Chapter 146

Yu Hao wasn’t angry either. The people he was looking for were originally casual cultivators who lived at the bottom of the pyramid. If they even minded for such small things, they would have died long time ago.

Xu Ziyan’s appearance surprised him a little. Fortunately, Xu Ziyan reacted very quickly and immediately understood what he meant. In this way, if he had any troubles on the fighting platform, at least he wouldn’t drag the Xu brothers in it.


Yu Hao secretly smiled bitterly. It turned out that a genius will always be a genius. He worked so hard and only reached the middle stage of building base. He had no idea how the Xu brothers cultivated, how could they reach the later stage of Qi condensation so quickly? It really hurt if you start comparing yourself to the others!

After abandoning these messy thoughts, Yu Hao knew that his greatest advantage was that he could see himself clearly. He knew what he was good at and what he wasn’t. Anyone who wanted to succeed in the world of cultivation had to develop their strength, and they shouldn’t just worry about how talented the others were.

After gossiping with the others around him, Yu Hao had no time to analyze the battle in detail with them, but he just simply told them the result of his analysis, and dismissed them finally.

When the battle was over, and after getting the spiritual stones that he deserved, Yu Hao turned around in the alley a few times. Then, he sprinkled some powder on himself, and finally got into a brothel. He found a room to put some makeup on, and left with a fat man’s figure.

Smoothly throwing off the tail behind him, Yu Hao felt a little proud. Perhaps these people’s level of cultivation were a little higher than his, yet none of them could surpass him in terms of hiding and following the others.

After carefully going around a few times, Yu Hao arrived at the inn where Xu Ziyan and the others were staying at.

When he saw Xu Ziyan in the room, Yu Hao fell on his knees without saying a word.

“What are you doing!” Xu Ziyan was startled, and quickly reached out to support him, but Yu Hao’s was very determined, and the two of them froze in a stalemate.

“Brother.” Xu Zirong stretched out his hand and tapped on his brother’s arm, Xu Ziyan suddenly felt his arm loosen.

Yu Hao finally knelt down and respectfully kowtow to Xu Ziyan.

“You…” Xu Ziyan smiled helplessly. After seeing Yu Hao’s attitude, he also understood that his mother must have told him about what happened. However, he initially had only wanted Yu Hao to like him, but not such a big gesture.

“Thank you, brother Xu, for saving my mother in Wuti City.” Yu Hao looked at Xu Ziyan gratefully. When he ventured out of Wuti City, he also thought that his mother might have a bad time in Wuti City, but in any case, he did not expect that his father turned out to be bad enough to let someone torture his mother.

When Yu Hao heard the news from his mother for the first time, he gritted his teeth in anger. If his mother didn’t want to have anything to do with Yu’s family anymore, he would have approached them directly and taught them a lesson.

Later, he learned from his mother that the disciple who rescued her was also from Liu Guang sect. After his mother described the person’s appearance, he knew instantly that it’s the Xu brothers.

He had been extremely grateful ever since. In this world, the only person he cared about was his mother, and he had nothing else to do with the Yu family!

Yu Hao had always been a person with gratitude. Since the Xu brothers saved his mother, he could never be grateful enough.

“You are too polite.” Xu Ziyan quickly helped Yu Hao up and led him to a seat, then asked about what happened in Wuti City after they left.

When Yu Hao hurried home, the battle in Wuti City had completely ended. Since Yu Hao was not well-known in Wuti City, he didn’t have make much noise when he returned. That’s why he got most of the news from some casual cultivators.

At the beginning, he rushed to Yu’s house directly, as he wanted to see his mother immediately. However, those people told him that his mother died not long after he left, and the news overwhelmed him totally.

He got so desperate and wandered aimlessly in Wuti City. Suddenly, he saw his mother who was coming out to buy vegetables.

When he saw his mother, he still couldn’t believe it. He didn’t realize that he had been lied to until his mother also saw him and rushed over to hold him and cry.

He cried bitterly with his mother, and he felt confused after looking at the small courtyard where his mother lived alone. Judging from the attitude of Yu’s family, their mother’s small courtyard was definitely not prepared by them, so how did his mother, as a concubine, leave the Yu’s family?

