Chapter 147

“Huh!” Xu Zirong, who had acted as the background for a long time, sneered coldly, and the murderous intent of his whole body was released fully. The murderous momentum brought by the Blood Sea Heart Sutra had the added effect of making one’s mind psychedelic. Yu Hao’s level of cultivation was still low, and he suddenly felt that the entire room was flooded by blood.

“Zirong!” Xu Ziyan frowned and called out, which made Xu Zirong withdraw his murderous momentum unwillingly.

Xu Ziyan apologized to Yu Hao, but he had already thought about all the consequences – if Yu Hao was really a greedy person, then he’d give up on the Qianwen Pavilion.

Yu Hao looked at Xu Ziyan tremblingly, and glanced at Xu Zirong from time to time, and his eyes were full of fear.

He reluctantly settled down and said word by word, “for Qianwen Pavilion, we will share half of the profit. Since you are also one of the bosses of Qianwen Pavilion, you will definitely have access to all the news.”

Xu Ziyan’s eyelids twitched, and his gaze towards Yu Hao changed again. He didn’t believe that Yu Hao wouldn’t be aware of how much profit that would be, and since he had already promised, it made him a trustworthy person.

Xu Ziyan also ran a company in his previous life. Although it was not big, he had always been very cautious when selecting partners. For those companies that had bad deeds, even if they put forward good terms, he would never agree to cooperate. After all, if they weren’t careful at the first place, you couldn’t avoid accidents later. Since those companies could do things to breach the contracts before, who would know that he wouldn’t be betrayed? No matter how good the conditions are, they are still empty if they are not fulfilled. Therefore, he might as well find some reliable companies, even if he had less profit, he would at least be guaranteed.

“Finally you’ve learnt something!” Xu Zirong loosened his frowning eyebrows and glanced at Yu Hao coldly.

Yu Hao shivered again, and quickly looked away, not daring to look at Xu Zirong.

Obviously, his level of cultivation was lower than that of Xu Ziyan, but Yu Hao still thought that Xu Zirong was much more terrifying than Xu Ziyan! This also made him decide that he’d rely on Xu Ziyan more in the future.

He could see that Xu Zirong, as a fierce beast, could only be controlled by his brother! He had no doubt about that – since he’d already cooperated with Xu Ziyan, he could never think of betraying him. Otherwise, given how possessive Xu Zirong was, he’d definitely kill Yu Hao…

The two talked for a while, and Yu Hao left. He was walking around in Yin Yue City for two purposes – one was to raise funds, and the other purpose was to build a reputation.

Now, with the support of Xu Ziyan who gave him so many spiritual stones, he didn’t need to worry about raising funds anymore. And he might take time in building his reputation as well. Having resources would be a good start, once he established the Qianwen Pavilion, there would slowly be customers.

After Yu Hao left, Xu Ziyan glanced at Xu Zirong, and said, “nice job, what if we give you an Oscar award?” Since he knew how cold Xu Zirong usually was, he naturally knew that Xu Zirong wanted Yu Hao to keep a distance from Xu Ziyan, given how sarcastic he had been.

“Oscar awards? What is that?” Xu Zirong was startled.

“Uh…usually people who act well would get that.” Xu Ziyan didn’t know how to continue, as he just slipped these terminologies of modern days accidentally.

“How will my brother reward me?” Xu Zirong hugged his brother from behind and straightened up his waist with a hint.

Xu Ziyan was pissed off and slapped him away, “your reward for the next month had already been overdrawn yesterday.”

Xu Zirong, “…”

After pushing away this kid who didn’t know what self-control was, Xu Ziyan sat on his chair and started thinking about what to do next.

First of all, they had to return to the Liu Guang sect. Although they had already sent a message to their master through a shop, their master would never be at ease if he hadn’t seen them.

Moreover, he also needed to deal with the identities of Jiang Ying and Fang Tianrui. Fortunately, it would be easier for Fang Tianrui, as Liu Guang sect was usually willing to accept disciples from small families, but Jiang Ying had a demonic core, and it’d be difficult for him to walk freely on the territories of righteous cultivation.

Although his level of cultivation was not that obvious, there were still traces to be found. One day, if he’s unlucky enough, he might encounter someone who wanted to kill all demonic cultivators for justice.

After returning to the sect to report to the master, and after solving the issue with the identities of Jiang Ying and Fang Tianrui, it would actually be a waste of time for them to stay in Liu Guang sect.

