106 Part 1

Chapter 106


The cultivators at the forefront started worrying.

“There are too many monsters, can the defensive array really hold this?” Xu Ziyan looked worried as well.

Although the defensive array could be used to protect the entire city, there was a large amount of consumption of spiritual stones. Although they could still hold in within a short time, if the monsters continued attacking so intensively, the defensive array would probably be at risk.

It looked like a situation when the cultivators of lower level attacked, but those standing on the arrow building didn’t look at ease.

The cultivators in Wuti City had hardly encountered such a cruel and large-scale war. Now the defensive array stayed intact, and the attacks of the monsters were blocked by the array, it’s still okay if the cultivators weren’t injured. However, once the array was broken, the morale of these cultivators of lower level would be hugely affected, and that would turn things around.

“Pass the order, the cultivators in the early stage of building base will join the attack and replace the second half of those of Qi refininig.” Jiang Tianxing announced plainly.

The strong man behind him began to beat the drums and passed Jiang Tianxing’s order on.

Xu Ziyan had been paying attention to the battlefield. He was clenching his fists and he looked pale.

As an ordinary person, he had only seen such an intensifying scene on TV. After he had transmigrated to this realm of cultivation, he had also killed monsters and seen blood, and he was also sure that he’d kill anyone who threatened the safety of himself or Zirong, still a fight between two cultivators wasn’t comparable to this scene where horses were running and monsters were killing wildly.

There were countless brilliant and dazzling rays falling like meteors, they fell one after another into the dense group of monsters, the exploded flesh and blood brought with a strong bloody smell, as if covering the ground with a thick layer of decoration.

Xu Ziyan felt a little disgusted, but he still forced himself to watch the tragic scene below. Now it was only the cultivators slaughtering the monsters. If he couldn’t even stand this, then he’d only become another person’s burden once he was put on the spot.

Perhaps the original novel was mainly about how Bai Hua used his personal charm to conquer several outstanding minor offenses, this cruel battle wasn’t mentioned.

His original body had not experienced this battle either, that’s why Xu Ziyan was incredibly shocked by this bloody scene.

His clenched fingers became faintly pale, and after the pale whiteness on Xu Ziyan’s face faded, there was a weird blush.

He tried to stop his body from trembling too much, his eyes were shining brightly, and unknowingly, he stuck out his tongue and licked his dry lips…

Suddenly, Xu Ziyan smiled bitterly while supporting his forehead. Perhaps he had been more or less changed by this world. He was once the most ordinary businessman, and besides feeling only slightly uncomfortable after seeing such a fierce battle scene, he even began to hope to participate in it too.

So… are men really aggressive creatures? This bloody battle not only didn’t scare him away, but it even made him inexplicably excited.

“Brother, do you feel happy?” Xu Zirong suddenly took his brother’s palm and asked softly. “My brother seems very excited, does my brother like blood?”

Xu Ziyan’s heart turned cold, and he looked at Xu Zirong with sharp eyes, “don’t talk nonsense, why would I like blood?”

“Doesn’t brother like blood…its color is so beautiful…” Xu Zirong seemed a little disappointed, he bit his lower lip, holding Xu Ziyan’s palm with both hands, he held it a bit too tightly and it made Xu Ziyan a bit painful.

Xu Ziyan frowned, feeling that there’s something wrong with Zirong recently. When he thought of Xu Zirong’s fate in his previous life, his heart sank suddenly. In his previous life, Xu Zirong’s success in cultivating the Blood Sea Heart Sutra so quickly might have something to do with his character. In other words, to some extent, even if he did not cultivate it, Xue Zirong also liked blood.

Xu Ziyan didn’t oppose killing. After all, in the realm of cultivation, being kind to the enemy would be equal to being cruel to himself. To be honest, if those opposing Bai Hua didn’t die for various reasons in the novel, Xu Ziyan did think about wiping him out for his safety…

Xu Ziyan wasn’t someone who treated everyone well no matter what. If there was sufficient evidence that the other party will be against him, he would not mind killing that person in advance.

Fearing that Xu Zirong would be aroused by such a scene, Xu Ziyan held his hand solemnly, “Zirong, do you like this scene very much?”

Xu Zirong’s expression stiffened, he suddenly laughed and said softly, “yes, I don’t know why, I feel very excited when I see so much blood, does that make my brother hate me?”

Xu Zirong said in the end, he couldn’t help lowering his head, and his voice became quieter. There was a decisive expression on his covered face. He liked his brother and was willing to pretend to be good for him, but he was not flawless either, so he couldn’t pretend for a lifetime.

Xu Zirong knew very well that his brother wasn’t stupid. He could easily fool him because he had absolute trust in him. However, as he exposed more and more, sooner or later, the trust would collapse no matter how strong it was. On that day, if there was not enough bonding between them, his brother would definitely turn around and leave.

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