95 Part 1

Chapter 95

Xu Ziyan thought for a while, then turned back and looked at Xu Zirong.

Xu Zirong stood quietly behind him, and he hadn’t said anything since the beginning. He’s like a determined guard, silently guarding the safety of his master.

Xu Ziyan took a deep breath, turned back and looked at Jiang Ying, “I have a special ability that I occasionally activate. Once it does, I can sense the safety of people around me.”

“And that includes Fang Tianrui?” Jiang Ying asked, squinting.

Xu Ziyan realized that Fang Tianrui was the young master Fang mentioned in the gossip, and he nodded.

“What is your relationship with Tianrui?” Jiang Ying asked.

“We have no relationship at the moment, and it depends whether you can pass this challenge before I decide if there’s going to be any relationship in the future.”

Jiang Ying lowered his head and he started thinking deeply. Then, he raised his head again and asked Xu Ziyan, “why are you helping us?”

Xu Ziyan looked helpless, “didn’t I tell you already? I can feel is the safety of the people around me. That’s to say, perhaps you or Fang Tianrui can help me in the future. And I’m just helping myself now.”

Jiang Ying frowned and seemed to be discerning the credibility of Xu Ziyan’s words. He didn’t quite believe in such crazy things, but he was kept in Jiang’s house since he was young and he could only get out recently, he wasn’t sure whether there’s such a magical ability in the world. If it was just himself, he’d try fighting for it, but if it involved Fang Tianrui…

He dared not take any risks!

“What do you want me to do?” Jiang Ying asked.

“It’s nothing much. First of all, you need to keep my ability confidential, as I don’t want anyone else to find out.”

“Okay.” Jiang Ying nodded, he wouldn’t risk exposing this kind of mysterious thing, as it wouldn’t bring him any benefits.

“Secondly, although you ‘don’t exist’ in the Jiang house, I believe that with your ability, you’d certainly know something about your family. I want to know that in your family, who would collude with demonic cultivators?”

“Demonic cultivators?” The pupils of Jiang Ying quickly shrank.

Although he was being trapped in a secret room, no one knew about the struggle between the cultivators and the demon cultivators in the long-lasting atmosphere of the Xuan Yu Realm.

Righteous cultivators and demon cultivators always fight with each other. But if they ever encountered a demonic cultivator, they’d very much likely fight together against this demonic cultivator, unless there was some deep-rooted resentment among the two.”

Although the Jiang family was in a small remote town, it was still considered a middle-class family a long time ago. After the status of the high-ranking cultivators in the family fell because of the fight with the demonic cultivators, they started living in this pathetic little town.

If their ancestors had not met Taoist Luo Yun on the battlefield, they would not have been protected now.

Jiang Ying also hated the demonic cultivators to the guts, after hearing that there was some kind of collusion with the demonic cultivators in his family, he also felt furious.

Although he was unable to cultivate the right way because of his demonic body, he did not have any evil intentions. Otherwise, he would not be willing to create the illusion that he’s still kept when he could actually leave. He had both love and hate towards Jiang Tianxing and Jiang Ying (f.), but that’s more like a family kind of emotions.

Jiang Ying’s facial expression was unpredictable and it looked a bit hideous. Xu Ziyan waited quietly side. He was not worried that Jiang Ying would not believe his words. After all, Xu Ziyan had no need to deceive him from any perspective.

Moreover, he believed that the “phantom” that was chased at the same time by both righteous and demon cultivators had a certain extent of ability.

“If someone in the Jiang family may collude with a demonic cultivator, then that person can only be my second uncle.” Jiang Ying “calmed down” again.

“Your second uncle?” Xu Ziyan nodded, then looked at Jiang Ying with a smile, “aren’t you worried that I had lied to you?”

Jiang Ying looked at him calmly, with a slight smile on his face, “I didn’t find any benefits you can get from lying to me. And…more importantly, now that I am in your hands, you can decide whether to keep or kill me, it isn’t a good idea to argue with you now.”

Xu Ziyan smiled. He knew that Jiang Ying hadn’t fully trusted him, and he must have doubts in his mind. That’s good, dealing with smart people was obviously easier.

“It’s okay then. I can feel that you and young master Fang would be in great danger because of this traitor who works with demonic cultivators, and he might even lose an arm. It all depends on you for that to change.” Afterwards, he left.

Xu Zirong followed him closely, but before leaving, he gave Jiang Ying a weird and long look.

With such a look, Jiang Ying felt that he’s facing a life-and-death problem, and there’s a lot of cold sweat on his forehead. His demonic body gave him sensitivity to feel the other party’s demon cultivation, and he could even vaguely judge any demon cultivator’s level.

Now, based on his instincts, he knew that this person has cultivated a very terrifying practice. Although he had reached the later stage of building base on the surface, based on his eerie methods of demon cultivation, perhaps those reaching the level of Qi condensation couldn’t beat him either.

This was a kind of sensational suppression, a bit similar to the way Taoist Luo Yun tried to plant seeds of fear in Xu Ziyan’s heart. However, Xu Zirong’s look was only a strong warning, unless Jiang Ying looked for troubles proactively, his life wouldn’t be in danger if he didn’t cross Xu Zirong’s boundary.

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