Chapter 123

Anyway, he could choose prisoners at will every time he participated in a battle between human beings and monsters. This time, he wanted to look for an item in the Flame Hell Demon Realm, and finding this cultivator was actually a surprise. This cultivator already had a host, so he decided to give up on him.

Blood slaves like this are often spies placed by monsters in living areas of human beings, and that gorgeous man naturally wouldn’t jeopardize plans of his own kind.

The gorgeous man came and left quickly. Before he left, he even didn’t forget to detoxify Xu Ziyan’s body. In case he was in a coma for more than an hour, he’d possibly die.

Xu Ziyan gradually woke up after the gorgeous man left.

After realizing that he was still in the same place and that the vine wrapping him disappeared, Xu Ziyan was dumbfounded for a while.

He didn’t understand why that high-level monster…no, why that demon cultivator would let him go. No matter from which perspective, as he’s a cultivator with higher potentials, he should be a target to kill in the eyes of the enemy.

“Brother!” Xu Zirong jumped down from the air with an anxious look, he hugged Xu Ziyan and carefully checked him from head to toe.

Xu Ziyan patted him on the shoulder, “I’m fine, just now…” When he was about to speak, he looked at Zirong suspiciously, “how come you’re here so quickly?”

Xu Zirong paused, said calmly and without guilt, “since I worried about you before, I had been following you behind. Then, you hid in the canyon. I was going to follow you there, but the canyon was sealed by the barrier. I had to use a lot of strength to break through the barrier. Afterwards, I saw that you passed out on the ground. What had happened just now?”

Xu Ziyan was a bit speechless. He knew that Zirong had been insecure since he was a child, that’s why he really liked sticking with him. Unexpectedly, this symptom had become even more serious after he grew up, and he’d become a stalker.

Fortunately, that’s his younger brother and he didn’t really care about being stalked. If it’s someone else…well, if it’s someone else, he would be attracted by Xu Zirong’s gorgeous face immediately, and he would never try to avoid and hide.

“Okay, okay, aren’t you fine now?” Xu Ziyan still felt a little numb and he felt weak in his knees. Although that pink flower wasn’t obvious, it’s really poisonous and he still felt weak now.

In fact, Xu Zirong did not tell the whole truth. He was indeed behind his brother, but if it weren’t for their blood contract, he would never show up. In the face of a monster of Qi condensation, even though Xu Ziyan couldn’t kill it, he’d at least escape from it. And since his brother had a treasure that would enable him to hide, it’d be sufficient for him to know that his brother could protect himself.

After Xu Ziyan told him about what’d happened, Xu Zirong thought that he’d been fortunate. That demon cultivator mistakenly took their blood contract as a spell set by another demon cultivator. Their pattern might be similar, yet they’re entirely different in nature.

They got lucky since their enemy thought that Xu Ziyan was just a blood slave of another demon cultivator. Otherwise, they would never be able to defeat a demon cultivator of nascent soul.

Their differences in strength were already an irreconcilable difference. Even if they tried to make their core soul explode, it wouldn’t cause any harm to the opponent.

Xu Zirong held his fists tightly and his eyes got dark. He once felt that he had a long time to cultivate slowly with his brother, but that day’s experience reminded him that he actually wasn’t powerful enough. When he encountered someone of much higher level of cultivation, protecting his brother was just a joke.

“Zirong? What’s wrong with you?”

“Oh, nothing. It’s just that I’ve found ourselves so lucky. Brother, let’s go back.” Xu Zirong raised his head and smiled gently.

“Yes, let’s go.” Xu Ziyan agreed. The poison in his body gradually faded. If that fire-scaled turtle was still there, he wouldn’t be able to defeat it given his physical condition.

Lifting up with his brother’s sword, Xu Zirong soon returned to the cave where they lived.

Jiang Ying and Fang Tianrui were still arguing in the cave next to them. To be more precise, Jiang Ying was being sarcastic, and Fang Tianrui wasn’t saying anything.

Xu Zirong had a good impression of Fang Tianrui. Although he was rigid and upright, and even a little stubborn, his tenacity allowed him to withstand tremendous pressure.

Although he had ordinary talents, people having such a tough character could usually make achievements. And now, after taking a risk to build base and having mutated spiritual roots, he would certainly have a bright future.

“Huh?” With a slight change of expression, Xu Zirong put Xu Ziyan, who’s still weak, on the stone. He also released a spell without a trace and drilled a hole in the soundproof shield released by Jiang Ying.





The noises of pulling, struggling and clothes being torn apart came from the cave next to them.

All cultivators had sensitive five senses. Although these noises were so subtle in ordinary people’s ears, they were extremely clear in Xu Ziyan’s ears.