After these months of experience, Xu Ziyan finally understood that although it’s safer to cultivate inside the sect, the speed of it was really incredibly slow…

Just to compare, he had been in closed-door retreat for five years, and he reached the later stage of building base afterwards. Logically, it’s not a bad result, but when he started comparing it to his gain over the past few months…╮(╯_╰)╭

Well, after all, Xu Ziyan had gotten much more courageous after all the incidents and opportunities these few months.

They had a lot of gains these few months – the five-element prismatic crystal, the resentment fruit…all of these were rare treasures, any of these treasures would attract the attention of cultivators of nascent soul or deity.

In addition to these two, without all the incidents, how could he get ahold of Aurora, the 600 high-level spiritual stones earned from selling the associated ores and the mysterious Snowball?

He had experienced what it felt like by earning wealth in danger. In the novel, Bai Hua also experienced countless dangerous situations to get all those treasures.

Xu Ziyan knew that he wasn’t like a male protagonist (Mr. Little Square is crying…), but if he allowed himself to get lazy, how could he fight against Bai Hua if they met one day?

In order to protect Xu Zirong and himself, he could only take the risk. He neither wanted to be one of the male protagonists of the novel, nor the corpse under Bai Hua’s hands. In that case,  the only way for him would be to suppress Bai Hua all the time. Bai Hua had to at least think twice before doing anything against Xu Ziyan.

Judging from the content of that novel, Xu Ziyan thought that Bai Hua was a smart guy, as he never offended anyone that he couldn’t afford to. Of course, it might be a different story when he got more powerful. If Xu Ziyan became so strong that he could threaten the life of Bai Hua, then Bai Hua would at least reconsider if he made any decisions that would concern Xu Ziyan.

Xu Ziyan didn’t have the intention of going against Bai Hua. He always felt that he and Bai Hua would be two parallel lines that would never cross.

Bai Hua was willing to seduce Lin Xiaotian, hook up with Mo Ziyuan, and play with their feelings. That was their business. After all, they did it on a voluntary basis, so why should he interfere?

In a word, it is best for Bai Hua to ignore him, but if they were really up against each other, he would never allow Bai Hua to just slaughter him either!

His eyes lowered, and Xu Ziyan made up his mind that he would never stay in the sect for cultivation, and he should also let Wei Qing join them.

Bai Hua’s most powerful weapon would be his dragon-shaped jade pendant, but if there was no real dragon blood to open the jade pendant, he would probably miss many other treasures.

After cheerfully making a plan, Xu Ziyan raised his head and saw Xu Zirong’s clear dark eyes staring at him.

“What’s the matter?” Xu Ziyan asked in surprise.

“Nothing.” Xu Zirong smiled, “I just think that it’s good to stay with my brother quietly like this.”

Xu Ziyan felt a bit hot on his cheeks, and a lyric suddenly appeared in his mind – the most romantic thing I can think of is to grow old with you.

Xu Zirong just sat there quietly, the afterglow of the setting sun shone on his face, making him with carry a faint golden light. There was no more indifference on that delicate face, but it’d become extremely gentle thanks to the affectionate look on his face.

Xu Ziyan stared at him blankly for a while, he couldn’t help but stand up, walked to Xu Zirong’s face, and gently stroked his cheek.

Xu Zirong’s eyes were filled with joy, but he didn’t do anything, he just slowly closed his eyes and rubbed his cheek against Xu Ziyan’s palm.

The skin under his palm was soft and tender, and it was so comfortable to touch. Xu Ziyan was enchanted, he was rubbing Zirong’s face back and forth with his thin fingertips, wandering, until they touched his bright red thin lips.

Xu Zirong’s lips were full and beautiful, and the red lips seemed to exude a strange charm. Xu Ziyan didn’t pay much attention to the appearance of the others usually, since he was used to seeing people as a whole, instead of looking at his or her eyes or nose alone.

But at this moment, he couldn’t stop looking at Xu Zirong’s lips. He stared at the bright red lips in fascination, lowered his head and kissed it gently.

This was a real kiss. It was different from any kisses in the past. This kiss carried a strong sense of love and affection, for the first time Xu Zirong could feel his brother’s love for him.

His brother had always spoiled and cared for him, but until this moment, Xu Zirong finally couldn’t help but smile. After all, his brother’s love as a family member was transformed into a romantic kind of love. As long as that occurred, then no one would ever snatch his brother away!

“Brother…” Xu Zirong murmured, breathing more and more rapidly, turning over and trying to press his brother on the chair, but Xu Ziyan just smiled, holding his hand and whispering in his ears, “once we’re together, it will be forever. Zirong, as long as you don’t betray me, I will never leave you.”

