Chapter 122

“Brother, don’t disappear suddenly next time, I’ll be so worried.” Xu Zirong leaned his head on Xu Ziyan’s shoulder like a baby.

Xu Ziyan nodded reflectively, then looked at his brother helplessly, “how did you know that I disappeared? Were you staring at me with consciousness?”

Xu Zirong blinked and continued to act coyly, “brother, I’m so afraid that you’ll leave me suddenly…”

Xu Ziyan, “…”

He once again confirmed a kind of truth – those who don’t care about reputation are the most powerful!

Since then, Xu Ziyan has discovered that Little Square seemed to have the ability to cover its divine consciousness, but ever since he entered Little Square, it hadn’t been able to move. After the evolution, Little Square started emitting a light mist.

Only he could see this mist, even Xu Zirong couldn’t see it. However, as long as he could enter the range where the mist covered, he could then hide himself and not be noticed by the divine consciousness. Of course, he could still be seen by naked eyes, unless he used a talisman that could help him hide.

Xu Ziyan stopped outside the canyon, carefully using Little Square’s mist to cover himself, then cautiously entered the canyon.

In the canyon, it was steaming hot. In addition to the hot spring where the fire-scaled  turtle lived, there were also dozens of hot springs of different sizes.

These hot springs had different temperatures, the hot ones were like lava, and the ones with lower temperature were still hot enough to boil eggs. The vapor filled the whole canyon, making the surface of the ground in a damp state all the time. Anyone walking on it would leave footprints on it.

After Xu Ziyan finished building base, his ability of controlling the body had been greatly improved, but even then, there was no way to completely eliminate those traces. Fortunately, although this fire-scaled d tortoise wasn’t so powerful, it wasn’t so clever and it might not notice the footprints.

After choosing a suitable place to stay, Xu Ziyan approached the largest hot spring in the middle of the canyon bit by bit. When it comes to hot springs, he actually still had some bad memories about them. After he joined the Liu Guang sect, that mermaid taught him a big lesson, making him understand that he couldn’t judge a book by its cover.

“Roar!” An angry roar suddenly stopped Xu Ziyan. He discerned it for a while, then his expression changed drastically, and he stepped back slowly as far as possible.

Unfortunately, he had such bad luck that he stepped on some mud at this time. If it was just ordinary mud, it would be fine. But there was a kind of locust-like insects in the mud. The attack power of these insects was not high, but it’s very poisonous, if they stung on a human’s body, that human would become paralyzed quickly.

Xu Ziyan felt bitter, but that wouldn’t help him.

It would be easy to kill the insect. Even if he didn’t kill it, he just needed to release a spiritual shield to protect himself, and there’s nothing the insect could do about it. However, while knowing that there were two powerful monsters fighting not far away, how would he dare to use spiritual power at this moment?

Little Square’s white mist could be used to shield the divine consciousness, but it couldn’t shield the fluctuations of spiritual power. The two fighting monsters would definitely pay attention to any abnormal movements around the battlefield. At this time, using the spiritual shield would be just like having a bright light in the darkness. It’d be like an invitation saying that “I’m here, come and play with me!”

If he didn’t use his spiritual power, then he’d be bitten by the poisonous locust, lying there paralyzed all over, waiting to die and hoping that he would be lucky enough to escape from those two monsters.

If he used his spiritual power and killed the locust, then he’d be noticed by the monsters. However, those monsters might fight between themselves and ignore Xu Ziyan…

Out of the two choices, Xu Ziyan could only choose the latter. Instead of betting on this kind of unreliable stuff, he might as well be safer by betting once.

A beam of lightning shot out from his fingertips, and several poisonous locusts were burnt and fell to the ground.

Two huge groups of divine consciousnesses came almost at the same time, Xu Ziyan simply removed Little Square’s white mist, raised his sword and used his strength to escape.

If he made the right judgement, the two monsters inside were at least at the later stage of golden core, and they weren’t the hosts of that area, that is, the pathetic fire-scaled  tortoise.

It is common for monsters to compete for territory with each other, and those who lost either leave or become food for the winners.

Xu Ziyan didn’t have time to think about the fate of that fire-scaled d tortoise. He only hoped that he would not become food for the monsters.

“Hmph, it’s just a little bug, I’ll wipe you out later!” There’s a rough voice in his ears like thunder. Xu Ziyan suddenly felt being rushed by a wave and his whole body was pulled downward by a great force.

“Damn it!” He couldn’t help exclaiming, desperately controlling the flying sword and struggling forward, but the opponent’s strength suppressed him too much. He struggled with his flying sword a few times, there were even a few cracks and looked like it’s breaking.

This flying sword was just a weapon of so-so quality, the most commonly used item. Xu Ziyan wasn’t a sword cultivator and he didn’t have high requirements of the sword. Therefore, in his Qiankun bag, there were at least three flying swords of ordinary quality.

