105 Part 1

Chapter 105

There would undoubtedly be danger with monsters attacking the city, but there were also opportunities. In the past, if cultivators wanted to hunt monsters, they had to go deep into the woods. When going to such a dangerous situation alone, they would become food of the monsters easily. And if there were too many people in the team, they might alert the monsters. And even if they succeeded in killing them, they wouldn’t get a lot of spiritual stones themselves.

This time, when the monsters attacked the city, all the cultivators guarding the wall were stunned by the dense beasts in the distance. Many of them had never seen such a large number of them gathering before.

Their wish of guarding the city instantly turned into a wish to gather spirit stones. Many cultivator’s perception of the monsters completely changed. What they saw was no longer monsters, but piles of shiny spirit stones. …

Of course, whether they could hold on to enjoy these spiritual stones was another issue. At least for now, the morale of those cultivators guarding the city were already activated.

After the Fang family’s battle was over, Xu Ziyan followed patriarch Jiang to the city wall of the west gate, as assigned by the Jiang family. The defensive array of the entire city was activated. On the surface, this city was as solid as gold.

At Fang’s house, Bai Hua tried to approach Xu Ziyan several times, but his approach was clearly blocked by Xu Zirong. Xu Ziyan didn’t want to be involved with him, so he simply pretended not to see it.

Bai Hua gritted his teeth secretly and even threatened Xu Zirong in a low voice with his disgusting thoughts, but Xu Zirong didn’t care about them at all. On the contrary, he showed a beautiful smile, “whatever you say, you think brother will believe you?”

Seeing Xu Zirong leaving, Bai Hua was so furious that he almost crushed his teeth. Xu Zirong only used the simplest method to find his weakness. Xu Ziyan would never believe his words, as they were not close at all.

He even wanted to tell the matter in front of everyone, but when he thought about it, he suppressed this tempting idea.

He didn’t have any valid proof in his hands. Therefore, if he accused the direct disciples of the nascent soul so randomly, even his master couldn’t protect him.

Besides, now everyone’s attention was focused on the monsters attacking the city. Although it was scary news, it was their own matter, and the cultivators watching aside might not be willing to add enemies for him. If he didn’t handle the matter well, he might get himself involved as well.

Looking at Xu Ziyan who was not far away from him, Bai Hua never found the opportunity to approach him. In the end, he could only watch the Xu brothers follow patriarch Jiang to guard the west wall. As for himself, he had to follow patriarch Fang to guard the city wall of the south side.

After leaving Fang’s house, Xu Ziyan finally breathed a sigh of relief. Bai Hua’s sharp staring made him feel very uncomfortable, and Zirong’s attitude was also vaguely different from before.

He didn’t even know that he was the center of the competition between the other two. The only thing he wanted to do now was to get away from Bai Hua as soon as possible after overcoming with the monsters’ siege. In the eyes of others, Bai Hua might represent a romantic encounter or true love, but for him, Bai Hua represented disasters, and it’s the case for Xu Zirong.

Besides, that guy seemed to have a strange tempting skill. Although he didn’t fall victim to it, he noticed that the younger generations of the Fang and Jiang families seemed to be too enthusiastic with Bai Hua.

Xu Ziyan shivered when he thought of the charm of Bai Hua in the novel. It’d be better to leave this “true love” to the others, as he was merely looking for a gentle, loyal wife. No matter how beautiful that woman is, she has to be at least loyal. He didn’t want to be with people like Bai Hua who was always interested in different people.

Xu Ziyan wanted to hide away from Bai Hua, but Xu Zirong had made up his mind to kill him. Just when he was preventing Bai Hua to get close to Xu Ziyan, Xu Zirong had already “planted” some blood lice in the body of Bai Hua quietly. However, due to some unknown reasons, those blood lice, like the previous time, disappeared soon after getting in touch with a human body.

Xu Zirong thought for a while, he had once thought that it was just an accident, however, now he was sure that there’s something with Bai Hua that blocked his blood lice.

However, Xu Zirong did not worry too much. After all, although the blood lice were easy to use, they were only used for tracking and detection. They were very bad in both attack and defense. His original plan was to use blood lice to confirm the location of Bai Hua. In this way, as long as his opponent was alone, he would have a chance to kill him, but now he might have to change his plan…

“There are really a lot of monsters.” Xu Ziyan stood on the city wall, looking at the dark crowd of monsters in the distance. It was his first time to see such a magnificent scene, but he felt no excitement.

The greater the number of monsters, the more difficult it was to guard the city. On such a large battlefield, unless there was a cultivator whose strength was far above the ordinary level, otherwise, everything would be useless.

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