Xu Zirong was taken aback, then he slowly revealed a very sweet smile, he hummed and tightly held his brother’s hand.

“I will never betray my brother.”

Xu Ziyan smiled and tapped on his head lightly, with a sense of intimacy, “if you betray me, I will cut off your third leg.”

Xu Zirong suddenly felt cold, and a drop of cold sweat fell on his head. He threw himself into Xu Ziyan’s arms and raised his hand to swear, “I swear by my heart demon. If I betray my brother in this life, my soul will be destroyed and I will never reincarnate!”

Xu Ziyan glanced at him and said lightly, “I don’t believe in oaths or anything, I only judge from your actions.”

Xu Zirong quietly lit a candle in his heart, and sure enough – his older brother was very smart, since he had trusted Zirong so much, he hadn’t known the truth for so long.

“Okay, get up quickly, don’t rub on me. I have already thought about it, that we should return to the Liu Guang sect as soon as possible. We’ll tell master about everything, then we’ll go to the extreme west to experience! Cultivating in the Liu Guang Sect is not only a waste of time, but it’s also not efficient. If we want to catch up with Bai Hua’s process, we must work harder! Besides, don’t you want to find Bai Hua for revenge? Well…perhaps you have to add Lin Xiaotian and Mo Ziyuan, as we can’t do it alone. We must also have enough weapons to be sure.”

Xu Zirong couldn’t help but burst into laughter. He knew that his brother had no hatred for Bai Hua, he was mainly worried about himself. If he wanted revenge, of course his brother would support him. But in fact, he just hated Bai Hua, and it’s not like he wanted to kill him.

After all, in the world of cultivation, only strength counts. At that time, he blocked the way of Bai Hua, and Bai Hua naturally wanted to make things difficult for him. If he lost, then he’d admit his fate.

Xu Zirong still hated people of the Xu family the most, but he had already taken revenge in the previous life, and in this life, the Xu family wasn’t really bad to him. He had no intentions to hurt them just because of what’d happened in his previous life.

He found it pointless to take revenge on someone totally unaware of what had happened.

As for Bai Hua in this life…

A trace of blood flashed in Xu Zirong’s eyes, if Bai Hua didn’t provoke him, then he would be spared. His real enemy was Bai Hua in his previous life, and everything happened according to the trace of his previous life, then he’d start thinking about revenge. However, many things had already begun to change after his brother’s appearance, and it’s his character that was undergoing obvious changes.

As a person with almost everything, if Bai Hua was smart enough to keep a distance, he would not bother to trouble Bai Hua either. After all, the Tian Yu sect and Liu Guang sect were almost separated by half a realm of Xuan Yu. He’d rather do a few more times of double cultivation with his brother.

But if he still had the nerve to harass Xu Zirong…

The corners of Xu Zirong’s lips twitched slightly, revealing a cold smile.

Then don’t blame him if he took revenge for his past life.


Someone slapped on his head.

Xu Zirong looked up at his brother aggrievedly.

Xu Ziyan glanced at him, “don’t laugh like that, it looks weird, as if you are calculating someone.”

Xu Zirong, “…”

“Okay, go and tell Jiang Ying and Fang Tianrui to pack up and get a good night’s sleep. I mean, Fang Tianrui should really get some sleep, please remind Jiang Ying also to control himself, aren’t they worried about dying from doing it too much?”

Xu Zirong, who was innocently blamed because of Jiang Ying and Fang Tianrui, “…”

Although he was angry, Xu Zirong still maintained a cold expression. He went out and turned into the room of Jiang Ying and Fang Tianrui, and had a good discussion with them about “dying from doing it too much”. When Xu Zirong went out, Jiang Ying was also kicked out by Fang Tianrui, whose cheeks turned all red…

“Tianrui, it’s really nothing to do with me, and it’s not that I don’t know how to control myself.” The gentle Jiang Ying frowned, that look of grievances really made people feel pitiful.

Fang Tianrui sneered, “don’t you think that I don’t know what you’re doing. You’re just pretending to be nice! Reflect well today!” After finishing speaking, he shut the door with a loud bang.

The gentle Jiang Ying’s smile suddenly froze. After a while, it was the evil Jiang Ying who whispered, “I told you already that Tianrui would know what we’re doing, it’s all your shitty idea!”

The gentle Jiang Ying sneered, “it sounds like you didn’t enjoy it!”

