114 Part 1

Chapter 114

The fact that Jiang Tianxing was hiding Jiang Ying indicated a kind of protection. As long as he possessed a demonic core, it meant a huge threat to both righteous and demon cultivators.

Xu Ziyan believed that with Jiang Tianxing’s wisdom, it was not difficult to see that it would be the safest way to let Jiang Ying follow them. After all, the Jiang family was still too small. Once Jiang Ying got exposed, there was no way to protect him with only the power of the Jiang family.

And it’s actually the reality as well. The soundproof cover soon opened. Jiang Tianxing announced with a plain expression that thanks to his outstanding performance in the battle just now, “Jiang Ping” would follow Xu Zirong and become his attendant cultivator for five years.

The so-called attendant cultivator was actually the guard of a cultivator. He’d have to make a contract with his master. Before the attendant died, no one could threaten the safety of his master. This was a setting equivalent to a deed, and it seemed to be very unfair to Jiang Ping.

However, there were many young disciples who were envious of Jiang Ping. After all, the attendant cultivator had to follow his master, so all the pills and resources he required for cultivation would be provided by his master as well.

If it was an ordinary cultivator, there would be limited benefits of becoming their attendant cultivator. However, Xu Zirong was a direct disciple of a cultivator of nascent soul. In his capacity, the attendant cultivator would obtain massive resources. With the talents of the Xu brothers, it would be a great idea to follow them and he’d only have to give five years of his life.

The rest of the Jiang family were envious of the luck of Jiang Ping, but Jiang Tianxing was shocked at how Xu Ziyan discovered Jiang Ying, or…how Jiang Ying caught up with Xu Ziyan.

As for Jiang Ying, Jiang Tingxing always felt full of contradictions. As the head of the Jiang family, the fact that Jiang Ying possessed a demonic core would be a legitimate reason to get killed. However, as his father, how could Jiang Tingxing do that to his son?

Since he was unable to give up on him, nor to train him upright, Jiang Tianxing felt extremely painful. Fortunately, although Jiang Ying had two souls and that he had been imprisoned all his life, he’d never had any resentment. Apparently, he had no emotional attachment to the Jiang family either. It might be a good way to keep his son now that Jiang Ying was going to follow the Xu brothers.

Recruiting the attendant cultivator, Jiang Ying, was just one of the small parts in this battle. Soon, the monsters launched a third siege.

This time, the attack was led by a huge black rhino. The skin on its body faintly exuded a metallic light, and there was a faint black light on the rhinoceros horns on its nose.

“Concentrate the attack!” Jiang Tianxing spotted this huge monster at a glance. He felt a heavy sense of depression and crisis on its body.

The cultivators on the city wall began to focus their attack on the black rhino. Colorful attack spells hit on its skin, but they didn’t even leave a small wound.

Jiang Tianxing’s pupils shrank suddenly, and he raised his arms high. At once, a group of cultivators in the early stage of Qi condensation stood at the forefront of the city wall, releasing their spells downward.

When facing their spells, the iron rhino dared not move. Black light flashed on its body, and the metallic light on its skin shone even more. The little blue bird that had been staying on the tip of his horn flicked its wings suddenly. And it released a sharp cry.


All the cultivators ranking in the low and middle levels were shaken by this sonic attack and they lost contact with the spiritual power in their body. Although it was only a short time, the spells attacked the cultivators after losing control. Half of the cultivators snorted and there’s blood spilling out from the corners of their mouth.

Those cultivators at the stage of Qi condensation were at the center of the blue bird’s attack, and suddenly, six out of ten cultivators were injured.

Although they were not severely injured by this backlash, there were overwhelming consequences.

Just as the blue bird screamed, the iron rhinoceros cleverly seized the opportunity to speed up again. Its heavy body slammed against the city gate, causing the entire tower to tremble, and the defensive array even flickered and it almost collapsed.

“Be careful!” Jiang Tianxing never expected that there would be such a huge impact of this iron rhinoceros. It almost broke through the city gate with just one blow, and when he was worried about whether the defensive array could withstand the next blow, a figure suddenly appeared. That figure appeared on the edge of the city gate, there’s a red glow in his hand and it slashed towards the city gate.

“Huh!” An old lady in gray clothes holding a leading cane snorted coldly, and she slammed the cane to the ground.

A wave visible to the naked eye undulated from the ground and quickly extended to the bottom of the city gate.

“Hey, it’s too late!” The person laughed wildly, and he wanted to run. From the laughter, it was clearly elder Qi of the Jiang family.

The old woman sneered coldly and raised the crutch in her hand. A small black shadow shot out from her crutch, and it was shot into elder Qi’s body.

Elder Qi was shocked. This time, as he wanted to succeed, he cooperated with the iron rhinoceros to attack the city gate. Before the attack, he had already prepared to be besieged by the cultivators, that’s why he’d prepared at least three defensive arrays. As long as he could hold on for a few seconds, he could then activate the Thousand Miles Teleportation to escape smoothly, but he didn’t expect that he could not even defend himself against the old woman. Although there weren’t any major effects after the black shadow entered his body, it’s easy to know that once that old woman acted, there wouldn’t be zero harm.

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