115 Part 1

Chapter 115

He was depressed just because he understood it all. As they were still in the battle, they couldn’t be distracted and start investigating about the spy. In other words, Jiang Tianye would continue being a scapegoat until the end of the siege…

Tie iron rhino’s attack also consumed most of his spiritual power. Unfortunately, after waiting for a while, he still wasn’t assisted. He realized with regret that the internal traitor might have been killed by the Jiang family. In desperation, he could only retreat from the battlefield with the monsters that launched the attack.

The battle at the West City Gate soon ended. Jiang Tianxing stared at the iron rhino from a distance, which only let out a provocative growl and left with a large number of monsters.

Jiang Tianxing couldn’t help frowning. This time, during the attack, four gates were besieged at the same time, showing that his opponent had planned for this siege for a long time. Jiang Tianxing believed that the opponent was already aware that it would take at least three days to get the rescue in Wuti City. Then, there was still one day and one night – would the opponent give up on attacking the city so easily?

The answer was definitely no, the only possibility would be that they intended to use all their forces to attack a city gate.

The previous siege was probably used to cover the breakthrough of the west city gate. Now that elder Qi was dead, the Jiang family had to guard the city gate more closely. Without a chance to break through the city gate, many more monsters would die if they wanted to break the defensive array. Instead of wasting time there, they’d better bet for once. If it didn’t work, they would definitely retreat. All in all, that territory belonged to human cultivators and they dared not stay so openly.

Jiang Tianxing immediately sent someone to notify the other families that the monsters on his side had retreated, and someone would have to bear more pressure.

Soon the news came back, and the monsters guarded by the Fang family and the Yu family retreated, only those of the Bu family began to send out distress signals frequently.

Jiang Tianxing discussed with several other elders of other families, and soon decided to help the Bu family. They left a certain amount of manpower to ensure that after they left, the city gate would not collapse immediately even if they were attacked. He left with a lot of cultivators to the north gate guarded by the Bu family.

When they were merely halfway through, they saw a dazzling red light rising from the North City Gate. Jiang Tianxing’s facial expression changed drastically, he had to ignore the low-level cultivators, and immediately rushed to the North City Gate with those above the level of Qi condensation.

The red signal meant that the Bu family had completely collapsed and the city gate was lost. If the monsters rushed into the city, few ordinary civilians in the city would survive.

Xu Ziyan also had a heavy look. Although with his intervention, the west city gate was protected, it’s still out of his expectations that the Bu family got attacked in the north city gate.

By the time they rushed to the north city gate, this place had already turned into a hell on earth——

The north city gate had been broken through, there were blood clots and corpses everywhere, there’s a scorching smell in the air, and the sky was almost completely covered by the burning black smoke.

“What is it all about?!” Jiang Tianxing yelled, and grabbed a casual cultivator who was shying away.

What made him extremely angry was not the fact that the north gate was broken through and the monsters rushed into the city, but it’s because while those monsters slaughtered the cultivators, there were a lot of cultivators among the monsters who attacked the guarding cultivators!

The casual cultivator’s left arm was cut off by Qi Gen, and he had already lost his combat power. If he was not lucky enough to hide in a corner, he would have died long ago.

This cultivator of the Qi refining period looked at Jiang Tianxing tremblingly. He dared not speak under the pressure of the furious Jiang Tianxing.

“Chief Jiang, you should stop those high-level monsters first, let me ask him.” Xu Ziyan saw that the cultivator was about to pass out, and he quickly stopped Jiang Tianxing’s interrogation.

Jiang Tianxing also found that only a few high-level monsters and a large number of human cultivators had entered the city. If he could kill those high-level monsters, he might be able to drive them out again.

“Okay, I’ll leave it to you!” Jiang Tianxing quickly threw off the cultivator and rushed towards the one with the highest cultivation level among the group of monsters. The rest of the Jiang family also looked for their opponents and they were killing each other one-on-one.

Xu Ziyan was about to reach out to help the cultivator, but was stopped. Xu Zirong smiled softly, “brother, let me ask him.” After speaking, he took the initiative to put the cultivator in the corner.

Xu Ziyan withdrew his hand silently, looked at Xu Zirong’s back, and scolded himself in his heart.

Since the incident happened in the morning, he couldn’t look at Zirong directly anymore!!!

Although he had warned Xu Zirong not to mention that matter again, the problem was — this was really not something easy to be forgotten.

Feeling annoyed and scratching his head, Xu Ziyan decided to let go. Anyway, this kind of “accident” wouldn’t happen again. Sooner or later he would surely forget about it!

When Xu Ziyan suppressed the irritability in his heart, Xu Zirong had already started interrogating over there…wait, it’s only questioning.

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