104 Part 1

Chapter 104


She was busy swearing to the man that she would never participate in anything that happened in Wuti City. Whether it was a human or a demon cultivator who died in front of her, she felt that she would not take action.

After talking, she gave the man a cautious look, “brother, what if someone hits me?”

The man glared at her angrily, “just stay here at the inn and don’t go out. I don’t believe that anyone would come to us!”

The woman sighed and she looked depressed. It would be boring just to watch the excitement when she’s not be able to participate in it. Unfortunately, no matter how courage she was, she would not dare to disobey her brother.

Not so long after that, the welcoming team led by Fang Tianyun travelled through nearly half of Wuti City and arrived at the gate of Jiang’s house.

Through Jiang Bin and Jiang Ling, Fang Tianyun gave a piece of Kirin Jade that he had brought. After a short while, the heroic Jiang Ying slowly walked out of the gate. She was wearing a long red dress.

As a disciple of the second generation of the Jiang family with strong talents, Jiang Ying had the same cultivation base as Fang Tianyun. According to the hierarchy of cultivators, there was no distinction between men and women. As long as you have a certain level of cultivation base, you would be treated accordingly.

Although Jiang Ying was a woman, she did not sit in a sedan chair. Instead, Fang Tianyun invited her to ride on the horse with him.

After Jiang Ying got on the horse, Fang Tianyun sat down with her. Since they rode together, it represented their equal status.

The people around them kept cheering. Jiang Ying was one of the most beautiful women in Wuti City, and she was so kind and approachable. She’s thus extremely popular in the city.

Now that this gorgeous woman had been chosen by Fang Tianyun, even though many people already realized that Jiang Ying wouldn’t choose them even without the existence of Fang Tianyun, they still felt pretty jealous.

Fang Tianyun enthusiastically took Jiang Ying back to Fang’s house through half of Wuti City again. Naturally, those guests and friends of Jiang’s family followed them, including the Xu brothers and the well-hidden Jiang Ying (m.), who knew how to hide himself well.

Under the occasion of this wedding, Fang Tianrui, who was supposed to be there, did not show up. Jiang Ying (m.) felt incredibly irritated. He didn’t know what happened to Fang Tianrui. Since Fang Tianrui left without saying goodbye a few days ago, they never had a chance to meet each other.

In addition, Fang Tianrui didn’t show up in the welcoming team that day, and the evil Jiang Ying couldn’t suppress the anger in his heart. He could only calm down with a cold look of Xu Zirong. It was a special day, and he knew that there wouldn’t be good consequences if he interrupted the plan of the host.

The welcoming team of the Fang family returned to the Fang’s house after travelling across half of the city.

More than half of the residents of the city gathered on the streets to watch the fun.

Fang Tianyun showed a smile, wrapped Jiang Ying’s waist, and he looked very happy on the horse. However, once you looked closely, you’d discover the slight sense of worry in his eyes.

Fortunately, there was no accident before the team arrived at Fang’s house. Fang Tianyun quietly breathed a sigh of relief, and walked into the door of Fang’s house with Jiang Ying.

At the moment when the couple was about to complete their ceremony, a huge spiritual fluctuation suddenly appeared outside the family’s gate.

“Who would dare to cause trouble in our Fang’s house today?!” Fang Qin had sharp eyes, and he flew out. Two huge fireballs were thrown out with his both hands at the same time, and they flew outside the gate with the sound of howling wind.

Fang Mian also took action at the same time, just after Fang Qin flew out, he opened the Fang family’s protective array.

“Hahaha…we are not here to make troubles, we are here to take your lives!” A shrill voice came out from somewhere, followed by two popping sounds, in the hall with the guests, two people had their necks cut open, spewing a lot of blood.


“Who is that?!”

As soon as the two cultivators, who had their throats cut, fell on the floor, the entire hall was in a mess. No one noticed how the two men died. This fear of the unknown made them all feel at risk.

Almost all the cultivators activated their defensive spells in the first place, but under that shrill sound, these shields were almost as fragile as eggshells. In a blink of an eye, two guests had their necks cut off, their bright red blood almost stained half of the hall, everyone instantly fell into a panic.

“Calm down, everyone, don’t panic. The more you move randomly, the easier it is for the assassins to take advantage of it!” Seeing that many cultivators in the hall have begun to attack their surroundings because of their fear, Fang Mian instantly reminded them.

“Hehe…what more can you do even if you don’t panic? I managed to kill those two guys anyhow!” That sharp voice seemed to be everywhere, and it kept floating around in the hall.

“Only rats attack in the dark, how dare you cause trouble in our Fang family?!” Fang Mian yelled and he immediately grabbed one of his guests’ shadow. He pulled it with great force, and a shadow as big as a pumpkin was pulled out.


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