After hearing his mother tell the story, Yu Hao realized that it was Xu Ziyan who happened to pass by and rescued his mother. He wanted to find Xu Ziyan to thank him, but when he arrived at Jiang’s house, he received the news that Xu Ziyan had already left. Without knowing the inside story, he naturally believed it firmly, so he could only bury this gratitude in his heart, he also made up his mind that he had to repay Xu Ziyan well if he got rich one day.

“Senior brother Xu, in the future, wherever I can be useful, I will not refuse to help you as long as you tell me.” Yu Hao said solemnly. “Although I have average talent in cultivation, if you want to find people, things, or news, I would be very useful.”

“Oh?” Xu Ziyan blinked. Why did Yu Hao’s tone sound so firm just now? With his own strength, it was impossible to be so confident anyway, did it imply that that his Qianwen Pavilion had already been established?

“Hmph, it just sounds good on the surface.” Xu Zirong sneered.

Yu Hao was furious, “brother Xu, I know that I’m not as strong as you, but you can’t insult me! I make an oath here that I will never reject brother Xu Ziyan’s request if he ever needs me.”

Xu Zirong raised his eyebrows, “what makes you think that you can make such an oath? Your level of cultivation is not as high as mine, what methods do you have exactly?”

Yu Hao’s eyebrows tightened, “brother Xu, you’re wrong. There are many things that may not be obtained by brute force. You must know that there are countless secrets in this world. Who knows which secret can be exchanged for what you need? For example, if you want to find a seven-colored flower, and if I can provide you a secret location for it to grow and the exact time when it blossoms, do you think it’s helpful for you then?”

Xu Zirong looked at him up and down, with a sense of scrutiny, “how much news can you get by yourself? Don’t tell me that you now have a secret organization covering the entire area of Xuan Yu realm…”

Yu Hao’s face flushed immediately, and he whispered, “I’ll have it sooner or later…”

“Sooner or later?” Xu Zirong repeated these two words, without saying anything, he just showed a smile, an inexplicable one.

Yu Hao seemed to feel that he had exaggerated, and he was pretty embarrassed.

“Cough cough.” Seeing that the atmosphere became a bit stiff, Xu Ziyan couldn’t sit still. He first stared at Xu Zirong, then comforted Yu Hao, “junior brother Yu, don’t listen to him. It’s also a coincidence that I saved your mother. You don’t need to think too much about it.”

Yu Hao suddenly looked more serious, “senior brother’s wrong. Maybe it’s just by coincidence for my brother, yet for me, you’re the savior of my mother. I would have gotten the news of her death if you weren’t there that day. According to the habits of the Yu family…” He sneered, “I might not even see her corpse.”

Xu Ziyan shook his head lightly, “junior brother Yu, we are brothers in the same sect, we don’t need to be so careful with each other.”

When Yu Hao heard the words, he felt a little uncomfortable in his heart. Of course he knew that they belonged to the same sect, but even so, there were still differences in terms of closeness. The Xu brothers were more special in their batch of disciples, and their master Luo Yun never fought with other sects. Also, with his super strength and his character, no one of Liu Guang sect would dare to offend his disciples.

It’s because in Luo Yun’s eyes, there had never been anything like a nascent soul’s demeanor. Many years ago, there used to be a cultivator of golden core in the Deacon’s Hall, using the identity of being a nascent soul master, secretly sold some of the benefits of his disciples who had not received pills for many years.

Logically speaking, these people would have died in the process of cultivation, those who returned could also find some excuses and hide those medicine. As he’s the master, those low-level cultivators dared not speak up at all. Unfortunately, this guy happened to hide the medicine of the second disciple of Luo Yun.

Luo Yun’s second disciple was called Manxiong, and he was also a cultivator from the extreme west. This guy always acted without thinking. He went out for cultivation for many years, and when he returned, he found that his pill was gone. For cultivators of the extreme west, the pills of the Liu Guang sect were the best life-saving medicine, even though he didn’t need it, he could take it back to rescue his companions on the battlefield.

A single pill can possibly save a warrior of his race, and of course Manxiong refused to let go. He grabbed the cultivator of golden core and demanded to have it back.

The cultivator of golden care was in a bad mood that day, and when he encountered such a fool, he simply hit him and severely wounded him. Besides, he also found the Deacon’s Hall and accused Manxiong of attacking someone of the same sect. He also severely punished Manxiong, making him almost lose his life.