Although the sword was a cheap one, it also meant that the quality wasn’t great. At that moment, it was clearly about to break.

Xu Ziyan was annoyed by the unreliable quality of this sword, and vowed in his heart that if he could escape this time, he would definitely get a flying sword with super sharp speed.

He knew that Bai Hua once had a flying sword called “Aurora Light”, and it’s of the highest quality among all the weapons. Also, Bai Hua bought it when no one else noticed, so he might buy it away before Bai Hua got there.

“Huh, you still dare to resist?” When there’s a sneering sound of the rough voice, a sky-blue streamer burst in the sky, totally breaking the flying sword.

Without the assistance of the flying sword, Xu Ziyan fell straight down from mid-air. Fortunately, he didn’t fly up too high as he was busy escaping, or he’d have fallen to death even without those monsters.

After Xu Ziyan fell, he rolled a few times before getting up again and run. Although he once struggled whether to bet on fighting or to run, now he’d decided just to run.

The streamer just broke through the blockade of space and suddenly appeared in front of him. In other words, the opponent had used space spells to attack.

If he wanted to use space spells, he would have to at least reach the cultivation level above nascent soul. That’s also to say that he’d underestimated his opponent just now, as the monsters of that side had both reached the cultivation of nascent soul.

He was just a cultivator of building base, and he could still fight a little with monsters of Qi condensation. He might be able to defeat monsters of golden core if he’s lucky, but one of nascent soul? Don’t be kidding.

If he could defeat those of nascent soul, then why did he still need to cultivate further? Wasn’t it a joke then?

His master Luo Yun was a cultivator of nascent soul. His master once trained him for that in the name of appointment, although Xu Ziyan felt that it’s only because Luo Yun wanted to give the best share to Xu Zirong. He only felt that his master was so unpredictable.

In the face of his master’s attack, he had no ability to resist. The two monsters in the distance were also of nascent soul, how easy could it be to kill someone of building base?

“Want to run?” The rough voice sounded a bit playful, and Xu Ziyan heard it again.

Xu Ziyan couldn’t help cursing in his mind – are you sick? Why are you paying attention to me while you must fight with your destined enemy? What problem will it cause you if I want to run?


At some point, Xu Ziyan’s legs were entangled by a black vine, and he was thrown to the ground, unable to move.

The black vine slowly wrapped around his whole body, and a small pink flower bloomed at the top, swaying gently.

Xu Ziyan became speechless. He wanted to call upon the golden giant monster. Although it might not be useful to tackle with monsters of nascent soul, but it could at least bite this vine off, right?

Unfortunately, the little flower seemed to have noticed his intention, and it spurt out some pink mist in the center.

Xu Ziyan only had time to curse in his mind, then lost his consciousness.

After he passed out, the little flower swayed from side to side a few times, gradually losing its bright color and withered. The battle in the distance ended shortly afterwards, and a beautiful man broke through the air and appeared above Xu Ziyan.

He had a charming face, yet it’s difficult to tell the gender, and there’s a black pattern on his left cheek. This pattern didn’t affect his appearance, it even made him look more stunning. If he didn’t have an obvious Adam’s apple, people might even think that it’s a woman wearing men’s clothes.

After seeing Xu Ziyan in a coma, his eyebrows slightly raised. He thought, “this human looks quite fine. As his descendant, he would barely pass.”

With a stroke, he cut open his fingertip a little, a drop of blue blood came out of the wound, and it slowly flew towards Xu Ziyan.

The blue drop of blood gradually approached Xu Ziyan’s eyebrows, and it was about to seep in. If he was integrated into Xu Ziyan’s body, then Xu Ziyan would become his puppet from then on, obedient to him all the time. He wouldn’t even hesitate if he was ordered to kill Xu Zirong.

The moment the blue blood was in contact with Xu Ziyan’s eyebrows, there’s a red light on Xu Ziyan’s body. There’s a violent thought mixed with madness, directly shattering the will contained in that drop of blue blood.

Without the support of that will, that drop of blue blood seemed to have lost all its vitality and fell to the ground.

The gorgeous man seemed a little surprised, and said in amazement, “you’re already someone else’s blood slave?”

“Tsk tusk, it’s a pity, I just saw a human being that I’m interested in.” The gorgeous man felt that it’s a pity, yet he didn’t have intention do anything else on Xu Ziyan.

This method of using blood to make blood slaves was only used by very few demon cultivators, and none of these demon cultivators were under him. Forcibly snatching someone else’s blood slave is not only meaningless, but is also seen as a provocation to the original master of the blood slave. This demon cultivator did not intend to fight another demon cultivator with similar level for just a human being. He simply gave up on this potential blood slave.


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