Chapter 120

“Next time…don’t try so hard. Xu Ziyan rubbed his head lightly and said gently.

Xu Zirong was about to show a soothing smile, but he seemed to have realized something instantly, and his expression became sharp.

Xu Ziyan’s hands became stiff, and Xu Zirong immediately tried to loosen himself up, even his eyes seemed gentler.

“Does my brother know already?”

“Yeah.” Xu Ziyan felt a bit guilty.

“Does my brother mind?”

“Ahem…it’s just a kind of cultivation, and it depends on the nature of the user whether it’ll become something evil.”

“Okay, I understand.” Xu Zirong lowered his eyes, his fine eyelashes covering the ecstasy in his eyes.

Xu Ziyan felt that Xu Zirong must be very fragile at this moment, and couldn’t help holding him in his arms. He said softly, “it’s okay, brother will not ask about Zirong’s secrets, but Zirong has to promise me that you won’t kill innocent people.”

Xu Zirong slowly raised his head, his shining eyes were like dazzling stars. He raised the corners of his mouth and smiled softly, “I swear to my brother that I’ll never kill innocent people.” He also stressed on the word “innocent”, as if he was making a promise to his elder brother.

Xu Ziyan let out a sigh of relief. Sure enough, his younger brother was still a reliable person, and he’s still a good brother aside from the fact that he’s in love with his own brother.

Xu Ziyan was in a better mood, and Xu Zirong’s mood wasn’t bad either.

Not killing innocent people was a very flexible rule. Xu Zirong wasn’t a bloodthirsty person, and it’s not a strict requirement for him.

As for those who have been listed as his must-kill targets, they would never be “innocent”, just like Bai Hua from Tian Yu sect, as it already made him guilty by having sexual interest in his brother.

Jiang Ying silently turned his face to a side. This master’s older brother was so stupid that he dared not look at him directly…but it might be a better solution, if his master’s brother was a smart guy and that he thought too much, there might not be good consequences between them.

Just like between him and Fang Tianrui, if Fang Tianrui hadn’t been honest and, there would be no ways for him to attract the attention of both the gentle and evil Jiang Ying.

Jiang Ying held him tightly in his arms and showed a bitter smile. The evil Jiang Ying didn’t care much about consequences when doing things, and he ended up having to deal with the aftermath. Now, he still knew what to do when Fang Tianrui was in a coma, if he woke up, Jiang Ying really didn’t know how to explain to him what’d happened the other day. Also, there’d be no way for him to explain how they’d formed the double bloody contract.

Fortunately, under these circumstances, Fang Tianrui had nowhere to escape if he wanted to. Jiang Ying could make use of the time to improve their relationship.

When thinking about it, Jiang Ying suddenly thought that it’s not such a bad idea being dragged to this almost closed demon realm…

As they were in this peculiar environment where people could face danger anytime, Xu Ziyan was inexplicably tolerant to Xu Zirong. He’d shown a high extent of acceptance towards the fact that Xu Zirong had cultivated the Blood Sea Heart Sutra and that he’d fallen in love with himself.

Although these are environmental factors, they were enough to make Xu Zirong happy.

At this time, he even had the same idea as Jiang Ying. Fortunately, patriarch Bu got them here. If they were outside, his elder brother would flee at once after knowing what he thought.

However, in this dangerous demon realm, the four of them would be in danger almost immediately once they were alone, his older brother could only stay by his side and there’s no other way.

Xu Zirong was in a good mood, and after he got better, he became gentler with his brother. In the cave where they lived, Xu Zirong laid layers of defensive arrays. In just a few days, it was built into a firm defensive position.

Xu Ziyan didn’t know anything about the Demon Realm, but Xu Zirong knew it very well. They were forcibly pulled into the Demon Realm by someone’s talisman. Without its positioning, they could only leave there through the demon realm or other intersections.

There were several intersections in each demon realm, but there were no regular patterns of these intersections at all and they could only depend on luck.

In the demon realm, even the monsters with the lowest level of cultivation had reached Qi condensation, and if Xu Ziyan wanted to find intersections in the realm, he’d need more unbeatable power.

Now that both he and Xu Zirong had reached the late stage of building base, as long as they worked a bit harder, it’s possible for them to reach the level of Qi condensation. With this level of cultivation, they’d have the necessary power to protect themselves in the demon realm.

The three discussed and quickly decided for the next plan. They decided that the improvement of strength would be the priority, and the three started to hunt the monsters in the demon realm frantically.

Ever since Fang Tianrui woke up, he’d been really quiet. He didn’t even ask why he’d be in such a dangerous environment.

Xu Ziyan didn’t want to intervene in these two people’s matters, and Xu Zirong didn’t care at all. After confirming that Fang Tianrui was physically fine, he drove the two guys out without a doubt.