If it were a normal cultivator, he would only see himself having bad luck, but Manxiong’s master was Luo Yun. After Manxiong cried and complained to him, Luo Yun directly crushed the Dantian of that cultivator of golden core without saying a word.

That cultivator of golden core complained to his master, and that cultivator of nascent soul went to discuss the issue with the head of the sect. Unexpectedly, he met Luo Yun afterwards, who immediately beat him up. In Luo Yun’s mind, it was the master’s fault if he hadn’t taught his disciple well manners.

Later, this matter finally passed under the master’s reconciliation. It was unknown whether Luo Yun had any losses, but the cultivator with his crushed Dantian was then expelled out of Liu Guang sect.

Obviously, this matter had caused a lot of noise in the entire Liu Guang sect. From then on, every time the Liu Guang sect recruited new disciples, other people must find out if Luo Yun was recruiting. They really had countermeasures against this cultivator of nascent soul who preferred helping the wrong ones, and they could only try to avoid troubles.

Fortunately, although Luo Yun protected the wrong ones, the disciples under his sect were not the troublesome kind either. That’s why no big problems arose so far, and the network of Luo Yun had also become a special “branch” wandering among all the troubles inside the Liu Guang sect.

Neither Xu Ziyan and Xu Zirong liked to create troubles. They also had contacts with disciples from other sects, most of the connections were very normal. Except their close relationships with Wei Qing and Le Hu, those disciples who joined at the same time only had a so-so relationship with them.

Yu Hao was Hu Tianyu’s attendant in the Liu Guang sect, but Hu Tianyu did not take him very seriously. Most of the time, he had to fight on his own. Occasionally, when Hu Tianyu needed him to help, he’d then reward Yu Hao a bit.

Yu Hao had no important background and was a replaceable disciple in the eyes of his master, and he really seldom realized that brothers in the same sect could help each other.

He laughed at himself. He came out this time because he wanted to break away from Hu Tianyu and do something on his own. He was tired of the days of cultivating with Hu Tianyu, since Hu Tianyu didn’t pay much attention to him, of course he wouldn’t teach Yu Hao anything.

It’s not that he had never sold his ideas to Hu Tianyu, but with the power of the Hu family, he could perfectly do it himself without building a new system of intelligence.

Yu Hao was very disappointed as his ideas weren’t supported by others. He had already seen clearly that he’d forever be a servant getting little secrets for Hu Tianyu. It’s entirely impossible to have great achievements.

Yu Hao shook his head and stopped his messy thoughts. He said sternly, “brother Xu, maybe you don’t believe me, but I assure you that in ten years, I will build a new system of intelligence for Xuan Yu realm. And you can buy any news that you want. You can never imagine what news you can get there!”

Xu Ziyan looked at Yu Hao with encouragement, but he roared wildly in his heart: I believe it! I really believe it! For the sake of my trust in you, don’t you want to invite me to cooperate with you!?

With a cough, Xu Ziyan said in a gentle tone, “I believe that with the ability of my junior brother, such a new system can be established. Maybe it will even take less than 10 years, and 5 years will do.”

“Do you really believe me?” Yu Hao’s eyes lit up instantly. He was suppressed since he was a child, and when he was around Hu Tianyu, he was treated like a dog. It’s the first time someone said this to him in such a trusting tone, he could feel his body getting hot.

“Of course I believe you!” Xu Ziyan said decisively, “I am not talking nonsense just to comfort you.”

Yu Hao nodded silently in his heart. In fact, he really thought Xu Ziyan was comforting him, as he didn’t even believe that he could build a system selling news within five years. Also, the amount of spiritual stones was a big issue. If his pocket was empty, how could he hire anyone helping him?

He came to Yin Yue City to establish his reputation. Perhaps at the beginning, he only had a simple name, but sooner or later, he would make his new system well-known throughout the whole Xuan Yu realm!

“Remember that we met during the entrance examination?” Xu Ziyan said with a smile.

Yu Hao suddenly became speechless. Although they didn’t know each other at that time, and through that incident, they still barely knew each other, it’s still an embarrassing incident and he’d rather not talk about it!

Xu Ziyan knew that he had misunderstood him after looking at Yu Hao. He quickly coughed and explained to him how outstanding his hiding method was at that time. If Xu Zirong didn’t use his inspection skills in the forest, he might not have discovered Yu Hao either.

He didn’t know where Yu Hao learned this kind of method, but he’s obviously a genius in spying with that level!

