93 Part 2

Jiang Ting bit her lower lip. While watching Xu Zirong leave, she quietly made a decision. Anyone who was invited as a guest in the Jiang family would be on a similar level, and it would surely be a perfect target for marriage.

Marriage was always an indispensable method for two families to build a long-lasting relationship. Anyone would understand this easily by looking at the amount of benefits brought to the Jiang family from this marriage.

Jiang Ting had never seen this person before, and that means he should have arrived at Jiang’s house that morning or in the afternoon. As Jiang Tianxing wanted to explain Xu Ziyan’s identity at the wedding, so as to create a more shocking scene, no one knew the identity of the Xu brothers except a few.

Xu Ziyan agreed fully to Jiang Tianxing’s proposal. As disciples of Nascent Soul in Liu Guang sect, they would have to face great troubles in Wuti City if Jiang Tianxing announced it too early.

After leaving the garden, Jiang Ting immediately mobilized her people to find out the identity of the people arriving at the Jiang family that day…

After walking around in the garden, Xu Zirong habitually released some blood lice to explore the surrounding environment. This was a habit from his previous life, because he was hunted down by many people when he was still weak in the early days, and he paid great attention to security issues. Wherever he needed to stop, he would definitely use blood lice to thoroughly check the surrounding area. This small blood puppet did not have any attack power, and its defense power was quite poor as well. Any stronger mortal can slap it to death, but they consume very low spiritual power and are numerous, and they’re extremely sensitive to all kinds of arrays, so they could react promptly.

Aside from using blood lice in his previous life, Xu Zirong would also spread them in large areas in the Secret Realm. There was a magic array in the Secret Realm and there were often great opportunities.

“Huh?” Xu Zirong raised an eyebrow. By using this habit, he found a hidden array.

His blood lice had discovered the defensive arrays set up outside Jiang’s house, and this phantom array hidden in a rockery made him beyond curious.

If it was a general defensive magic array, then he would be sure that the Jiang family wanted to expel intruders. Generally speaking, places like the Scripture Pavilion and Treasure Pavilion would have this kind of array. However, this array was aimed at the interior, and that means it’s a prison-like array.

“It’s interesting.” Xu Zirong raised the corner of his mouth and left.

Why would he care about the person jailed in the Jiang family? He was there to support the Jiang family, and he had no interest in digging their secrets.

After returning to his room, he told Xu Ziyan about the incident as a joke. Apparently, he hid the part about him using blood lice, and he said that he’d used a wood-type magic.


“Prison?” Xu Ziyan’s eyes suddenly flashed. Just now, he was still worrying about how to catch the traitor who had colluded with a demon cultivator from the Jiang family, and he hadn’t expected God would give him this answer so easily.

Who still needed to tell him who’s in the prison? It’s of course the one with a demonic soul – the eldest master hidden by Jiang Tianxing!!!

“Huh? Is my brother interested in anyone inside?” Xu Zirong smiled, “then I’ll help my brother by rescuing him.”

Xu Ziyan suddenly sweated profusely. He was indeed planning to communicate with the young master of the Jiang family, but Zirong, do you really think that it’s ok to steal someone from the prison so obviously?

Xu Ziyan felt that something was wrong.

Zirong, I am teaching you what’s right and what’s wrong! Have you already forgotten it all?

Xu Ziyan criticized Xu Zirong in a serious manner, and he also emphasized the importance of keeping the right values. Even his elder brother might make a mistake, and it’s important for Zirong to determine what’s right and wrong, he couldn’t just listen to his older brother blindly.

He still needed to remember that they were in the cultivation world, and there were limitless ways to disguise someone as Xu Ziyan. Zirong, would you kill someone if brother tells you to?

Xu Zirong nodded calmly.

Xu Ziyan: _(:3∠)_

“No matter what happens, I will know who’s my brother. Even if my brother is controlled by someone, I can see it immediately. Except these two situations, I am sure that whatever my brother says is correct.” Xu Zirong said with strong determination.

Xu Ziyan supported his forehead helplessly. He was obviously trying to teach the right values to Xu Zirong, why would things end up like this…

What could have gone wrong?!

Xu Ziyan looked as if he’d been hit by thunder, and Xu Zirong raised his eyebrows. In his past life, he was a demon cultivator, and it’s really normal to murder people. On the contrary, his older brother was just too kind, and if he didn’t obey to his elder brother’s “right values”, then those bastards like Le Hu or Wei Jing would have been wiped off long time ago. However, he was determined to continue bearing with this urge for his older brother!

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