93 Part 1

Chapter 93

Xu Ziyan answered, “I just happened to see this family face to face, and I felt like that Yu Nianbai looked quite like junior brother Yu. Also, both of their surnames are Yu, that’s why I thought about it. Oh, by the way, do you still remember the six pieces of red jade that we grabbed from Yu Hao when we were going through the assessment?”

Xu Zirong raised his eyebrows, “brother, I think you’ve got it wrongly. We got four.”

“Oh? Haha, then I probably remembered it wrong.” Xu Ziyan quietly breathed a sigh of relief. Perhaps the adult version of Xu Zirong gave him a bit of pressure, making him doubt whether Zirong had been walked in when he was cultivating closed-doors.

However, he hadn’t forgotten that Zirong was almost walked in when they were in the Green Spirit Secret Realm. Luckily, after his confirmation, he knew that Xu Zirong was safe. If cultivators were walked in there, they wouldn’t inherit the memory of their original body. That’s why Xu Ziyan was quite reassured now.

Oh, but what about the transmigration?!

Xu Ziyan panicked again. Since it’s transmigration which enabled him to inherit his original body’s memory, then does it mean that Xu Zirong…

He hesitated for a while, and then acted a little stupidly – he stared at Xu Zirong blankly and said in a deep voice, “the king covers the underground tiger!”

Xu Zirong was at a loss, “???”

Xu Ziyan didn’t spot any suspiciousness on Xu Zirong’s face, so he breathed a sigh of relief for the second time. Unless Xu Zirong was a very outstanding actor before transmigration, he would have at least reacted a little after hearing this sentence.

(Actor Xu: …)

“Brother, what are you talking about? Is this some kind of spell?” Xu Zirong asked calmly, but he had already noted this sentence is his little notebook. He firmly believed that there must be a reason why his brother suddenly said this. Was he being suspicious of something?

“Oh, nothing, I just happened to remember this. Oh, by the way, what did you just say, Zirong?” Xu Ziyan thought that he was really being stupid, so he stiffly changed the subject.

Fortunately, his “cute and lovely brother” never made things difficult for his brother, and he went with the flow, “nothing, it’s just that I find it a pity that I can’t share your worry.” Afterwards, he even sighed with Xu Ziyan.

Xu Ziyan suddenly felt a little guilty, as he had always known how much Xu Zirong cared about him. It’s only that he could never tell Zirong about the transmigration.

Although he was a little guilty, Xu Ziyan shut his mouth and did not continue with the topic.

Xu Zirong didn’t intend to force him at this time, so he stopped saying anything. He left the room very obediently, giving Xu Ziyan enough space to think.

On the surface, Xu Zirong fully trusted Xu Ziyan, but he fully understood that the more obedient and polite he was, the more guilty Xu Ziyan would be. He could think of other ways to make up for this loss. And now he already started thinking if he should bring his brother to drink wine again.

It’s still possible to buy spiritual wine in Wuti City, and it’s still quite easy to get him drunk for an hour…

Xu Ziyan had a light smile on his face, and he walked around in the courtyard in a great mood.

In the room, as Xu Zirong had thought, Xu Ziyan was looking at Zirong leaving with guilt. He was saying to himself, that there’s just no way for him to tell the truth yet. However, if Zirong proposed other requirements, big brother would surely try his best to satisfy him. (lighting candles)

“Who are you?” Just as Xu Zirong was enjoying the scenery of Jiang’s garden, there was suddenly a sharp female voice.

Xu Zirong turned around and saw a gorgeous girl in yellow clothes frowning and looking at him.

Although he knew that she was from the Jiang family, he had no intentions to talk to her at all. After looking at her stunning appearance, he was quite sure that this woman would only bring troubles, according to his experience.

During his two lifetimes, Xu Zirong had never been a gentleman, and of course he wouldn’t be an exception in front of this one.

After seeing that the handsome man left after looking at her plainly, Jiang Ting’s facial expression changed after it got eased up a little.

Just now, she had a big quarrel with her mother again and she ran to the garden angrily. She was already in a bad mood, that’s why she asked this question to a man that she’d never seen.

Unexpectedly, when Xu Zirong turned his head, his exquisite appearance suddenly shocked her. No one had a better look than his throughout Wuti City!

Who is he?

Jiang Ting suddenly had a strange thought. This young man whom she’d never seen made her heart tremble a little.

It’s a pity that he left after only glancing her for a second, and there was no further action. Jiang Ting’s heart was suddenly filled with shame and disappointment, but what she wanted to know more was still the identity of that beautiful man.

Fortunately, she didn’t try to stop Xu Zirong. Otherwise, when his brother wasn’t there, Xu Zirong might use the fastest way to solve the problem.

Jiang Ting was not the kind of woman who had no brains at all. The Jiang family still ranked the second in Wuti city. Naturally, the Jiang family’s ancestral home was equipped with a strong defensive array. Anyone who could walk freely there would either be a family member or a guest. During these few days, in order to attend the wedding of Jiang Ying and Fang Tianyun, many relatives and friends of the Jiang family stayed over.

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