96 Part 2

Jiang Bin curled his lips towards the Xu brothers in front of him, “it really kills if you start comparing…”

Jiang Ling looked up, and happened to see Jiang Tianxing turning back and glaring at them. He immediately hid behind Jiang Bin, “what are you talking about? Keep your voice down.”

“What?” Jiang Bin looked at him, puzzled.

Jiang Ling was speechless, and he lightly pinched his ribs, “the patriarch just looked at us.”

“Huh?” Jiang Bin was suddenly startled, and when he looked up, it happened that Jiang Tianxing turned back again, and he saw nothing.

He looked at Jiang Ling suspiciously, and Jiang Ling was immediately speechless, “it’s alright, what are you comparing about? He’s got excellent spiritual roots and he’s very talented. What’s the use of being jealous? Don’t think too much. We’ve got so-so talents and all we need to do is to work hard. Who knows what opportunities we might get in the future? Look at you, you act like an old man all the time and you’re always so pessimistic. Just treat this as your motivation to work harder.”

Although Jiang Bin felt that Jiang Ling’s way of comforting was only a bit useful, it was still much better than him thinking too much just now. Jiang Ling actually made sense – that he’s really thinking too much. Talents are important, but working hard and having opportunities are equally important. Since the Xu brothers could reach the later stage of building base before their twenties, who knew how much effort they’d given? He might exceed if he tried working harder.

After figuring this out, Jiang Bin suddenly felt much more relaxed, which showed on his face.

Xu Ziyan glanced back inadvertently, turned his head and smiled at Jiang Tianxing, “the younger generations in cultivator Jiang’s family are all talented.”

Jiang Tianxing laughed. He knew that Xu Ziyan already knew his trick – that he deliberately used Xu Ziyan to stimulate the younger generations. However, Xu Ziyan wasn’t offended because of this.

The two continued to chat and laugh while they were on the way to Fang’s house, and this little incident was soon forgotten.

When they knew that the future family of their son arrived, the Fang family got busy preparing. They arranged Fang Tianyun to welcome them at the gate, which was originally the task of Fang Tianrui. Unfortunately, Fang Tianrui wasn’t in a great mood these days, he even was out all night the day before, making Fang Mian so pissed off that he smashed a table.

“Haha, brother Jiang, here you are.” There was a happy voice from the living room, what followed was a burning fireball.

Jiang Tianxing’s eyebrows jumped, and when he was about to fight back, he saw a surge of red light approaching himself.

He cursed secretly and dodged the red light, but after doing this, he couldn’t defend against the icy edge that followed, he could only watch it fly toward Xu Ziyan.

The power of this icy edge wasn’t that high, and Xu Ziyan could very well defend himself against it. However, since he’s not prepared, he might get dusty all over.

“Huh!” The man who had a happy laugh had already fought furiously with Jiang Tianxing, but he did not relax his observations here. This scene really surprised him and he was more than shocked. Then, he was hit by Jiang Tianxing and fell on the ground.

Although Xu Ziyan was surprised in the face of the sudden attack, he still knew how to defend. He was ready to fight back with his wrist, however, there was suddenly a bloody shadow and that fireball immediately headed to another direction…

When he looked at the red spot disappearing in the sky, then at the gently swaying bloody vines which looked like they were asking for compliments, Xu Ziyan looked at the sky in a melancholy.

As Xu Zirong grew stronger, he had already begun to protect his brother. Although there was nothing wrong with that, Xu Ziyan felt a bit unhappy.

This change of strength made him feel complicated. He felt that if this went on, he wouldn’t be able to compete with his brother one day. And that would create a negative influence on his image as an older brother.

“Brother, are you okay?” Xu Zirong took a step forward and thoughtfully checked Xu Ziyan to see if he was injured.

Xu Ziyan looked at him speechlessly, the fireball was at least five meters away from him and it was taken away by Xu Zirong’s vines. It’s impossible for him to get hurt.

Xu Zirong looked at his brother’s sad eyes and his eyebrows raised. He showed a warm smile, “it’s good that you’re okay.”


There were noises of inhalation around them. Those who were watching were mostly stunned by Xu Zirong’s smile.

They had to admit that Xu Zirong’s had such a delicate and gorgeous look, but he usually showed a cold and nonchalant look to the others, except his brother. But just now, the ice beauty smiled for a second. Although the smile wasn’t aimed at them, they finally understood why so many fought and struggled to make him smile.

Many people even thought that to make Xu Zirong smile at them, they’d do everything they could, they would even spend all their fortune…

“Hey, you don’t belong to the Jiang family, do you?” A man in a red robe with a large beard covering almost his entire face came over and asked the Xu brothers.

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