104 Part 2

The black shadow didn’t seem to expect that his figure would be seen through, and he was caught off guard and had no time to escape.

There were no expressions on Fang Mian’s face. He squeezed his hands fiercely, and the shadow was squeezed into blood, it then “scattered” on the ground.

“Oh…” A cultivator was standing pretty close as he wanted to escape, and the blood was splashed onto half of his body, there was blood and flesh on his grey clothes. He had only reached the third level of Qi refining, and he’d never seen any fights among cultivators. After seeing this brutal approach, he wanted to find a corner to vomit.

Fang Mian looked cold, and with a flick of his wrist, all the flesh and blood remaining in his hand was thrown to the ground. He slowly looked around. Except for the shadow cat he had just caught, at least four other shadow cats were brutally killing other cultivators.

Outside the hall’s magic array, Fang Qin’s figure was erratic, and huge fireballs were flying out of his wide sleeves, like a fire dragon. The enemy who had made such a big noise outside the door was completely suppressed by him, and Fang Mian was pretty satisfied. He nodded and waved his hand to let some of his guards attack and kill those shadow cats.

Shadow cats could hide in the shadows of people, and their claws were very sharp, which can easily cut open the skin of cultivators.

These small monsters were the best assassins, but their weak defense was their most deadly weakness. Fang Mian just realized this point, so he had to use the extremely cruel method to stabilize the confidence of the cultivators in the hall. Otherwise, if everyone started running around in the hall, these shadow cats could easily hide in their shadows and kill them.

You can only cause fear with the unknown. Once it is confirmed that these assassins were shadow cats, the cultivators on the seventh and eighth layers of Qi refining could then start launching counter-attack. The four shadow cats quickly turned into four corpses under everyone’s joint effort, and Fang Qin also came back from outside with two monsters that looked like hedgehogs.

“How could a monster ambush?” Most of the guests in the hall were secretly surprised after seeing the bodies of these assassins.

Some of these guests were smart people, like the shadow cat and the arrow raccoon. Without the control of a high-level demon cultivator, it would be impossible to lurk into the city for assassination, and their existence was also a valid proof. There were indeed high-level demon cultivators in the Wuti City.

Fang Mian saw that most of the guests in the hall looked surprised and in doubt. He quietly exchanged a glance with Jiang Tianxing, then slowly opened his mouth.

He didn’t tell the whole truth, but chose to reveal some news obtained from a few cultivators that he’d dispatched previously.

When they learned that there were no traces of monsters in the dense forests around Wuti City, all of them looked surprisingly in doubt.

The monsters could never disappear out of thin air! Obviously, someone managed to gather them, and only a high-level demon cultivator could do that!

What is this demon cultivator doing to gather so many monsters? Everyone almost knew why.

“Patriarch Fang, everyone is responsible for destroying the demon cultivator. The Yujian sect was willing to give effort to this matter!” An old man in the early stage of Qi condensation said with a cold look. Although the Yujian Sect was a small sect, this old man had fought in the defense line of the extreme west.

Most of the cultivators saw demon cultivators as their common enemy, and if the Wuti City fell, the small sects around them may be in danger of being destroyed as well. No matter from which point of view, they had to participate in the defense of Wuti City.

Just when the leaders of those little sects showed their loyalty to the Fang family, the Fang family quickly welcomed a few more guests.

The people from the Yu family and the Bu family entered the gate of Fang’s house with a few wounded and two corpses.

The two patriarchs looked furious. They had already analyzed in the meeting the day before, and they had concluded that these demon cultivators were likely to ambush on the four major families in Wuti City. However, none of them expected that even with preparations, the ambush was carried out so successfully. Although the patriarchs of both families were unharmed, they both lost one of their disciples of the second generation.

Those who can be brought to participate in this operation were naturally elites in the family. The loss of one disciple was a great blow to the family, and the two patriarchs were undoubtedly upset with this loss.

After the attack on the Yu and Bu families, and after the guards broke the alarm, if the cultivators still hadn’t realized that the demon cultivators were breaking in, then all their years of cultivation would have gone in vain.

The signs of the monsters attacking the city were so obvious that they could not be hidden at all. Those cultivators who doubted whether it was stirred up by the Fang family had to suppress their doubt in their heart. All in all, it was impossible to get rid of the contradictions between human cultivators and demon cultivators. In the face of such a besiege, you either die or survive.

The four families took the lead and everyone gathered to discuss, they quickly came up with a perfect plan of defense.

Similar to Xu Ziyan’s original memory, each of the four major families would still defend a city gate. However, with his subtle reminder, the four families didn’t rush to take action, and they had better preparations this time as well. They quickly got all medicine, Fu Lu in each of the guard’s hands. Everyone was getting ready for the coming battles.


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