94 Part 1

Chapter 94

Xu Ziyan shook his head vigorously. He thought that he might just forget it, as these were all still trivial matters for him. The first thing for him to solve was the intrusion of three monsters after three days, and he didn’t know any details of it either. Also, it’s something that he couldn’t announce. Fortunately, he knew that the Jiang family was guarding the gate at that time. As long as he supervised the Jiang family in advance, there shouldn’t be any major issues.

No matter how well a traitor kept his secret, it would a certain amount of time to destroy the defensive array of the city gate. If Xu Ziyan made the right guess, they were most likely to destroy the array the night before the marriage ceremony. As long as there was a node slightly destroyed when they attacked the city, the city gate would be completely destroyed, and the monsters could rush into the city and start killing people.

After combining the information that he could obtain, that’s most of the information that Xu Ziyan could father. And he couldn’t guarantee whether things would really happen that way. He could at most remind the master of Jiang family and other families, or send more scouts to Wuti City and check the forest.

The darkness covered the ground, and the silver moonlight shone from above.

Two black shadows passed through several corridors one after the other, and a shadow was hidden beside a rockery in the backyard of Jiang’s house.

“This is it?”


The two black shadows were obviously the Xu brothers. The Jiang family set defensive arrays at important locations, but it’s obvious that this rockery was not included.

It would make sense that Jiang Tianxing used this principle to imprison the eldest master of the Jiang family who possessed the body of a demon, but it had made things easier for the Xu brothers as well.

Xu Ziyan wasn’t excellent in magic arrays. His original body had always believed that whether it was about alchemy or Fulu, they were just some kind of side approach, all was related to one’s level of cultivation. Therefore, aside from his thunder-type practices, he almost didn’t know about anything else.

Fortunately, Xu Zirong showed interest in everything after joining the Liu Guang sect (in order to cover up that the fact he already knew too much), and magic arrays were of no exception. After some sophisticated calculation, it didn’t take long before Xu Zirong opened the first layer of array.

With the movement of the ripples, the hole covered by the magical array was exposed. Xu Zirong took advantage of the moment when Xu Ziyan wasn’t watching, and he once again quietly released many blood lice to explore the way.

“It’s a dead end?” Xu Zirong frowned slightly; this prison hidden by the array was empty?

He squinted his eyes slightly, wondering what would happen to his brother if he saw the empty cell, but…he had been inseparable from his brother in the past few years. So, who was in this cell?

Xu Ziyan took the lead and walked ahead of Xu Zirong. It’s a habit that he had developed. Xu Zirong didn’t try to fight. The road only led to a small room inside, and his blood lice had already checked it thoroughly. Unless it’s a trap that far exceeded the level of his blood lice, or he should have already discovered it.

After entering the secret room of the rockery, Xu Ziyan slightly frowned after seeing the empty room.

It’s empty?

The situation here was far beyond his expectation. It turned out that eldest son of the Jiang family wasn’t there?

He quickly analyzed the scattered clues, and Xu Ziyan confirmed that the Jiang family’s demon cultivator had to be the eldest son of the Jiang family, hidden by Jiang Tianxing. At that time, the demonic body of this young master Jiang had stirred up many conflicts, both cultivators and demon cultivators were trying to kill him.

The most incredible thing was that, under such circumstances, the young master Jiang managed to escape. It was said that the last time they appeared was on a small island in the open sea, and that was the news seven or eight years later.

Xu Ziyan remembered clearly that the young master Jiang was found in the secret room of the family. Although there weren’t many details, since Jiang Tianxing managed to hide his son while making it a secret to everyone else in the family, then there would be no more than a few places.

Xu Ziyan, who came from the same level of family, knew very well that even in a united family, there would be different voices. Since Jiang Tianxing could hide it from the entire family, he would definitely not create such a jail with array to cause suspicion.

“Check the surrounding environment.” Xu Ziyan was not proficient in magic array, but he believed that if Xu Zirong was there, he would have pointed out the hidden arrays long time ago. Since he didn’t, it should be a relatively safe place.

There was no magic array, and they could find no one, Xu Ziyan immediately thought of various secret channels. The cultivators there were extremely sensitive to the fluctuations of spiritual power, so any mechanism driven by machinery might be ignored by them.

After hearing his brother’s explanation, Xu Zirong nodded thoughtfully, and he pretended to look for hints on the wall. In fact, he had already ordered the blood lice to scatter around and look in the gap of his brother.

While looking for it, he also started recording in his little notebook – many times, my brother’s way of thinking was beyond my expectations!

“Brother, here.” With the help of blood lice, he quickly found the mechanism hidden in the wall. While Xu Zirong leaned over, he checked without missing any traces, and he pretended to look surprised after finding the mechanism.

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