Chapter 121

Fortunately, Fang Tianrui was lucky. When he was absorbing that inner alchemy, the spiritual roots in his body mutated. The double spiritual roots of golden core greatly improved his aptitude. This was the reason why he used his broken meridians to finish building base.

Fang Tianrui vomited a lot of blood, and the two versions of Jiang Ying were guarding him aside. He also expected that Fang Tianrui would be cold after waking up, but he’d never expect that Fang Tianrui, who was initially gentle to Jiang Ying (f.), would be so indifferent towards Jiang Ying (m.), as if he was just a stranger.

It’s not like Jiang Ying hadn’t realized the way he lied to Fang Tianrui, but he’d always thought that he could solve the problem. In the end, Fang Tianrui ended up procrastinating the issue, and although he kept chasing around Fang Tianrui, he hadn’t gotten any attention that he wanted.

Xu Zirong watched Jiang Ying and Fang Tianrui coldly, and he secretly felt happy about it. Since their relationship was built on a lie, and even its base was fake, how could they keep its stability?

He also deceived his brother a little, yet he wasn’t like Jiang Ying – at least he didn’t lie about his gender.

No man could accept the fact that his ideal woman was actually a man. He started wondering what difficulties the two had gone through in their past life, causing them to finally come together.

With a chuckle, Xu Zirong’s face showed a proud smile as he watched his brother absorbing an inner alchemy of a monster. See, this is the advantage of gradual progress, as this can allow your lover to understand you little by little, and this can avoid a lot of embarrassing matters such as those of Jiang Ying.

“Brother…” Xu Zirong squatted down and hugged Xu Ziyan from behind.

Xu Ziyan’s body shook suddenly. He woke up from his meditation and looked at his baby brother helplessly.

The inner alchemy that he placed at his Dantian was sucked up and all his spiritual power was crushed into powder. Xu Zirong also didn’t want to disturb him while he was meditating, so he hugged him at the most appropriate moment.

Seeing his brother looking at him, seemingly not knowing what to do, Xu Zirong blinked and whispered, “brother, I feel a bit cold.”

Xu Ziyan was expressionless, he roared with anger in his heart – can you please look for a more reliable excuse?! Basically, cultivators at the stage of building base aren’t afraid of any changes in weather. Even if they did, he should be feeling hot in this fire-type demon realm instead of feeling cold!

There weren’t any expressions on Xu Ziyan’s face.

Xu Zirong smiled at his brother.

The two looked at each other for some time, in the end, Xu Ziyan couldn’t hold it anymore, he slowly got rid of Xu Zirong from his body.

Xu Zirong knew very well when to stop. And he let go of his hand. However, in this struggling process, he managed to touch his brother’s body as well.

Ever since his brother knew how he thought, there would be no more possibilities for him to sleep with his brother. No matter how tolerant Xu Ziyan was, he couldn’t let Xu Zirong sleep in the same bed again.

If the embarrassing incident occurred once more, then Xu Ziyan would lose face totally. To avoid such tragedy, he would definitely need to keep a distance with Xu Zirong.

The two brothers tacitly maintained this state of “mutual understanding without saying so”.

Xu Zirong was accustomed to doing things directly, while Xu Ziyan felt that if his younger brother didn’t say it straightforwardly, then he could still pretend to be a good older brother.

Even if he knew that this was just an illusion of peace, he could only maintain this illusion in such a dangerous place which could get him killed anytime.

“My spiritual power has reached its limit, and there is no suitable place for a retreat here. I plan to challenge a monster in the middle stage of Qi condensation.” Xu Ziyan said lightly.

Xu Zirong thought for a while, “well, I’ve reached the bottleneck anyway, let’s go together.”

Xu Ziyan shook his head, “with our strength, we can always challenge one monster reaching the middle stage of Qi condensation. As long as one person is nearby, either your blood-type magic or my thunder-magic can be used to fight against their defense. In this way, then how can we still learn from our battles?”

Xu Zirong was silent for a while. What Xu Ziyan said was the truth. If he wanted to break through, he’d have to fight against someone of similar level. He could only upgrade himself when fighting with someone of similar level. If the other party was too weak, then there would be no more meaning in beating them up.

Although he was reluctant to let his brother take risks, Xu Zirong knew very well that once a cultivator wanted to upgrade himself, there’d be risks.

Whether it was treasure hunting or being in an adventure, there was the risk of failing, but if they stopped just because of their fear of danger, then there’s simply no need for cultivation at all.

“Okay, but brother, please be careful.” Xu Zirong said unwillingly.

Xu Ziyan rubbed his head out of habits, only to realize that he had vowed countless times not to make any intimate action with Xu Zirong.

