111 Part 1

Chapter 111

Bai Hua was dumbfounded and he looked at the two disappearing figures while trembling. There’s a painful scream from the door behind him. Bai Hua turned back and saw the body of the sturdy woman rotting and melting. In the end, it had turned into a puddle of blood. The people around her screamed out of fear, and a few cultivators of the Yu family quickly came.

Bai Hua frowned slightly, he quickly left this place of troubles and found a quiet corner. He vaguely remembered the cold eyes of Xu Zirong when he was threatened.

In his black pupils, there’s not a single trace of human emotion, it’s as cold as unmalting ice of thousand years.

However, even though he’s that cold, he had such a warm smile when called upon by his brother…

Bai Hua could not resist the warmth in his body, he could feel a hot current rushing down along his stomach. Such a contradictory personality excited him inexplicably. Among all the guys that he’d met before, no one had ever made him this excited…

“Xu Zirong …” Bai Hua was murmuring to himself, as he couldn’t resist his excitement.

Even though he knew that this person was dangerous and would even bring about his own destruction, he could not restrain this burst of desire.

He touched his hot cheeks and licked his dry lips. There’s suddenly a strong desire to conquer in his heart, and it’s a very strong urge. Even Lin Xiaotian or Xu Ziyan didn’t make him have this urge before.

“I…will definitely get you.” Bai Hua narrowed his eyes and began to design a brand new plan in his mind. He had time and patience, sooner or later, he would be able to get Xu Zirong completely under his control!

With a mortal in a coma, Xu Ziyan did not return to the Jiang family immediately. Instead, he found a medical center to have a doctor treat Yu Hao’s mother. It’s not that he didn’t want to use the medicine on his body, but those were given by Big Foot Luo and they had great effects. Although it’s like a godsend when treating an injury of a cultivator, it’d be poisonous when treating a mortal.

As Wuti City was in a war state, the streets and alleys were all empty. That morning, the lively scene had turned into a cold one. Everyone was hiding back in their houses, silently praying that the cultivators guarding the city could hold on.

Whether mortals or cultivators, everyone was clear that any city breached by monsters would be sieged without exceptions. For monsters, there’s no need to occupy the city, they just needed to wreck the city. Any mortals were delicious meals in their eyes, and no one would say no to food.

Xu Ziyan entered a closed medical hall, and the old doctor there was so scared that he almost fainted. Fortunately, Xu Ziyan’s identity as an immortal cultivator made him wake up in time. For these mortals with no cultivation level, these cultivators with spiritual power were all their hope.

In order to please Xu Ziyan, the old doctor used all his strength to treat the old lady, but unfortunately, she only fainted because she’s too weak and had just been too irritated, the doctor could not really show his capability.

However, his frustration disappeared completely when he got the spiritual stone that Xu Ziyan gave him, and he immediately took out the best tea to serve him. He also thoughtfully retreated from the room.

The old lady woke up after the doctor massaged her. Her vision was a little blurred and she vaguely saw a slender cultivator standing in front of her. In a trance, her son’s figure and the person in front of her overlapped. If Hao was still alive, he would have been his age.

The old lady was so sad that she covered her face with her sleeve and started sobbing. The sound of sobbing was so suppressed, as if she was scared that others would hear it.

Xu Ziyan didn’t feel too comfortable, and the information that he got from Yu Hao’s mother was enough for him to know how difficult her life was in the Yu family. With a soft sigh, he handed her a handkerchief, “aunt, don’t cry. You cannot get too emotional now as it’s not good for you.”

The old lady wept for a while before she gently wiped the corners of her eyes with her sleeve and looked at Xu Ziyan with her red and swollen eyes, “cultivator, thank you for saving me, and sorry for what happened.”

“You are too kind, auntie.” Xu Ziyan hurriedly said, “actually, I have one thing I want to ask you.”

“Ah, please tell me, Immortal Master.”

Xu Ziyan pondered for a while, “I’ve heard that your son is out learning art, is that so?”

When he mentioned his son, the old lady nodded in grief, “it’s all my fault as I haven’t been a good mother. If I wasn’t so weak, Hao would never have to be outside at a young age, and now…”

It seems that Yu Hao’s mother also

believed what that sturdy woman had said, that Yu Hao was already eaten by a beast. However, for so many years, Yu Hao had become her only hope to survive. She just instinctively refuted the woman, but in reality, she had no confidence that her son was still alive.

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