Chapter 116

“Roar!” A greyish blue monster that looked like a leopard jumped out. Xu Ziyan’s thunder spirit arrow was so conspicuous. He just shot a monster next to him to death, which immediately aroused his interest. It roared, as if it wanted to fight with Xu Ziyan alone.

Xu Ziyan raised his eyebrows, and when he tapped his fingers, the three arrows flew towards the leopard-like monster.

The monster in the early stage of Qi condensation showed a disdainful look, and it easily jumped to the side and escaped the three arrows. Followed by a sudden dash, there was a distance of only 100m left between the two.

Such a distance would be a piece of cake for the monsters to pass through. However, before the blue leopard rushed again, a thick vine emerged from the ground and hit it away…

Xu Ziyan twitched his mouth. Could this monster be so stupid? This was a siege! It’s obviously the aim to kill as many as possible as an archer. Who would have the time to fight alone with you?

Besides, I have a brother, and do you? If you want to defeat me, defeat my brother first.

Xu Ziyan looked back at Xu Zirong with appreciation and thought that – you’re indeed my lovely brother, since you understand perfectly what I’m thinking about.

Xu Zirong smiled warmly when he saw Xu Ziyan looking at him. Xu Ziyan suddenly remembered what’d happened that morning, and turned his head away instantly, angrily venting his depression to the monsters.

In fact, the blue leopard was not seriously injured, but Xu Zirong’s attack was too insidious, which happened to drag it to a cultivator of the Jiang family who was at the middle stage of Qi condensation. The cultivator had just killed a monster fox and was looking for the next target. Then, Xu Zirong sent the blue leopard in front of him, and of course he received it with pleasure.

Xu Ziyan secretly hid in the corner to shoot arrows, and all monsters that tried to attack him were all driven away by Xu Zirong’s bloody vines. Some were dragged to the side of the cultivators of Jiang family, and some were simply pulled back to the group of monsters. In short, under the guard of the bloody vines, no monsters could get near Xu Ziyan.

The situation was becoming better. The supporting troops of the two other families also joined the battlefield. With Xu Ziyan’s timely explanation, everyone knew about the Bu family’s rebellion. Apparently, comparing to those monsters, human traitors are more disgusting!

Unsurprisingly, the Bu family’s rebellious cultivators were hit in many ways and in all directions. The cultivators of almost every family would hit them with their spells.

The monsters were of little help to the Bu family, since the group of demon cultivators leading them died in the hands of Jiang Tianxing. Therefore, these monsters couldn’t cooperate at all at this moment, they were just fighting each other in chaos, and as they lacked the leadership of the demon cultivators, some less braver ones even took the opportunity to sneak away.

“Roar!” There was a dull and deep roar of the iron rhino outside the city gate. Jiang Tianxing’s facial expression turned dark. Previously, the attack of this iron rhino on the city gate impressed him. At this time, the array of the north city gate had already been broken. If he let the iron rhino hit against the city wall, it would probably collapse.

Jiang Tianxing was not worried about the damage of the city wall, but once it broke, tens of thousands of monsters would flock to them. The number of human cultivators was limited, and it was impossible to block every gap.

Once a large number of monsters entered the city, ordinary civilians would undoubtedly suffer. Although it was easy for cultivators to kill these low-level monsters, they would be a strong enemy for ordinary citizens.

“Protect the city wall!” Jiang Tianxing shouted, taking the lead to get rid of the powerful enemy in front of him and infuse his spiritual power into the broken array.

Because of the gap of the city gate, the operation of the array was greatly affected, but the array on the city wall was still there, if someone could enter sufficient spiritual power in it, it might be possible to defend against the attack.

The other cultivators of the Jiang family had all experienced how strong the iron rhino was, and they naturally understood what the patriarch meant. They all got rid of their opponents, pressed their hands against the wall, and desperately infused spiritual energy into it. The people from the other two families who came to support were not stupid – even though they didn’t understand why patriarch Jiang had such a reaction, they all responded and tried to fight against the opponents left behind by the Jiang family.

Xu Ziyan can’t help much at this time, he could only work harder in defeating the monsters entering the city.

Fortunately, patriarch Bu might not have thought that his two elders would be so firmly opposed to colluding with the monsters. Although the defense line of the northern city gate was at risk, he did not let a monster escape.

“Start the great array.” The Bu family was excellent in magic arrays. At this time, under such circumstances, patriarch Bu released his last method.

Several cultivators in green clothes bite their tongues and spat out a mouthful of blood, and the area covered by the battlefield of the North City Gate began to emit a yellowish light.

“You disloyal son! How dare you!” Upon seeing this, an elder of the Bu family got so furious that he almost spat out some blood.

