114 Part 2

While the old woman in grey clothes was chasing after elder Qi, Xu Ziyan paid more attention to whether the city gate was damaged. Once the city gate was broken through, more than three times of the cultivators would die if they wanted to drive the monsters out. Although there were many arrays set in the city early in the morning, those couldn’t stop the monsters from slaughtering the civilians.


The old woman knocked on the crutch, and the ripples produced moved extremely fast. They even reached the city gate earlier than the red light. After the ripples on the ground flashed, a huge spiritual tiger emerged from the ground, it opened its mouth and let out a loud roar, a blue light spouted from its mouth, just blocking the red light.

The power of that red light was so powerful that the cyan light in the spiritual tiger’s mouth was quickly weakened, but the tiger was not alone in the fight – it was only delayed for a moment, and Xu Ziyan’s Thunder Spirit Arrow and Xu Zirong’s blood vine had already been released, they got entangled with that red light.

The spiritual tiger was very clever. When it saw that the red light was knocked out by Xu Ziyan’s thunder spirit arrow, and was entangled by Xu Zirong’s blood vine, it decisively withdrew the cyan light in its mouth. This kind of cyan light was its natural instinct, although it was powerful, it caused a huge consumption of power too, so it had to save some when it still could…

Under Xu Ziyan’s continuous attacks with his Thunder Spirit arrows, the red light soon got dispersed. At the other end of the battlefield, Elder Qi had fallen to the ground, and there was a big hole broken through his brain, the bloody stuff in it all fell out. A small snake with the size of a thin thumb was in his head.

When Xu Ziyan saw the little snake, he suddenly felt a sense of danger. Although it was a small one, it could cause bigger damage than those monsters at the later stage of Qi condensation.

The old woman waved her hand coldly, and the little snake turned into a black shadow and merged into the old woman’s body.

The crowd standing around the old woman all walked away. Elder Qi’s miserable body was still lying on the ground. They had a heartfelt fear of the little snake.

The old woman did not move, she walked slowly to the city gate and sat down, and the spiritual tiger also obediently squatted beside her. After the scene just now, everyone understood that if anyone wanted to destroy the city gate, they must first deal with the old woman.

The attack of the iron rhino also brought a huge crisis to the West City Gate. If Jiang Tianxing did not let the old woman squat down there early in the morning, the monsters had already rushed in through the city gate.

When thinking of this, Jiang Tianxing felt a little scared. Elder Qi was the guest of the Jiang family. If he was a traitor, it would also mean that the Jiang family would be destroyed once the west city gate was broken through. If they also found out Jiang Ying who’s hiding, the Jiang family would be seen as having an evil deal with the demon cultivators and it would be the end of the family.

The more he thought about it, the more fortunate Jiang Tianxing felt. He immediately regarded Xu Ziyan as his lucky star. If Xu Ziyan hadn’t told him about elder Qi having something strange and reminded him, half of the residents in Wuti City might have died already.

His face went pale, when he was staring at elder Qi’s corpse, he really wished to slash him again and again, but after thinking about it, he suddenly looked back at Jiang Tianye.

Most of the people in Jiang family were shocked at elder Qi’s attack, including Jiang Tianye. He looked at elder Qi’s corpse dumbfounded, as if he couldn’t believe that elder Qi had colluded with demon cultivators.

Jiang Tianxing looked at Jiang Tianye coldly. Jiang Tianye recovered from the shock and saw that his elder brother was looking at him skeptically.

He only felt that his brain buzzed and almost exploded. Although he had always disliked this half-brother, and he even tried to take him off from the position of patriarch several times in secret, he would never collude with the demonic cultivators.

Their father died in the hands of demon cultivators in the far west. No matter how ambitious he was, he’d never cooperate with those who killed his father!

Jiang Tianye’s face was getting red, the blue veins on his forehead almost burst out and his eyes looked bloody. It seemed that Jiang Tianxing had just stabbed him in the chest.

Jiang Tianxing squinted slightly, as he seemed to be relieved with the reactions of Jiang Tianye. In the end, it’s his own brother, even if they weren’t born by the same mother, they’d lived together for so many years and there was still some bonding. Jiang Tianxing knew about Jiang Tianye’s ambitions, but he had the confidence to completely suppress them, and that’s why he never cared about Jiang Tianye’s trivial actions.

This time, someone in the Jiang family colluded with demon cultivators, as elder Qi was Jiang Tianye’s loyal attendant, Jiang Tianxing once wondered if his younger brother had ever participated in this matter. Fortunately, Jiang Tianye seemed to have proven the contrary.

After taking a long, meaningful look at Jiang Tianye, Jiang Tianxing retracted his gaze. Jiang Tianye was so pissed off that he almost spat out a mouthful of blood, yet he couldn’t show his emotions. Since Qi was once his follower, it was normal for him to be suspected.


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