117 Part 1

Chapter 117

Although the power of this ancient array was overwhelming, the strength of the few people from the Bu family who set it was not high enough, including the patriarch, as they barely reached the level required for setting the array. It was easy to attack those trapped by the array, but once a high-ranking cultivator used some pressure and if there’s attack from both inside and outside, they would soon collapse.

In front of the high-ranking cultivators, these cultivators of the Bu family with insufficient cultivation level did not have enough ability to resist. They could barely resist with the large-scale array just now, and if it was broken, they’d have to face the pressure from the cultivators of golden core.

The iron rhino outside the wall immediately retreated as they noticed the presence of the cultivators of golden core, and it retreated with the other monsters. It had already realized that it’d completely failed in this besiege, and it was all because of one cultivator of golden core who’s passing by.

The iron rhino simply retreated and ignored what would happen to the Bu family. In the eyes of demon cultivators, the Bu family was just a tool. It was apparently not worth taking risks for some useless human beings.

Patriarch Bu was paralyzed on the ground by the powerful pressure, watching the monsters disappearing in a blink of an eye. His eyes got dim a little bit, and he finally became totally silent…

“Uncle Wild Ghost, it’s nice to see you.” Xu Ziyan respectfully bowed.

The cultivator in a black robe fell from the air and patted Xu Ziyan on the shoulder, “son, it’s such a coincidence.”

“Yes, uncle master, I came here to do errands by my master’s order, and happened to catch up with this siege.”

“Well, you did an excellent job just now.” Wild Ghost laughed with appreciation. “You work well with your brother.” After he finished speaking, he couldn’t help but laugh, “especially just now, you ran so fast…”

Xu Ziyan suddenly got speechless, he didn’t expect master Wild Ghost to have seen the embarrassing scene just now.

“Did uncle master hear something before you came to save us?” Xu Ziyan asked.

“No, I just happened to be passing by. When I heard that rhino yell loudly, I leaned over and took a look. I didn’t expect to catch up with this, haha…” Wild Ghost laughed again.

Not far away, after the black leopard killed a giant antelope with two horns, it gracefully walked over when biting the corpse of the antelope.

With a popping sound, the corpse of the antelope was thrown in front of Xu Ziyan, and the black leopard fawned on him and rubbed his side. The veins on the forehead of Wild Ghost and Xu Zirong almost burst out…

“Haha, no problem, we’ll have a big meal in a while!” Xu Ziyan smiled and patted the leopard on the head vigorously. Since the last time he had a barbecue on the back mountain of Tian Luo Peak and was noticed by the black leopard, it then always looked for Xu Ziyan with some prey whenever Xu Ziyan started grilling meat.

Xu Ziyan didn’t mind making more food, so he became friends with this leopard quickly. He also took uncle Wild Ghost who was looking for the black leopard.

“Cultivator Xu!”

There was someone shouting from afar, and Xu Ziyan suddenly felt his back getting numb. With this familiar voice, it was undoubtedly Bai Hua again.

Sometimes Xu Ziyan also felt puzzled. Although he didn’t argue with Bai Hua, wasn’t his attitude already cold enough? What made him so persistent in getting close to him? Was he under the influence of the original novel?

“Cultivator Xu, are you hurt?” Bai Hua sounded very concerned.

Xu Ziyan turned around, it might not be appropriate to just ignore him. Unexpectedly, the clear eyes of Bai Hua were actually looking at Xu Zirong with concern.

Xu Ziyan was silent for a moment, did Bai Hua change his target?

He started to be interested in Xu Zirong…? No way!!!

Xu Ziyan wanted to lift the table over, what is going on with this Bai Hua? It seemed that Zirong hadn’t even talked to him, so how come he’d become a target?

Xu Zirong completely ignored the existence of Bai Hua. He wasn’t even looking at him, only facing him with his back.

Xu Ziyan held his forehead silently. He didn’t know why Zirong was so cold and disgusted with Bai Hua. He had read the novel and had all the memories of the original body, but Zirong seemed to have met Bai Hua a few times only, so how come he hated Bai Hua so much?

Bai Hua was very depressed, he bit his lip in misery.

It’s a pity that he was showing his intimate side to the wrong person, since Xu Zirong had never been interested in him in both his lives, and he’d never noticed that Bai Hua was going to weep.

Xu Ziyan suddenly wanted to laugh out of some reason. He didn’t know why he wanted to, but the corners of his mouth just raised.

“Brother.” Xu Zirong seemed to want to say something, but suddenly his pupils shrank, “be careful!” He slammed into his brother, suddenly hugging Xu Ziyan in his arms and rolled a few times on the ground.

Wild Ghost’s facial expression changed drastically. He raised his hand and a red glow flew towards the patriarch Bu.

“Cultivator Xu!” Bai Hua screamed and rushed towards Xu Zirong.

“Hahahaha! It’s all your fault! You are all going to die!!” Patriarch Bu’s eyes were blood-red and he was laughing wildly, holding a silver talisman in his hand, and the light on the talisman was aiming at Xu Ziyan.

Xu Zirong hugged his brother and they rolled on the ground a few times, but the silver light emitted from the talisman seemed to be able to locate them, it was chasing them all along.

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