If Yu Hao didn’t do it, who else would be more suitable?

This remark really shocked Yu Hao. He did not expect that Xu Ziyan was really not comforting him, but he was making an analysis of his future goals based on his past performance.

“Then do you think that I can really establish such a system in five years?” Yu Hao rubbed his hands nervously. Although he looked confident, he was just suppressing his low self-esteem. When someone saw his importance finally, his lack of confidence became more obvious.

“Of course!” Xu Ziyan replied as if he had witnessed the establishment of Qianwen Pavilion five years later.

His steadfast attitude had a positive influence on Yu Hao and made him feel proud, and he stood right up.

“What’s the point of acting proudly? If you want to build such a huge network, you must first need spiritual stones, right? Do you have any?” Xu Zirong hadn’t spoken a while ago, and he suddenly brought Yu Hao back to reality.

Yu Hao was shocked. No matter how confident he was, he wouldn’t be able to earn a great amount of spiritual stones in a short period of time. To be honest, in the ten years he initially predicted, he would first have to spend seven years to accumulate spiritual stones. It would be ridiculous to build such a large network without enough spiritual stones.

“Ahem, is junior brother short of spiritual stones?” Xu Ziyan asked pretentiously.

Yu Hao nodded in depression, “I am in Yin Yue city now, as I want to earn some of them.”

“If it’s entirely up to you, how many spiritual stones do you need to build the initial shape of the Qianwen Pavilion?”

“Qianwen Pavilion?” Yu Hao raised his eyes and looked at Xu Ziyan in surprise.

“Uh…this is the name I made for junior brother’s network of intelligence.” Xu Ziyan smiled in embarrassment.

“Qianwen Pavilion…” The more Yu Hao thought about it, the more he felt that the name was suitable, and he slapped the table vigorously, “let’s call it the Qianwen Pavilion then! Thank you, brother Xu.”

The corner of Xu Ziyan’s mouth twitched, “junior brother Yu, you haven’t answered my question just now. How many spiritual stones do you need to build the initial shape of the Qianwen Pavilion?”

Yu Hao said in frustration, “I’ll need about three hundred high-grade spirit stones, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to start at all. And if there are not enough people, there will be not enough news, how can you run a business without news…” Yu Hao lowered his head while he was replying Xu Ziyan, he felt hopeless to get so many high-level spiritual stones, as he had never seen that any high-level spiritual stones before.

The income of the disciples of building base of the Liu Guang sect was about 100 low-level spiritual stones, that’s to say that he’d need to save for 2500 years even if he didn’t eat or drink…it’s so depressing!

“Three hundred high-level spiritual stones, right?” Xu Ziyan naturally touched his bag of spiritual stones – ever since he had sold the associated ores, his bag of spiritual stones got larger and larger. However, after spending them on the medicine and flying sword, he had about 300 of them left.

If he wasn’t sure Yu Hao would surely succeed, he’d never use all his property to invest. At this time, he finally understood the benefits of transmigration, it’s because he already knew that Yu Hao would succeed. Also, since Yu Hao was a person with gratitude, the profits that Xu Ziyan would be rewarded later would surely be more than 300 high-level spiritual stones.

“Take them.” With a snap, he placed the bag of spiritual stones in front of Yu Hao.

Yu Hao looked up at Xu Ziyan blankly, then looked at the bag.

“Investment for you.” Xu Ziyan said.

“Investment?” Yu Hao was stunned for a moment, then unconsciously sensed the bag of spiritual stones with his divine consciousness.

The next second, his eyes almost bulged out.

“Three, three, three… Three hundred high-level spiritual stones!” Yu Hao’s whole body was stiff, and he started to stutter.

“Well, this is my investment for you, for your Qianwen Pavilion.” Xu Ziyan said calmly.

Yu Hao pointed at the bag with trembling fingers, unable to say anything for a while.

Xu Ziyan thought for a while: “I will pay, and you will provide us the technology. In the future, when the Qianwen Pavilion is established, I’ll have 30% of the profit, and I can get any news from you anytime, do you agree with that?”

Yu Hao was dumbfounded, his mouth opened and closed without making a sound.

After a while, he stammered, “no…I don’t agree!”

“Huh?” Xu Ziyan raised his eyebrows slightly, why would he disagree to such conditions? Could Yu Hao be a greedy person?


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