He blushed with embarrassment, but he still reacted quickly and released a soundproof shield to block all the embarrassing sounds from outside.


Xu Zirong whispered in his ear.

Xu Ziyan stepped back out of reflections, and he fell on the ground accidentally.

He got up from the ground with an embarrassed look, and he couldn’t help whispering in his mind, “even though Jiang Ying and Fang Tianrui are a couple, can’t they be more careful and quieter? Don’t they know that they will give a bad influence?”

Of course, he didn’t know that Xu Zirong had done something about it, he only complained about Jiang Ying being too much.

“Brother.” Xu Zirong looked at Xu Ziyan with a hurtful look. The misery on his face could almost be turned into a black substance above his head.

Xu Ziyan coughed a few times and looked away. Knowing that Zirong liked him and after hearing that sound, his hiding action was completely natural.

“You know what…I’m a little tired, so I’m going to sleep first!” Afterwards, Xu Ziyan didn’t look at how Xu Zirong looked. He quickly took out a blanket in his Qiankun bag and wrapped himself.

Xu Zirong looked at the huge quilt with a smile, and deliberately said in a tone that his brother could hear, “brother, sooner or later…”

Sooner or later what?

The quilt moved a little, and it was silent again.

Xu Zirong was not angry. He just smiled, turned and left his brother’s room.

After he left, Xu Ziyan poked his head out of the quilt and smiled bitterly while looking at the direction of the door.

After he found out that Zirong had cultivated the Blood Sea Heart Sutra, Zirong seemed to become more and more invasive. The image of the pure and soft 12-year-old had been totally replaced by this gorgeous yet invasive young adult. If Xu Zirong was as cold as the one in his memory, he would even think that the blood demon had transmigrated.

He rubbed his forehead vigorously, and Xu Ziyan had no idea what to do. He was once so determined that Zirong would be interested in one of the female cultivators, and this thought had almost disappeared.

Also, he dared not suggest this idea to Xu Zirong at all. Every time when he intended to do so, his instinct warned him about the serious consequences once he did.

He didn’t even dare to speak this idea to Zirong, because every time he deliberately brought up such a topic, his instinct would warn him that once he said it, very bad things would happen.

“Sigh…” Xu Ziyan slightly. He simply didn’t know what to do anymore. They had been stuck in this damn place for too long, and their range of activities was just limited to the cave.

Although they also wanted to leave as soon as possible, stepping into the territory of those high-level monsters was just like looking for death. What’s more depressing is that he’d found the trace of demon cultivators. If there’s one demon cultivator, it meant that there’d be many more. Although it was still rare to see demon cultivators of nascent soul, the existence of one demon cultivator of golden core would already be a big threat.

He hadn’t forgotten that he couldn’t cone the golden monster as many times as he wanted. Also, even as a life-saving shield, how many times could it protect them?

His Little Square might be a hiding place for them for a short time, but he couldn’t move once he entered it. Also, Little Square didn’t accept any other living creatures except Xu Ziyan.

If he’s in danger, how could he flee alone without taking Xu Zirong? That’s why this function of Little Square was of little use.

“Oh…it’s so annoying!” Xu Ziyan scratched his head. He didn’t understand it – obviously, he had such a smooth life in the modern days. And although he didn’t have the best luck, he didn’t have to struggle a lot either. How come there were so many troubles in the world of cultivation?

The most annoying part was that Xu Zirong was in love with him.

In a life-threatening crisis, you either survive or die. There’s only one consequence. However, romantic relationships can always bring you a lot of troubles, especially when Xu Zirong was someone with a twisted and darkened record. He was worried that he might not handle this matter well. If he couldn’t handle it well, what could he do if Xu Zirong was turned into that blood demon again?

“Sigh…” In just three minutes, Xu Ziyan already sighed three times, but he hadn’t solved any problems.

He held the quilt tightly, feeling super irritated. In the end, he decided to sleep first. Although he could meditate instead of sleep after building base, he was so annoyed that he needed to avoid the reality by sleeping…

After three days, Xu Ziyan had reached his peak state again. He decided to look for an opportunity to break through.

Only strength is the most important, everything else is useless!

If they were a bit stronger, they wouldn’t have ended up in this cave at all.

These few days, Xu Ziyan had recovered pretty well, and Zirong was still the obedient version of himself (even though he faked it). Xu Ziyan had decided not to do anything as long as Xu Zirong didn’t make it blunt or force him to react. As for the other matters…he’d wait until they got out of the demon realm…

Xu Ziyan didn’t participate in the hunting those few days, but Zirong noticed that there was a huge crack in the south, not so far from them.

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