Xu Ziyan silently lit a candle in his mind, as he was completely hopeless of changing his old, bad habits…

After leaving their fortress cave, Xu Ziyan rose with his sword and flew towards the northeast, where they had found a fire-scale turtle in the late stage of Qi condensation. Xu Ziyan really liked this kind of monster which was huge and moved slowly. They all depended on defense rather than attacking.

Although the shell on its back had amazing protection effects, it could still break under continuous attack, and Xu Ziyan just needed to continue wearing it out a little bit more.

Xu Ziyan was only specialized in lightning spells with powerful attacking power, and he had really low defense power. When he’s fighting with Xu Zirong, he could make up for his brother’s shortcoming. However, when he had to fight alone, it would be dangerous if he encountered an enemy of the same type.

After flying for about two hours, Xu Ziyan descended. There was still a short distance from the fire-scale turtle, but the monsters of the later stage of Qi condensation were extremely cautious. If he still rushed forward, it’d be like telling the enemy, “here I am, be careful!”

After taking away the flying sword, Xu Ziyan cautiously hid himself and entered a long, slender gorge. There was a hot spring at the bottom of the gorge, and the site of the fire-scale turtle was the entire gorge centered on the hot spring.

Xu Ziyan’s escaping technique was not bad, but his hiding skills were far from enough. Fortunately, he still had the cute Little Square, and ever since its evolution last time, it’s got a new function.

This function was developed by Xu Ziyan inadvertently. Now that Little Square was already a two-meter square. It didn’t matter if it was suspended above or behind his head, but when he needed to take some important items, Xu Ziyan was really speechless when seeing the sturdy figure of Little Square.

Little Square’s area got larger, but Xu Ziyan still couldn’t store a lot of items in it. He could store some important items, the jade that was used to record the nine changes of Purple Night, some important pills and that wonderful novel. Aside from these items, there weren’t many items worth being put in it.  the things that can be stored inside are still very limited. All in all, in the world of cultivation, everyone was given a Qiankun bag, and although this kind of thing wasn’t of top safety, it’s cheap and it could usually store ten times more than Little Square, making the Little Square a bit redundant now.

The only advantage was that it could be carried with the cultivator all the time and he wouldn’t have to worry about losing it. Aside from that, there really wasn’t anything special.

Xu Ziyan still felt a little excited when he felt the evolution of Little Square. In those novels, the Qiankun bag that those cultivators carried were all super useful, and it’d be wrong to say that he never dreamt of the potentials of Little Square.

In this world of cultivation, the cultivators could also have their Sumeru Realm, but they could only start cultivating it when they reach the level of nascent soul, also, they must be specific cultivators for magics in space to do so, and for ordinary people, it’s nearly impossible to own that kind of stuff.

Xu Ziyan really envied those who had it, after checking the Little Square, there weren’t any major changes in it. He felt a bit disappointed, but he also knew that it’s only an item that he carried with him. The novel that’s inside already enabled him to understand the world better, and it could also help him to avoid danger. It’s already good enough for him, as he’s not a greedy person.

Once, he got playful and curious and hid himself inside Little Square. At that time, he felt that it’s quite interesting, but it really scared Xu Zirong a big deal, as he was still using his consciousness to cover the whole cave. If their blood contract didn’t exist, Xu Zirong might even freak out and explode.

It was just like a room inside the Little Square, yet there were no doors in this room, only a wall showing what the outside world was like.

When Xu Ziyan disappeared, Xu Zirong immediately rushed out from the quiet room next door. He looked around anxiously, and in the end, he found where the Little Square was through the blood contract, and he stared at it firmly.


An unfinished carrot fell under the Little Square, and Xu Ziyan was taken aback. Previously, he had already suspected that the little rabbit could see the Little Square, and he know knew that it’s true.

“Brother? Are you here?” Xu Zirong asked nervously.

Xu Ziyan was silent, and he’s wondering what he should do. Should he go out? If he did, then Little Square would expose itself. And if he didn’t, Xu Zirong would be nervous to hell, and how could he let his younger brother be like that?

After a few seconds of struggle, Xu Ziyan decided to confess. Anyway, his kind of space was available in the cultivation world, but he could only cultivate it once he reached the level of nascent soul. He could tell Xu Zirong that he’s talented enough, and Xu Zirong would not check whether the inside of Little Square was any different from that of Sumeru Realm of ordinary people.

With some anxious feelings, Xu Ziyan walked out of Little Square. When Xu Zirong saw his brother, he just raised his eyebrows but didn’t even ask a word.

Xu Ziyan was shocked, and he was glad for his brother’s understanding. It was obvious that Xu Zirong knew that he had a secret, but he chose not to ask, just like Xu Ziyan chose not to ask about his secret.

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