Chapter 118

“Brother, are you okay?” After releasing the bloody vines, Xu Zirong pulled his brother up from the ground.

The attack just came too suddenly, it was too late to urge other spells, he could only use the bloody vines to protect himself and his brother.

“It’s okay, cough cough, the air here is choking.” Xu Ziyan first felt the heat of the environment. After the transmigration, he felt exactly the same as entering Green Spiritual Secret Realm, and it’s easy to determine that they’d already entered a separate space.

What surprised him the most was that as he entered, he once again felt a burst of energy entering his body. Without thinking at all, he transferred Little Square in front of himself.

Since Little Square grew up in the Green Spiritual Secret Realm last time, he’d had the ability to move. Although he still couldn’t be left more than one meter away, at least he didn’t need to be in front of Xu Ziyan all the time.

It was okay when its size was small, but now, Little Square had already grown to one meter square, and it’d be impossible to see it as transparent.

He adjusted the position of Little Square, who had always been on top of his head, so that it’s now in front. Before he could even look at it clearly, he heard that weird and familiar noise again…

Ka Cha, Ka Cha.

Ka Cha, Ka Cha.

Xu Ziyan turned his head and the corner of his eyes twitched, and as expected, the hidden rabbit appeared again after showing up for a moment in Liu Yun Pavilion.

Ka Cha, Ka Cha…the pink rabbit stood on Xu Zirong’s shoulders and was chewing carrot calmly. It was also staring at Xu Ziyan.


Xu Ziyan was startled, this rabbit seemed to be looking at Little Square?

In order to test, he moved Little Square to the left side of his body again, and the pink rabbit really followed. It seemed to look confused, as if it’d found out something, yet it wasn’t sure.

Xu Ziyan turned his face indifferently. He couldn’t afford to provoke this rabbit which liked to hide. No matter how ignorant he was, he would not regard the pink rabbit as the kind of useless pet to please the female cultivators.

He’d better continue studying Little Square!

“What is this place…?” Jiang Ying (m.) stared at the surrounding environment, looking dumbfounded. There was no way to deceive himself in any case. He was near Wuti City.

When he fell, his condition was much worse than Xu Ziyan. He had no time to get prepared at all, and he was dragged directly by the attendant of Xu Zirong.

“Hmm…” A low moaning sound made Jiang Ying’s whole body freeze. He lowered his head suddenly and realized that the “soft ground” below turned out to be a human’s body.

“Tianrui!” Jiang Ying looked shocked and helped Fang Tianrui who was in a coma. He wouldn’t expect that Fang Tianrui would be in this place!

Xu Zirong glanced at Jiang Ying and raised his eyebrows slightly. This Jiang Ying acted really quickly, and he actually formed a double blood contract with Fang Tianrui. With this blood contract, if one party fell into danger, the other would be pulled over to help.

This is also the reason why the unlucky Fang Tianrui was inexplicably drawn into this space…

“He’s having a fever.” Xu Ziyan noticed the unnatural blush on Fang Tianrui’s face, he tried his body temperature, then asked suspiciously, “do cultivators get sick as well?”

Xu Zirong twitched the corner of his mouth, “although cultivators don’t get sick easily, if we let our wounds untreated, there would be negative impact too. Also, since he hasn’t finished building base, he’s still a mortal technically.”

Xu Ziyan wanted to ask why Fang Tianrui would just let the wound go untreated, but the weird facial expression of Xu Zirong made him stop asking.

→. →He felt that there would be bad consequences if he asked, so just let it be…

Xu Zirong didn’t feel anxious after seeing that his brother had deliberately avoided his “guidance”. There were still two months to go before he turned 18, and since his brother already told him that he could do certain things when he became an adult, there’s really no need to rush.

Xu Ziyan didn’t know why Fang Tianrui got sick, but how would Jiang Ying not know? Without thinking much, he understood that Fang Tianrui hadn’t thought of treating his wound at all.

The bloody scene that day was still vivid in his mind, and given how rigid Fang Tianrui was, it was impossible for him to get treated.

Both the elegant and evil Jiang Ying were full of guilt now, not only were they guilty of having gone wild and out of control, but they’d also brought Fang Tianrui a kind of danger.

With a soft kiss on Fang Tianrui’s face, Jiang Ying secretly vowed that even if he ever fell there, he would make sure that Fang Tianrui could leave safely!

Xu Zirong witnessed the intimacy of Jiang Ying and Fang Tianrui, he raised his head and looked at his brother playfully. As expected, Xu Ziyan was just dumbfounded and stood there without further reactions.

Xu Ziyan witnessed how two guys acted intimately, and he felt like his mind was totally messed up…

He held his forehead silently, and sure enough, in the world of novels, there’ve been same-sex couples everywhere, how come normal couples do not exist anymore?!

As a straight guy, he really wanted to die!

“Brother…” Xu Ziyan felt Zirong’s warm air in the ears…

Xu Ziyan shook and asked cautiously, “what?!”

