96 Part 1

Chapter 96

Unless there was some deep hatred, no one would offend such a talented cultivator. Jiang Tianxing was a wise man, and he really wanted to leave a good impression to Xu Ziyan.

Xu Ziyan smiled, “nothing much, does cultivator Jiang have any special arrangements?”

Jiang Tianxing smiled and shook his head, “nothing much either, but I was told that there was a guest from Tian Yu sect yesterday, I want to meet him, I am not sure if you want to come with me?”

“Tian Yu sect?” Xu Ziyan said these three words slowly and there were weird changes on his facial expression. Although Xu Zirong looked cold behind him, there were still flashes in his eyes.

“Why? What’s the problem?” Jiang Tianxing’s skills in observing people were quite advanced, and he immediately noticed that Taoist Luo Yun’s disciple seemed to mind the Tian Yu sect, which made him feel bitter.

The disciple who looked for Taoist Luo Yun just wanted to show the Fang family that the Jiang family was not without backup. Although Fang Tianyun was Jiang Ying’s own choice, as the head of the Jiang family, he needed to consider the problem from the perspective of the entire family.

He wasn’t sure whether the Fang family wanted to take over the Jiang family with the support of Tian Yu sect, but he wanted to invite the disciple of Taoist Luo Yun as he wanted to avoid this possibility.

He initially wanted to use the reputation of Liu Guang sect to fight against Tian Yu sect, but if they really started fighting, then there would certainly not be any good consequences with him being the “troublemaker”.

“Alright, we’ll go and have a look.” Xu Ziyan thought about it for a while, but this disciple of Tian Yu sect could very well be Bai Hua. Although he had already made up his mind to keep a distance from him, he had to at least confirm his existence. Otherwise, there might be mistakes in the future if he didn’t even have an idea of how he looked like.

“Uh…” Xu Ziyan readily agreed, but Jiang Tianxing hesitated, “does cultivator Xu have some kind of misunderstanding with the disciple of Tian Yu sect?”

Finally, he asked this sensitive question. If they really had a conflict, he’d already made up his mind to not let them meet, and he’d rather give up on the idea of letting Xu Ziyan support him.

“Conflict?” Xu Ziyan was stunned, and he laughed, “no, it’s only that I met the disciple of Tian Yu sect once, and I’m not sure if it’s the same person.”

Xu Ziyan of course made it up. The disciple of Tian Yu sect that he met was Lin Xiaotian, and given the identity of Lin Xiaotian, he wouldn’t attend the marriage ceremony of a family from outside. However, after he did some analysis by following the events mentioned in the novel, that person could very well be Bai Hua.

In this life, Bai Hua didn’t have much interaction with him, so Xu Ziyan wasn’t worried about falling in love at first sight or something like that. His original body felt in love with Bai Hua at the first sight, and he also knew that even after the transmigration, he wouldn’t change his sexuality.

Falling in love with a man? Haha…this is such a joke!

Xu Ziyan was just trying to fool Jiang Tianxing, yet Xu Zirong behind him had his pupils shrinking at once.

Brother was lying!

He knew very well that the only disciple of the Tian Yu sect that Xu Ziyan had met was Lin Xiaotian, and he also knew the identity of Lin Xiaotian, who would never attend a marriage ceremony of such a small family as a disciple of Tian Yu sect.

But why did brother have to lie?

Xu Zirong narrowed his eyes and he twitched his mouth. His smile appeared for one second. Since it disappeared so quickly, Jiang Ying (female) almost thought that she’d looked at something wrongly.

Feeling happy secretly, Xu Zirong unconsciously licked his lips. His brother’s secrets really surprised him. He couldn’t wait to see the day when he unveiled all his secrets. He was wondering the way his brother would look then. He found it interesting just by thinking about it.

Knowing that there was no conflict between Xu Ziyan and the disciple of Tian Yu sect, Jiang Tianxing made up his mind to take the two of them to Fang’s house.

In addition to the Xu brothers, Jiang Ying’s (female) two cousins were also going, but the level of them was much lower. Although they were a bit older than Xu Ziyan, they’d only reached the early stage of building base.

But even so, they were still considered as young talents in Wuti City. However, they still couldn’t be compared with the Xu brothers.

Jiang Bin looked at Xu Ziyan talking smoothly next to Jiang Tianxing, and he’s very envious. Xu Ziyan was so confident, unlike himself. Every time he had to talk to a patriarch, he felt an enormous pressure.

Once, he also considered himself to be a great talent in Wuti City, and after seeing the Xu brothers, he finally understood what it meant by “looking at the sky through a well”.

Was it glorious to reach the early stage of building base at your 20s? Look at the Xu brothers, the younger brother was still under twenty, and he had already reached the late stage of building base. It is ridiculous that he always felt that he’s already advanced. It seems now that he’s only a bigger chicken among all, and there’s still a long way to go to become a crane.

He felt a little depressed, and it showed on his face. His footsteps became slower, and his cousin brother pushed him, “what are you thinking about?”

Jiang Bin and Jiang Ling were pretty close. Although the two had a relatively competitive relationship in normal times, it’s still a healthy kind of competition. However, after looking at the two in front of them, Jiang Bin felt that there’s not much sense in competing.

“What’s the matter?” Jiang Ling looked at Jiang Bin’s look of disappointment, found it strange and asked.

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