105 Part 2



In a messy battle, no one’s strength could be clearly seen. Even for a cultivator who’d reached the later stage of building base, he would still be stumbled across and turn into a corpse when surrounded by hundreds of monsters.

“Well, there is a lot of pressure to defend the city.” Jiang Tianxing looked stern, and he felt heavy when looking at the monsters far away.

“Big brother, don’t worry too much, these monsters don’t know how to attack the city, they are just sending themselves to hell.” A middle-aged man said plainly.

“Do you really think so?” Jiang Tianxing glanced at the man deeply.

Jiang Tianye’s eyebrows jumped, “does brother think that they have other ways to attack the city?”

“Who knows? The demon cultivators have no organization, do you think they would be so disciplined?”

“Hmph, demon cultivators!” Jiang Tianye snorted coldly, his disdain for the demon cultivators was beyond words.

Jiang Tianxing sighed slightly. His younger brother was so spoilt by his mother since he was a child. When various families selected candidates to experience in the extreme west, his younger brother was protected by his mother and did not participate. He had no idea that the so-called demon cultivation was so different than those brainless monsters surviving in the wild.

Jiang Tianxing didn’t want to believe that his younger brother was involved in this incident, but from his investigation, all the clues pointed to Jiang Tianye. In the past few years, Jiang Tianye had provoked a lot of things secretly, trying to weaken his rights, but Jiang Tianxing just pretended that he hadn’t seen any. However, when it was related to working with demon cultivators…

This is something that all human cultivators would never tolerate!

To report his family member for righteousness was a huge burden for Jiang Tianxing, but as the patriarch of the family, only he could understand it. He secretly made a gesture, and one of the old men standing behind him was flashing his eyes, locking his gaze firmly on Jiang Tianye.

“By the way, who has seen elder Qi in the past two days?” Jiang Tianye looked around and asked strangely.

Jiang Tianxing looked serious suddenly and didn’t respond, and Jiang Tianye didn’t care either. Elder Qi was notorious for his strange temper, and no one knew where he’d gone to.

The four walls of Wuti City were surrounded by the monsters. On the opposite side of the west city wall, a large number of monsters of building base gathered together. Among the guards of this group of monsters, a huge black rhino raised its head high and looked at the city wall of Wuti City.

On the rhino’s head, there was a small blue bird. The bird tilted its head for a long time and said to the rhino, “are you going to attack now?”

The black rhino didn’t have a good feeling, as none of the monster beasts that it’d sent for assassination ever returned. Although in his plan, there might be less than five monsters that were able to return, he still panicked as there was no reply from them at all.

What’s more frightening was that the cultivators in Wuti city reacted too quickly, even after they showed a little hidden figure, they immediately closed the gate and activated the city’s protective array. This kind of reaction was much quicker than the inferences from within.

At this moment, the attack had already started. Even though the rhino still had its doubts, it’s still confident with the beasts. Also, with the inferences, it could still escape even if it failed to attack the Wuti City.

For the demon cultivators like the rhino, who had worked so hard to sneak into the cultivators’ territory, it just had to ensure to survive to continue harassing the human cultivators, thus reducing the pressure on the front line of the Extreme West as much as possible.

“Attack!” The rhino stopped hesitating, raising its head and let out a low roar.

The tens of thousands of monsters around also raised their heads and roared like echoes, and after that, they began to rush toward the west gate of Wuti City.

“Here I come!” Jiang Tianxing yelled, “let’s start!”

A muscular man standing behind him raised a drumstick as thick as a thigh and hit it heavily on a huge drum that was as tall as a person.

“Let’s kill them all!”

“Let’s all these monsters!”

The cultivators standing in the front row of the city wall began to release long-range attacks, and a series of colorful spells continued to fly out, crashing into the group of monsters.

“Go!” A cultivator in a grey robe raised his hand, and several guards with silver helmets jumped off the city wall with their sharp axes. They wielded the giant axe and started killing in the group of monsters. Their silver helmets were soon covered by blood.

A woman in a green dress took out a green branch and shook it lightly. A large number of green branches spread on the ground outside the city wall. These branches entangled the monster beasts passing by, and with the spells of other cultivators, they quickly wiped out a dozen monsters, revealing a clear ground.

Xu Ziyan and Xu Zirong did not move. Together with Jiang Tianxing, they occupied the arrow-shaped tower on the city wall and were watching the situation below.

The attack power of the cultivators standing at the front line was acceptable, and they’d all reached the level of Qi refining, but it was still not compatible enough when facing the large number of monsters.

The old man’s silver helmet guard was quickly swallowed by many monsters, and the woman’s vines were also burned to ashes by a group of fire monsters. As the number of monsters did not decrease at all, the cultivators were immediately put under high pressure.

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