Patriarch Bu furiously scolded, “you bunch of old fools! How would I use this ancient array if I’m not forced?”

Xu Ziyan followed the elder’s gaze, and patriarch Bu was stained with blood. The once elegant and gentle face had become twisted and hideous, like a demon in hell.

“Disloyal son! Disloyal son!” The elder cursed in tears, then shouted at those on the edge of the big array, “get out of the array quickly!”

The battle at the scene was too fierce, and there was hardly any conversation between patriarch Bu and the elder. But Xu Zirong, who had been paying attention to the battlefield, did not hesitate to grab his brother by the waist and quickly retreated. Xu Ziyan didn’t even have time to react, and he was already pulled out to nearly two hundred meters away.

The range of the array activated by patriarch Bu was large. Fortunately, Xu Zirong responded quickly enough. After they were able to leave the range of the array, it was then activated.

A burst of white mist spread over and soon engulfed the entire battlefield. The fighting in the battlefield seemed to have been swallowed by the white mist, and there was a dead silence. Xu Ziyan stared at the white mist that was only a foot away from him, feeling a moment of fear.

He didn’t know what effect this array had, but his instinct warned him of its horrifying effects.

The scene of the fierce fighting just now suddenly became utter silence, and the lucky cultivators who hadn’t entered the array also became silent.

“Is there a way to break it?” Xu Ziyan looked back at Xu Zirong.

Xu Zirong frowned and shook his head slightly, “if this is really an ancient array, the people inside will die before I can break open it.”

Xu Ziyan was silent for a moment, “try it anyway, we’ll do our best.”

Xu Zirong nodded and started looking for nodes along the edge of the array, trying to break open it.


With a loud noise, Xu Ziyan suddenly raised his head, and he recalled that there was a huge number of monsters waiting for them outside the city gate. Fortunately, the place where the Bu family’s array was placed had blocked the cultivators wanting to send aid, and it also blocked the north city gate. If those monsters wanted to enter the city, they would first rush into the array. Although they were not smart, they’d got incredible instincts. They knew at a glance that it was a dangerous array, and no monsters dared to rush in.

The humans and monsters were caught in a weird confrontation. Although the iron rhino colluded with the Bu family, they never knew that the Bu family had such an ancient array.

Everyone knew that all the things handed down from the ancient times were all the finest. The iron rhino stared at the white mist in panic.


A golden glow exploded in the center of the white mist, and a huge coercion descended on the battlefield out of thin air.

“High-level monsters!” Some of the wounded cultivators who lost their combat power shouted in panic.

“No, they’re high-level cultivators!” Others who were slightly injured or not injured were more sensitive, and quickly noticed the human breath contained in this coercion.

“Reinforcement! It must be the reinforcement team!” The cultivators who had been frightened by the high-level monsters just now all yelled in excitement.

But Xu Ziyan did not feel as easy. According to Jiang Tianxing’s calculation, the fastest support would take at least three days to arrive. And it was only the second day, didn’t they come too soon?

Bang bang bang!

Before Xu Ziyan could guess who it was, some huge fireballs had crashed into the white mist. Layers of white mist were constantly burned and consumed by the fireballs. The white mist seemed to be getting lighter and lighter, and the figures inside became faintly visible.

Xu Ziyan couldn’t help sighing inside. It’s so good to be strong. What ancient array? Brutality solves everything! Even the strongest array needs someone to control it, and if the one controlling it has low capacity, he might as well kill himself in it.

“Roar!” After a loud roar, the low-level monsters that had gathered in front of the city gate suddenly screamed in horror and hurried away.

A giant black panther walked down from the air with graceful steps…

How filthy!

Xu Ziyan despised it. This leopard could just jump down, but it had to do so step by step, it just wanted to show off its figure!

“Roar!” It might have noticed what Xu Ziyan thought. It sniffed and roared towards the direction of Xu Ziyan.

“Okay, okay, I see you.” Xu Ziyan waved helplessly, and the panther showed a smile.

Bang bang bang!

The cultivators above was still constantly attacking the array, and the white mist inside the array dissipated at a speed visible to the naked eye. In less than two minutes, at least two-thirds of the cultivators defending the city fell in the array, and the rest were all injured. Obviously, they could no longer hold it for long.

The two elders of the Bu family obviously knew something about the array, and those who survived all surrounded them and tried to hold on hard.

The surrounding cultivators were inspired, and even started desperately attacking the array.

As the white mist dissipated, the two elders also knew that there was a strong support, and they immediately summoned up more courage in fighting. On the other hand, the cultivators of the Bu family showed horror, especially patriarch Bu, as he couldn’t think of how high-level cultivators showed up at this time.


A fireball that was two or three times the size of the one just now hit the array fiercely, becoming the last weapon against the villain.


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