110 Part 1

Chapter 110


Xu Ziyan tried to recall everything more carefully, uh…he might have been too afraid at that time and he even forgot what it was like. Xu Ziyan knew that he must be sick, as he was clearly under the influence of Bai Hua. How could Zirong do anything like that to his brother? It’s such a big joke!

He shook his head vigorously, and he believed that he must have felt wrong at the time, at the same time he was feeling guilty of thinking that his brother had such dirty thoughts…

Initially, he planned to show his culinary skills and make Zirong happy, but his movement on the flying sword made his whole body uncomfortable.

He swore that they were just pretty close, but their bodies were absolutely not sticking to each other! But…How come his bottom could feel the warmth of something???

Did the God want him to die?

Xu Ziyan felt hopeless and he was sure that he was “infected” by his original body…

He was initially gay in the novel, so was his nature again activated by Bai Hua’s approach?

Even so, it should be someone else, not his younger brother! Could his body have lost all kinds of dignity already?

Xu Ziyan really felt like cursing…

He admitted that Zirong had a gorgeous face, and everyone would agree that he’s attractive, whether it’s a man or a woman.

But no matter how charming he was, it’s his younger brother!

If he had such a weird feeling towards his younger brother, it’d be the biggest challenge to his bottom line!

Xu Ziyan was considering whether it’s because he had been too close to Bai Hua, as he never had this reaction before. Even before then, he was already living with Xu Zirong.

It must have been Bai Hua’s fault!

“Brother…” Xu Ziyan trembled when there’s hot air blowing on his ears, and his knees got so weak that he almost fell out.

He stared back angrily and Xu Zirong said innocently, “brother…aren’t we here to save people? Somebody’s crying there.”

Fine, it must have been my illusion…

Xu Ziyan kept comforting himself. He lowered his head and saw that an old lady in a grey dress was weeping in a corner behind an alley.

Xu Ziyan had never met Yu Hao’s mother, but the small house below looked like Yu’s property.

“Auntie…are you okay?” Xu Ziyan descended and helped the old lady to stand up.

This lady looked a bit old. According to Xu Ziyan’s inference, she should be in her thirties only. However, judging from the wrinkled face and gray hair, she looked as if she’s over forty.

“Thank you, Master. I…I’m fine.” The old lady seemed to be frightened by Xu Ziyan who had fallen from the sky, she shivered and withdrew her hand.

Xu Ziyan didn’t mind, and he asked her gently why she was crying here.

The old lady dared not answer, and she only kept shaking her head. She wasn’t expecting the door of the alley behind her would open suddenly and a strong, muscular woman walked out.

After that woman saw the old lady, she raised her eyebrows and yelled, “damn old fool, I was wondering why the water tank isn’t full, it turns out that you’re slacking around!”

The sturdy women also noticed Xu Ziyan behind her. She rolled her eyes and cursed viciously, “what’s the matter? You suddenly can’t walk when you see a handsome young guy, right? Why don’t you piss and see yourself through your urine, how can you seduce anyone with your face? You cheap woman! Don’t you think that you are respected just by sleeping with the old master, you have given birth to a son, so what? The lady still controls you! If I were you, I would’ve hung myself on a tree long time ago, why still waste your time?” Afterwards, the woman even spit, truly revealing her disdainful feelings to the old lady.

“My…my son is still alive…” The old lady listened obediently at the beginning, she didn’t dare to refute, but when the woman started saying that her son was dead, she still argued back when she’s already extremely scared.

“Hey! You scumbag, it seems that you’re quite brave after all, how dare you talk back to me! Let me tell you, the lady said that your son died long time ago, and we couldn’t even find his corpse! However, she emphasizes you too much to tell you the truth.”

“You…you’re just talking nonsense!” The old woman became teary and shook.

The strong woman smiled coldly, “why not? Don’t you believe it? Why don’t you think about how old your son was when he ran away? And how many monsters are around here? He has long become their food. If you could be a little more useful, your son would never have to die. Well, so you understand why you deserve to die now?”

The old lady was shaking like a sieve, and she was about to pass out.

A light flashed in the eyes of the sturdy woman. She was about to reach out her hand and pull the old lady’s hair, as if she wanted to drag her back to the yard.

“Enough is enough!” Xu Ziyan looked at the sturdy woman with disgust, although he hadn’t confirmed the identity of the old woman, through the information that was revealed, he was almost sure of it.

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