110 Part 2

“Yo, where’s this little guy from? What’s the matter? Are you so hungry that you even want this old woman?” The sturdy woman hadn’t seen Xu Ziyan falling from the sky, so she wasn’t aware of their identity as cultivators.

“How can you be so rude!” A strong voice came from above, it was a young man in white robes flying down with his sword, he looked at that sturdy woman with an angry look.

The woman was startled, as she was aware that anyone that could fly were cultivators. However, she belonged to the Yu family, and as one of the four biggest families in Yuti City, cultivators usually acted respectfully to them.

She bowed to Bai Hua, “Hi, cultivator. This woman belongs to the Yu family, you can’t grab her away, can you?”

Bai Hua did not pay attention to the woman, but he turned to Xu Ziyan and smiled, “Cultivator Xu is really kind-hearted and willing to help the others, but to such vulgar people, you don’t need to talk to them at all. Just wipe away people that are rude to cultivators. Does the Yu family dare to disrespect cultivator Xu?”

Xu Ziyan frowned slightly, he didn’t like Bai Hua’s attitude of treating mortals like ants. He admitted that some people deserved to be killed, but they shouldn’t be killed just because they’re mortals.

The sturdy woman was startled by the Bai Hua’s words. She jumped up and ran into the small door at once as fast as a rabbit, then closed it with a bang.

Bai Hua suddenly smiled, winked at Xu Ziyan and said, “look, isn’t this solved?”

Xu Ziyan suddenly realized that Bai Hua was scaring that woman, and he finally relaxed a bit.

Xu Zirong lowered his head and the corner of his lips twitched, as he could feel the movement of waves in Bai Hua’s body very strongly. Also, he believed that his brother had sensed the intention of Bai Hua as well.

His brother was used to interacting with people of true nature, whether it’s the arrogant Wei Qing or the simple Le Hu. It’s true that they have flaws, but at least they aren’t hypocrites.

Obviously, Bai Hua lacked sufficient skills in this aspect, at least compared to himself, his way of covering up his intentions was simply clumsy and ridiculous.

“What is cultivator Bai’s purpose to be here?” Xu Ziyan didn’t want to discuss more on this issue and just wanted to quickly send him away. He vaguely felt that Bai Hua had already seen him as a target, and it’s such a horrible feeling. Xu Ziyan almost felt as if a big trouble was waiting for him…

All the courteous words that Bai Hua had prepared were all taken back. Of course he was there for Xu Ziyan, but he couldn’t say it so directly.

“Oh, it’s nothing, I was just passing by and I happened to see cultivator Xu down here, so I just came to see if you needed any help.” Bai Hua’s expression and demeanor were very sincere, any ordinary people would be attracted by his charm.

Unfortunately, Xu Ziyan had a highly cautious attitude towards Bai Hua, and after that unsuccessful attempt of disguise, Xu Ziyan was even more sure that he had no intentions to date Bai Hua at all.

“Oh, in that case, then I won’t bother cultivator Bai anymore. This auntie looks very weak, I’ll look for a doctor for her first.” After Xu Ziyan finished speaking, he didn’t give Bai Hua a chance to respond. He quickly picked up the old lady who had already passed out and jumped onto the flying sword.

Xu Zirong slowly took out his own flying sword and deliberately got further away from his brother. Seeing Bai Hua’s reluctant expression, he smiled and lowered his voice, “you want to get close to my brother? Don’t even think about it!”

Bai Hua suppressed the anger in his heart and smiled lightly, “cultivator Zirong has been thinking too much. I just think that your brother is a nice person and I want to be his friend.”

Xu Zirong was not angry, he just smiled, “my brother belongs to me. Don’t even think about it!”

Bai Hua deliberately looked surprised, “cultivator Zirong, I don’t understand what you are saying. Cultivator Xu is your real brother! How can he belong to you? He will only belong to his future lover!” He deliberately emphasized on the term “real brother”.

Xu Zirong snorted, his expression instantly turning icy cold, “don’t you think that I don’t know what you’re thinking. You’re just a f**ked up b*tch, how dare you think to get my brother?”

“How dare you!” Bai Hua’s facial expression changed abruptly, and he looked at Xu Zirong as if he wanted to cut him into million pieces. Although he thought that there’s nothing wrong to increase his level of cultivation through double cultivation, he was still very embarrassed after Xu Zirong pointed out this naked truth.

Xu Zirong didn’t hide his intention to murder towards Bai Hua. The red light on his fingers was flashing, “if you dare to get close to my brother again, you’ll end up like that woman!”

Bai Hua felt that he had goosebumps all over his body, and he felt as if every pore on his body was hurting. He couldn’t help but use his arms to wrap his shoulders and tremble, while looking at Xu Zirong in fear.

“Zirong, what are you doing?” Xu Ziyan became impatient after seeing that Zirong still hadn’t started flying yet.

“Here I come!” Xu Zirong’s sense of murder had completely turned into a warm smile. He raised his head and looked at Xu Ziyan with loving eyes. At the end, he looked at Bai Hua coldly and left without hesitation.



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