He wasn’t an idiot, it’s just that his level of emotional intelligence wasn’t high. When seeing what these two guys were doing, plus his brother’s previous actions, he might as well go to die if he still didn’t understand this all…

It’s just…

How come Zirong was also fond of men?

What made Xu Ziyan really speechless was that Xu Zirong was actually interested in himself, his older brother…he really wanted to scream, “even though my soul isn’t your real brother, my body still is…”

(Wait a minute, you don’t like guys – shouldn’t this be the main point?)

Xu Ziyan was deeply depressed, he felt that something must have gone wrong in his life.

Hell! How come they’ve all become the same? It’s still understandable when someone told him that Ziyu’s sexuality was inborn, but Zirong wasn’t fond of guys in his past life, was he?

So, has everything been his fault?

_(:3∠)_ There must be something wrong!

“Brother?” Xu Zirong looked at Xu Ziyan, who had found himself in a petrified state again, and he felt somewhat insecure. He couldn’t predict his brother’s reaction after seeing two men being intimate together. Although Xu Ziyan was pretty tolerant of himself, it didn’t mean that he’d be the same to other people.

In the world of cultivation, there were people thinking that it’s absolutely wrong to have two men engaged in double cultivation, and he didn’t want his brother to think that way.

“It’s okay.” Xu Ziyan held his forehead weakly. In fact, he wasn’t so shocked by the fact that Jiang Ying and Fang Tianrui were together. All in all, in order to study Ziyu’s psychology, he even watched GV already. The reason why he’s shocked was all due to Zirong’s actions.

He always believed that he had been a responsible and good brother since young, and he’s been very good to Zirong. So…what’s the real reason of Zirong falling love with him?

He tried to recall vaguely, and Xu Ziyan suddenly realized that Zirong had been very possessive of him since a long time ago, especially the way he acted towards Le Hu and Wei Jing.

And this kind of possessiveness seemed to reach its extreme recently. It seemed that his closed-door cultivation of five years has turned Zirong’s sense of insecurity to its highest point.

Xu Ziyan now really wanted to find a wall to support himself. If things went according to this logic, then does it mean that it’s his fault to make Zirong fall in love with himself?

He really underestimated the viciousness of the world!

“Brother, are you okay? Xu Zirong called him twice but Xu Ziyan didn’t react, this made his heart sink.

He tentatively reached out to help Xu Ziyan, yet Xu Ziyan pushed him away furiously. The two just stood there, feeling embarrassed, and they were both speechless.

There were no words for Xu Ziyan to describe the struggle in his mind. Anyone would feel the same if his younger brother fell in love with himself. Just now, Xu Zirong reached out his hand and Xu Ziyan retreated reflectively. Actually, it’s not that Xu Zirong disgusted him, it’s just that he’s a little embarrassed.

Xu Zirong’s facial expression got darker and darker, as his brother didn’t even want to be touched…there’s a sense of blood in his dark eyes, and he could feel the blood in his body boiling…

“Ahem, that… Zirong, in fact, in fact…” Xu Ziyan also knew that what he’d done had hurt Zirong, and he hurriedly patted his shoulders. However, he really had no idea how to make Zirong feel better.

Should he scold Zirong? Given that he never repented, it’d be useless!

How about beat him up? It’s not a mistake to be in love with someone, it’s only that this “target” wasn’t so appropriate at all, yet he couldn’t beat him up just because of that.

And he could only start persuading Zirong, yet given how stubborn Zirong was, he really didn’t think that he would succeed in persuading him.

After thinking for a moment, Xu Ziyan could only let this matter go.

He believed that Xu Zirong’s feelings for him were nothing besides a kind of affection out of loneliness. Perhaps he’d been spoiling his brother too much, causing this misunderstanding.

In his past life, Xu Zirong didn’t fall in love with Bai Hua, indicating that he wasn’t interested in men at all. If he was given a gentle and obedient girlfriend, he should be able to have his attention diverted then…right?

Xu Zirong did not like Bai Hua in his previous life. It was quite obvious that he had no interest in men. If he finds a gentle and virtuous woman for him in this life, he should take his attention away from him…right?

Xu Ziyan was not so sure either, but he thought that Xu Zirong was only 17 and he didn’t have a clear concept of what love is, he’d at most taken his older brother as a romantic target out of impulsiveness, and it could fade away soon.

In fact, Xu Ziyan didn’t do anything further afterwards, but after he patted on Xu Zirong’s shoulders, Xu Zirong was no longer that irritated.

Xu Zirong had always been patient about pursuing his older brother. He knew that his brother was still trying to take it lightly, that he’d sooner or later understand his real intentions, and that it’s not just out of impulsiveness.

But he had already prepared for everything, there were still 2 months before he turned 18, and he was determined to let his brother understand his affection and love.

“Brother, let’s go, let’s find a place to settle down first. This seems to be a demonic realm, and there could be danger anytime and anywhere.” Quietly putting away his fangs, Xu Zirong once again pretended to be that gentle and harmless brother.


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