92 Part 1

Chapter 92


After hearing some news here and there from the memory of his original body, Xu Ziyan was dumbfounded…

The grace of saving his mother… Yu Hao… The Qianwen Pavilion!!!

Yes, it must be so!

Xu Ziyan felt surprised immediately. Initially, he planned to get closer to Yu Hao when he was still in Liu Guang sect, and he hadn’t expected to get so busy with building base during the first year. And when he stepped out from the Secret Realm, five years of closed-door cultivation have already passed. It also means that during these five years, he hadn’t done anything to get close to Yu Hao.

This wasn’t easy for him to digest. After all, he planned to avoid Bai Hua, and if he could build a good relationship with Yu Hao, then he’d surely have further news of Bai Hua.

As long as he knew the location of Bai Hua, he’d be confident in hiding himself from him. (As long as Bai Hua stopped being charming, that is…)

Wait a minute…Bai Hua…Bai Hua…the disciple from Tian Yu sect…

Could it…could it be such a coincidence?

Xu Ziyan started having a headache. He didn’t want to associate the fact of him saving Yu Hao’s mother to Bai Hua. However, from any point of view, given the “protagonist” status of Bai Hua and the mysterious host of Qianwen Pavilion, it seemed to be really matching well…

“Is it possible to be so unlucky?” Xu Ziyan couldn’t help but murmur to himself.

“Brother, what are you talking about?” Xu Zirong asked.

“Ah? Nothing.” Xu Ziyan suddenly woke up from his daydream. This wasn’t the time to think about Bai Hua, no matter how charming he was, he’s just an individual. Now, he had to think about how to get rid of the demon cultivators that were going after the city.

Those are the lives of half of the city’s population, Xu Ziyan couldn’t just leave them aside.

“Now go back!” Xu Ziyan suddenly had an idea – perhaps he could find a way out from the Jiang family…?

“Huh?” The middle-aged man was taken aback for a moment. Go back? Go where?

Xu Ziyan didn’t have time for the middle-aged man. He simply told him that he’s going to stay in the Jiang’s first, and he’d join the wedding ceremony of Jiang Ying two days later. By that time, he would be able to meet the patriarch of the Yu family.

When the middle-aged man heard that this young man was going to stay in the Jiang’s, he felt his heart turning cold. The relationship of the Yu family and the Jiang family wasn’t good, and it might be impossible for him to get benefits from it.

Although he felt quite depressed, the middle-aged man didn’t show it on his face. On the contrary, he sent the Xu brothers out politely.

Before leaving, Xu Zirong turned his head and looked at Yu Nianbai, who was still not awake. He had a strange smile on his face. The bloody bite had already been instilled in Yu Nianbai’s body through the vines, and there would be results a few days later.


Those who were lusting after the beauty of the bloody demon could never die peacefully!

After the Xu family brothers left, the middle-aged man returned to the Liu Yun Pavilion to take care of the rest.

For the things that were broken in Liu Yun Pavilion, it was naturally the Yu family who had to pay. All in all, their young master caused all this trouble.

The guard called old Liu stared bitterly at the direction where Xu Ziyan and the others were leaving. He didn’t care if Xu Ziyan was going to stay in the Jiang family or not. He only knew that his young master, the beloved master whom he had taken care of, had been beaten and was suffering from serious injuries. He had to take revenge for sure!

The middle-aged man saw old Liu’s gaze, but he really couldn’t be bothered with this person. Right now, he’s busy reporting the situation of these two people to the patriarch of the Yu family. These two disciples represented much more than two cultivators at their later stage of building base.

After these people left, the little maids of Liu Yun Pavilion immediately showed up and cleaned the scene as quickly as possible. After a while, there was a beautiful sound of silk and bamboo again, and the warm atmosphere was restored again, but most of the guests weren’t talking about not the beauties on the stage, but the identities of the two people they’d seen just now.

At the same time, outside the gate of the Fang’s house——

With a gentle smile on the face, the young man dressed in white said softly to the guard outside of Fang’s house, “I am Bai Hua from Tian Yu sect, in the name of my master, I am here to congratulate the Fang family.”

After Xu Ziyan returned to Jiang’s house, he locked himself in the room. That was too much information to digest in a day, and he had to analyze it well.

The siege of Wuti City was a very important event at the time. For nearly a hundred years, the battle between human cultivators and demon cultivators has gradually become balanced on the battlefield of the extreme west. Although a small amount of demon cultivators could also penetrate through other places, theoretically it was impossible to organize such a large-scale siege.

After this incident, the senior officials of several major sects were furious. Although Xu Ziyan’s original body didn’t know what happened afterwards, he could still dig pieces from his memory and come to a conclusion

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