The evil Jiang Ying kept silent, staring at the closed door for a while, confirming that Fang Tianrui would never let them in that day. Then, he went downstairs and opened another room unhappily, slept in the cold room and felt the emptiness there. Jiang Ying cursed in his heart that his master wouldn’t get intimate with his brother for a month!

Early the next morning, the group drove the cloud shuttle and left Yin Yue City.

Soon after they left, a fat rich man hired three to four cultivators of Qi refining to escort them out of Yin Yue City. They went to shop in another city.

A few days later, someone discovered that the cultivator named “Mouse”, who had analyzed various fights in the vicinity of the fighting platform, had disappeared. The boss behind the three fighting platforms also sent someone to look for him. Finally, he gave up, and the low-level cultivators felt sorry for themselves as they’d lost a way to earn money.

The speed of the cloud shuttle was extremely high among all the flying magic weapons. Although it was not comparable to the flying sword, its carrying capacity was far more than that of the flying sword.

Usually, ordinary low-level cultivators wouldn’t provoke anyone driving a cloud shuttle. After all, such flying magical weapons were usually owned by special cultivators. Only those from large sects or big families had the financial resources to purchase a cloud shuttle. Therefore, Xu Ziyan and the others had a really smooth journey.

“We will be able to pass by Mo Xin city in one day, do you want to go and have a look?” Xu Ziyan looked at Xu Zirong.

After knowing that Xu Zirong was reborn, his attitude towards the Xu family has undergone a subtle change. If the Xu family was in trouble, he would definitely help. After all, the Xu family had been kind to him, but there was still no need to keep in touch. After all, Xu Zirong’s experience in his previous life was not so good, it might be a torture for him to return.

“It’s okay, brother wants to go back and have a look too, right?” Xu Zirong smiled. Since he got his brother, he had always been in a good mood. He had perceived the Xu family like towards a stranger – he wouldn’t want to take revenge, but there’s no emotional bonding either.

“Don’t you care?” Xu Ziyan was a little surprised. He didn’t expect Xu Zirong to be so generous. In his impression, his precious brother got offended quite easily…

“For the sake of my brother, I will bear with it.” Xu Zirong grabbed the chance to make his brother like him more.

Xu Ziyan’s ears were slightly red, he coughed twice, trying to change the subject.

Jiang Ying and Fang Tianrui turned their faces silently, wondering why the clouds in the sky looked so white…

Jiang Ying was wondering – his master had become better in flirting, should he learn some skills as well?

Another day had passed, Xu Ziyan stopped the cloud shuttle not far away from the west gate of Mo Xin City.

Although Mo Xin city did not have a ban on airspace, he did not want many people to know about his return.

After they entered the city on foot, there were no guards at the gate, and anyone could just enter.

Xu Ziyan frowned slightly. As an affiliated family of the Liu Guang Sect, the Xu family had absolute control over the Mo Xin city, and the Xu family also claimed to be its owner. It was managing the city very well, and there would usually be people checking at the gate. The gate was never unguarded.

“What’s the matter?” Xu Ziyan looked around in confusion.

The street was very empty, and the pedestrians passing by were all in a hurry. They didn’t seem to be in leisure, and they looked as if something big was going to happen.

“Aunt, may I ask, has something happened in Mo Xin city?” Xu Ziyan stopped an aunt who was buying vegetables and asked softly.

The aunt glanced at him warily, “who are you?”

“Don’t be nervous, we are not bad guys, as we just happened to be passing by. The last time we came here was a few years ago. At that time, it was still a lively city, and people here seemed to be living happily, but today…” The gentle Jiang Ying smiled warmly and said softly, easing the aunt’s tension.

Xu Ziyan grabbed the opportunity to hand over a low-grade spiritual stone. When the aunt saw the spiritual stone, she suddenly had a smile on her face. She took Jiang Ying’s hand and led them to a small alley, “I’m telling you, now this Mo Xin city is no longer like before.” After that, the aunt sighed, “in the past, this city was controlled by the Xu family. The people of the Xu family really took this city home, and they took great care of us. We had some good old days. However, ever since the Yuan family arrived, everything had changed.”

“Oh? Why is it different? Did this Yuan family make troubles as soon as they came here?” Xu Ziyan asked curiously.

“It’s not that…” The aunt shook her head, “actually, I can’t tell you exactly what’d happened. Since the Yuan family came, there hasn’t been peace in the city. From time to time, there are cultivators fighting. Many people died under their hands after the fights…” The aunt sighed when talking about the incident.


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