Of course, it was impossible for Xu Zirong to let his attendant die. Therefore, after Jiang Ying dug a cave on his own, Xu Zirong arranged enough defensive arrays for them.

Being alone with Xu Zirong, Xu Ziyan suddenly felt an immense pressure. Although he really wanted to pretend as if nothing had happened, Xu Zirong would not let him avoid it.

After Xu Zirong attempted to sleep together again, Xu Ziyan rejected firmly.

Don’t be kidding! Previously, it’d be okay that Xu Ziyan never realized that his brother was in love with him. And now that he knew, it’d be a big test on their self-control ability if they still slept together.

Especially for Xu Ziyan, he still felt super weird after being jerked off by his brother, and if Zirong did it again, it would be the end of his virginity.

Xu Zirong wasn’t angry when his brother rejected him firmly, as he didn’t want to give such high pressure to his brother either. Also, since he’d already made things clear, he wasn’t sure whether he could still control himself well.

He still remembered his brother saying that certain things could not be done until he became an adult. He was confident to withhold his urge for two more months, as long as his brother didn’t do anything that aroused him.

Since his brother already knew that he’d cultivated the Blood Sea Heart Sutra, when they went out hunting again, Xu Zirong gave up on using the bloody vines to cover up.

No matter how the bloody vines merged with the Blood Sea Heart Sutra, he still needed seeds as a medium. In this realm with fire attributes where water resources were scarce, the wood-type magic was highly restrained, and Xu Zirong’s ability was thus also suppressed.

After abandoning the bloody vines as the carrier, he started seeing the amazing attack power of the Blood Sea Heart Sutra that he had cultivated.

Taking the flaming lizard that chased them as an example, at that time, Xu Ziyan and Xu Zirong joined forces and failed to kill it in a short period of time. However, once Xu Zirong let go and attacked, the flaming lizard was killed in a few moments and was sucked as a dry corpse.

Looking at the mummy lizard, Xu Ziyan’s eyes twitched. He used to think that after the transmigration, his physical state would be quite good and could be regarded as talented, but after seeing Xu Zirong’s attack, he felt a huge sense of danger, as Zirong was indeed much more powerful than him.

With time passing by, the tender friendship of Zirong had become a strong sense of possession. Previously, he could still regard it as a kind of possession of a little brother, but now he’d already understood the real emotions of Zirong, and he knew for sure that Zirong wouldn’t be interested in the female cultivators that he was going to introduce at all.

Even though his emotional intelligence level was unbelievably low, Xu Ziyan knew perfectly that you must kill someone’s affection as early as it begins. However, given how late Xu Ziyan realized this fact, he’d already missed this golden period. He knew that when he introduced female cultivators to Xu Zirong, the feelings of Xu Zirong towards his brother would never change again…

_(:3∠)_So tiring…what could he do?

“Brother.” Xu Ziyan felt that his scalp went numb after hearing a soft voice. He turned around with stiffness.

Right now, there was no more need for Xu Zirong to cover his affection towards his brother. Those who don’t care about face are the most powerful in the world, and Xu Ziyan had no ways to fight against this.

If he acted indifferently, then Zirong would show a sorrowful look, and out of a habit established since long time ago, Xu Ziyan knew that he’d comfort Zirong right away. It had already become a habit, even though he always wanted to slap himself after doing so.

If Xu Ziyan acted with more passion, then he’d feel even more difficult. If he knew that his younger brother was in love and if he still acted with reciprocity, then it would just push Xu Zirong deeper.

Xu Ziyan was completely confused and at a dilemma. It’s how he exactly felt.

On one hand, he felt that he shouldn’t accept Xu Zirong’s affection, but on the other hand, he couldn’t coldly refuse either.

Forget it…let’s just drag as long as he could…all in all, he wouldn’t even know if they could get out of the demon realm alive, what else could he do anyway?

After finding a new “pit” in his head, Xu Ziyan continued being an ostrich. Perhaps he had already realized that it wouldn’t be so easy to change Xu Zirong’s mind, and he’d rather save his energy.

The next whole month was spent on hunting and killing all the low-level monsters. Of course, they could only pick those of the early stage of Qi condensation.

They kept absorbing the inner core of the monsters and the abundant aura in the realm, and after one month, Xu Ziyan and Xu Zirong had already reached the peak of building base and were ready to break through anytime.

Although Jiang Ying slowed down as he had to take care of Fang Tianrui, he’d almost reached the later stage of building base as well.

Talking about Fang Tianrui, he’s the one having progressed the most. The inner core of monsters was such a rich replenishment for him. Once, after absorbing one inner core and having some of his meridians broken as a price to pay, he’d successfully broken through and reached the level of building base.

Jiang Ying didn’t know that Fang Tianrui had broken through. When Jiang Ying returned and saw Fang Tianrui lying on the ground with blood in his mouth, he was so scared that he almost lost part of his soul.

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