117 Part 2

Wild Ghost’s red light hit patriarch Bu’s body and directly made him burn into a ball of fire, but the talisman was not affected at all. Instead, it rolled toward the Xu brothers more quickly, emitting a pink light which surrounded them all.

In the end, Bai Hua was a step slower, and could only watch Xu Zirong disappear in an instant within his reach. He couldn’t help but punch on the ground.

At the same time, Jiang Ying (m.), who was guarded by Xu Zirong at the west gate, suddenly disappeared from the horrified look of everyone. Together with the silver light, he was swept away with Fang Tianrui, who had to rest at home because of a fever…

“Damn it!” Wild Ghost yelled angrily, and in a flash, he came to patriarch Bu’s charred corpse. He stretched out his big hand and placed his palm on the top of the corpse. With a light pulling action, a purple soul was sucked out.

Most of the cultivators around were surprised and scared, but no one dared to comment on the behavior of Wild Ghost. Wild Ghost didn’t care what other people thought of him, he just closed his eyes and searched for the soul of patriarch Bu.

“Asshole!” As soon as the soul search was over, Wild Ghost started cursing.

He never expected that he thought that patriarch Bu would detonate the meridians of his whole body to activate the talisman when his spiritual power was blocked. In other words, even if Wild Ghost didn’t attack him, he wouldn’t survive anyway. However, such an oversight had put Xu Ziyan and Xu Zirong in danger.

Patriarch Bu’s talisman was actually a one-time treasure, a guiding talisman to open a demon realm. Demon realms are different from secret realms. Most secret realms have some natural treasures and even inheritance of techniques, but demon realms are often an independent plane.

This kind of place usually gave birth to many enemies, which is great for cultivation. Therefore, after discovering this kind of demon realms, some great cultivators would make some guiding talisman, then let the disciples they fancied enter and experience some breakthrough.

If it is a demon realm that matches their own level, it will be of great benefit to the cultivators, but the demon realm that Xu Ziyan and the others have been forcibly introduced can only be entered by those at the stage of Qi condensation. It was the most precious opportunity for the Xu brothers who were at the stage of building base.

Patriarch Bu forcibly urged the Xu brothers to the secret realm. This led to the complete destruction of the guiding talisman. Now that there was no more talisman, Wild Ghost couldn’t bring them back even if he wanted to.

“What’s going on here?” Jiang Tianxing asked, looking shocked.

The battle was over, but Xu Ziyan was set up by patriarch Bu. Jiang Tianxing really didn’t know what to do about this cultivator from Liu Guang sect.

Wild Ghost reported the situation with a serious look, and Jiang Tianxing was helpless.

As a small family, they had no access to things like talisman guiding toward the Demon Realm, and he only knew about it through some secrets passed down by the previous patriarchs.

Jiang Tianxing had no choice, and Wild Ghost didn’t plan to waste time there either. He cancelled his original travel plan and wanted to return to Liu Guang sect as quickly as possible.

The fact that he had no methods didn’t mean that the others didn’t either, especially Luo Yun. A cultivator of golden core wouldn’t understand what a cultivator of nascent soul did. If they could locate the demon realm that the Xu brothers entered in a short time, maybe they can be brought back.

Wild Ghost left in a hurry, and Jiang Tianxing also fully understood that he had no energy for courtesy. The only thing that made him a little depressed was that the Xu brothers could’ve protected his son, yet this accident disrupted all of his plans.

“Patriarch, patriarch, something’s not good!” A cultivator from the Jiang family who stayed behind at the west gate rushed over in a panic.

Jiang Tianxing’s heart jumped, and he had a bad feeling.

“Patriarch, that Jiang Ping suddenly disappeared just now!”


That night, a servant of the Fang family hurriedly reported to the patriarch Fang, “the eldest young master disappeared in the room!”

There were dark clouds in the sky, and the ground below was full of huge cracks. The bright red lava gurgled from the cracks, spreading to the lower ground with a hot stream of heat.

A dark red lizard emerged from the lava, with three dark blue eyes on its huge and hideous head. The one on the top of the forehead was not open, only the two eyes below it were functioning normally.

It stared at a prey that was foraging next to the lava and approached to it silently.

“Ah!” Someone exclaimed.

There was suddenly a thunderbolt in the sky, and a slender spatial crack emerged in mid-air. Two people fell from the sky, and there was also a big red ball, which seemed to be wrapped in some bloody vines.


The ball formed by the giant vines fell on the ground and made a huge noise, which immediately alarmed the antelope that was looking for food. It raised its head vigilantly, and an invisible ripple appeared between its horns. It found the lizard hidden in the dark and left quickly.

Since its food escaped, the lizard was extremely annoyed. It silently dived into the lava and fiercely stared at the uninvited guests who disturbed its meal.

→. →Fang Tianrui was unlucky enough. He still hadn’t recovered from his injury and was dragged again into a hellhole.


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