91 Part 2

After the middle-aged man spoke, he had been paying attention to the other party. After seeing his action, he immediately took the young master back.

After taking master Yu over, the middle-aged man gave him a pill. As a result, the injuries of Yu Nianbai got to recover at almost the speed of lightning.


“Thank you, my two cultivator friends, I apologize to both of you on behalf of my young master. As the saying goes, you only know each other after you fight. If both of you are free, I’d like to invite you to my home as guests.” The middle-aged man reacted quickly, as judging from the effect of the pill, he knew perfectly that his young master was spared.

If a cultivator casually killed a mortal who offended him, no one would challenge it, as the cultivator had to protect his dignity. The middle-aged man was already very grateful that his young master wasn’t suffering from serious injuries.

As long as there were no serious injuries, then there would still be space for discussion. Also, since the two brothers in front of them had such impressive performance, it would be a great advantage for him to stay in the Yu family if he tried to know them better.

The middle-aged man started planning all this secretly, and he even began to think of the excuses he could use to invite the two to the Yu family. Old Liu simply snatched the young master over, stroking the wound on his body with distress, then stared at Xu Zirong bitterly.

“Hoho, it seems that Yu’s family doesn’t welcome us brothers.” Xu Ziyan said with a smile, but his eyes looked a little cold.

The middle-aged man looked back at old Liu and couldn’t help but swear in his mind. This idiot! Most cultivators respect those with strength, but you, look at you! Perhaps the patriarch might even think that it’s a good thing to have you killed! You’re just an old, useless servant, totally incomparable with the disciples of the Liu Guang sect!


Just a moment ago, through observation, this middle-aged man discovered that Xu Ziyan’s cuffs and hem were embroidered were the obscure patterns of Liu Guang sect. Normally, as casual cultivators, they were very sensitive to these obscure patterns. After all, they had no background and status, and they absolutely couldn’t afford to provoke the disciples from the big sects. Therefore, whenever they encountered such people, they would try their best to stay discreet and polite.

In the Xuan Yu Realm, Liu Guang sect almost ranked the first. Although their location was closer to Tian Yu sect, the disciples of Tian Yu sect had never appeared in Wuti City. Also, even if they did, they couldn’t be bothered to talk to small families like this.

“My two cultivators…my companion has been protecting our young master since he was a child. When he saw that our young master got injured, he was a bit too anxious. Please don’t mind him.” The middle-aged man said with respect.

Initially, Xu Ziyan couldn’t be bothered to talk to these two people, but when he suddenly heard about the Yu family in Wuti City, he almost skipped a heartbeat, as if he’d realized that something might happen.

When Xu Ziyan was briefly responding to the middle-aged man’s invitation, he was trying hard to look for pieces in the memory of his original body. After a long while, his body shook and he lowered his eyes, trying to cover his look of shock.


Damn it!

Wuti City! Yu family!

Wasn’t this Yu Hao’s hometown?!!! (Does anyone even remember him?)

In the memory is his originally body, what happened there was all told by his master. It is said that in the Wuti City at that time, there was an evil deal between members of a family and demon cultivators, and a large number of demons attacked the city. Since the relationship among the four families in Wuti City was not harmonious, the four families were divided into four gates. As a result, one of the guards had an evil deal with one of the demons, and it broke in the gate in the middle of the night. Nearly half of the citizens were slaughtered. Fortunately, the remaining three families united, tried their best and drove the monsters out again, and this saved the lives of half of the remaining population.

Later, as the demons failed to besiege the city, the family that was in evil deal with demon cultivators was suppressed by the other three families. There were people who were executed because of that, and besides, they found a demon cultivator with an enchanting demon body.


What happened later was even more miraculous. Just when they were about to execute that demon cultivator, the young master of the Fang family rescued the demon cultivator the night before the execution…

This kind of weird development made many people take this as a joke, but they didn’t expect that the young master of the Fang family, who shined in the siege battle, would have such a filthy deal with a demon cultivator.

The original body of Xu Ziyan only heard about it during a casual chat with his master, and as it hadn’t really got much to do with him, he didn’t care much. Xu Ziyan had to think for a while before he recalled this incident.

Yu Hao was born in the Yu family in Wuti city, but he didn’t have a high status. He was just a disciple of a branch of the Yu family, and his mother was just a concubine of his father and was not taken seriously, so he had been affected since childhood. Judging from this, his fate was quite similar to that of Xu Zirong.

Later, because of some coincidence, he obtained some good inheritance, but he had no intention to expose this fact. On the contrary, he decided to leave the Yu family and join the Liu Guang sect.

This time, when the demons attacked the city, as the gate that was broken through was relatively close to Yu’s home, when the Yu family evacuated urgently, his mother was just thrown there to rot herself. Fortunately, a disciple of Tian Yu sect happened to pass by and rescued his mother. Otherwise, the farewell with his mother six years ago would become a permanent one.


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