95 Part 2


Xu Ziyan didn’t know that Xu Zirong had threatened Jiang Ying quietly. With Jiang Ying’s fear towards Xu Zirong, Xu Ziyan’s bullshit become much more credible too.

After all, Jiang Ying didn’t know their identity, so he thought that someone with such strength could already sweep the Jiang’s family away. When one’s strength reached a certain extent, there’s no more need in creating plots.

If he’s capable in getting rid of the whole family, then he wouldn’t even waste time playing tricks, except that his real aim wasn’t only the Jiang family.

After leaving, Xu Ziyan quietly returned to his courtyard, and no one in the Jiang family knew that they were walking around the garden.

After he left, the blood vines quickly withered and they put Jiang Ying down.

The evil Jiang Ying looked at the end of the passage and narrowed his eyes, “do you believe what he said?”

The gentle Jiang Ying picked up the remains of the bloody vines from the ground, rubbed them with his thumb and index finger, then answered, “a combination of fresh blood and wood type practices?”

“Hey!” The evil Jiang Ying was suddenly angry, “I’m talking to you.”

The gentle Jiang Ying threw away the bloody vines in his hands, patted the dust on his hands lightly, and said indifferently, “does it matter? Since it involves Fang Tianrui, both of us can’t leave this behind.”

The evil Jiang Ying suddenly became speechless, and he stepped on the remains of the bloody vines angrily.

The gentle Jiang Ying let him continue his childish behavior, “no matter what, I think it’d better that we see Fang Tianrui first. What do you think?”

“What am I going to say?!” The evil Jiang Ying kicked away the remains on the ground and roared, “that stupid thing still thinks that I’m a girl! And he might be devastated now! Will he still see us?!”

The gentle Jiang Ying smiled lightly, “yeah, and that’s why it’s a good opportunity for us to comfort him.”

“But…” The evil Jiang Ying hesitated, “if we can’t enter Fang’s house now, will we expose ourselves if we go look for him now?”

The gentle Jiang Ying disagreed, “people have found us now. You still think that we are secrets of father and little sister? However, you’ve been right, I think we should really lure him out.”

The evil Jiang Ying rubbed his face irritably, “we haven’t been out in days, god knows how he is now!”

The gentle Jiang Ying was also a little anxious, especially what Xu Ziyan had said made him quite restless.

About losing an arm…

The gentle Jiang Ying tightened his lips. When he was with Fang Tianrui as “Jiang Ying” (f.), Fang Tianrui had once said that he wanted to be a sword cultivator. So what happened if he become an armless sword cultivator? He would never allow his lover to receive such a fatal blow.

After slowly returning to his quiet room, Jiang Ying took out a key from his drawer and opened the chain on his foot.

The chain made of thousand-year-old fine iron was indeed extraordinary, but it was still not necessary to use violence to open it.

He smiled slightly and created an illusion that he was sleeping. With a snap, his body turned into blue smoke, floating out of the gap in the window…

It was two days before Jiang Ying’s (f.) wedding, Xu Ziyan and Xu Zirong had already met with some of the elders of the Jiang family under Jiang Tianxing’s introduction. Of course, these elders were all supporters of Jiang Tianxing, and none of the few elders, who often argued with him, had shown up.

Xu Ziyan looked at Jiang Tianxing thoughtfully, who’s introducing “the beloved disciple of the Nascent Soul cultivator of Liu Guang sect” to the few elders, and they were looking very surprised and pleased.

“It seems that Jiang Tianxing has also noticed something.” Xu Ziyan whispered, touching his chin.

Xu Zirong, who was beside him, immediately asked, “what has my brother discovered?”

Xu Ziyan paused, turned his head and leaned against Xu Zirong’s ear. He said in a low voice, “I feel like the clouds of war are above the air of Wuti City.”

Xu Zirong felt speechless. Had his brother got addicted with pretending to be know-it-all?

“You don’t believe it?” Xu Ziyan raised an eyebrow.

Xu Zirong nodded slowly, then replied seriously, “I believe in everything my brother says.”

Xu Ziyan turned his face silently. He thought to himself, what an obedient younger brother he’s got. He even got a little embarrassed when lying with his eyes open. When his younger brother said that he’d believe in whatever he said (even though when he’s obviously lying), he looked way too cute. Xu Ziyan almost couldn’t control himself from hugging Xu Zirong tightly in his arms and rubbing his head.

How could his brother be so cute?!

“Cultivator Xu, I am wondering what you’re going to do today.” Jiang Tianxing had ended his conversation with the few elders and he asked Xu Ziyan.

Although he had already reached the level of later stage of Qi condensation, he didn’t want to act arrogantly in front of Xu Ziyan, and he’d rather keep things between them equal. Even without the power of Nascent Soul, Xu Ziyan was already impressive enough to have reached the later stage of building base at his early 20s.


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