Liu was happy that it didn’t happen, and he secretly gave a grateful look to the middle-aged man.

“Damn it! You two, put down our young master as soon as possible!” After turning his head, old Liu roared angrily at the Xu brothers.

The middle-aged man secretly complained, this old Liu! He really didn’t know how to do the best thing in the right moment.

Although he watched the young master growing up, as he had no kids, he’d always treated Yu Nianbai as his son…but even then, you still need to see who your opponent is, right?

The middle-aged man was the guard of the Yu’s family, but he had done casual cultivation for a long time before then. In terms of knowledge, he’s much more advanced than old Liu.

The two brothers were obviously not ordinary people, they were at their 20s and they’d already reached the later stage of building base. With such power, they must be very popular among the big sects.


Since they knew the status of the Yu family in Wuti City, and they could still stand up to defend so confidently, it was obvious that they had a strong background, be it a strong master or a strong sect. If someone offended him, perhaps even the whole family would lose!

“Shut up! Now our young master is in the hands of others, can’t you see that?!” The middle-aged man finally cursed furiously. Usually, this old Liu often acted arrogantly as he thought that he’s important of being a servant to the Yu family, and he always looked down on the others. Usually, the middle-aged man wouldn’t say anything, but now that any move would affect his future, he wouldn’t want old Liu to offend the two people in front of them.

Old Liu did not expect that the middle-aged man would dare to scold him, his eyes were instantly filled with anger. His beard was shaking, and he was pointing at the middle-aged man without being able to say anything.

“Young master is the most important now!” The middle-aged man couldn’t be bothered to take care of this ignorant old man. He made up his mind. After returning home, he would bid farewell to the master of the Yu family. With this useless old man and the unreliable young master, the family would offend someone more difficult sooner or later.

Although he had made up his mind, the middle-aged man knew that he had to deal with the Xu brothers in front of him first, otherwise, he might not even survive the next day if anything happened to the young master.


“My two cultivators, please have some mercy for us. Our young master is just a mortal child and can’t stand this lecture from you.” The middle-aged man tactfully used the word “lecture”. Although everyone knew what that meant, it still sounded better on the surface.

Xu Ziyan glanced at the middle-aged man and twitched the corner of his mouth. This middle-aged man was actually quite clever. He just arrived and didn’t want to cause any trouble to the Jiang family. They still enjoyed the reputation of being from the Liu Guang sect, and the Yu family wouldn’t dare to take revenge even if they killed Yu Nianbai. However, after two days, they would have to show up in the wedding ceremony of the Jiang family. It’s true that they could leave at any time, but after they did, the Yu family might take revenge on the Jiang family.

They were there to support the Jiang family, not to cause trouble. Therefore, Xu Ziyan gave Xu Zirong a look. And when Xu Zirong cast a spell, the bloody giant vine shook and made young master Yu fly out.

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