Chapter 124

The crack was about a dozen miles wide, and it’s so dark inside that no one could see through the end. When Zirong passed by, he once saw a greyish black animal there. He didn’t know exactly what it was, but judging from its breath, it should be something at the later stage of Qi Condensation.

Xu Ziyan intended to go and explore it. If he could find out the strength and level of this monster, then it might be a good way for him to break through. After all, it’s difficult to find one monster similar to the fire-scale turtle, and he wasn’t sure if there was a second one around there.

After leaving the cave, Xu Ziyan discerned the direction and flew towards the south. Xu Zirong said that the crack was not far away, but it also made him fly for nearly three hours.

When he’s hanging high in the air, Xu Ziyan suddenly felt like he’s in danger when looking at the cracks below, as they looked like the entrance of an abyss. Even if he didn’t even see a monster now, the warning given by his instincts made him feel uneasy.

After hesitating for a while, Xu Ziyan decided to go down and take a look. Even if it was dangerous, there might still be a chance to escape. Also, if he flinched in front of danger, then he might as well stop being a cultivator,

He carefully let Little Square cover him and quietly entered the crack.

As soon as he entered, he started shivering. The inside of the crack and the outside seemed to be two different worlds. The outside was hot and dry, whilst the inside was cold and shivering, and as the depth increased, there was an eerie surge of wind blowing near Xu Ziyan.

Every time that eerie wind blew over Xu Ziyan, he’s suddenly chill, as if the wind was like a kind of consciousness, making him feel like someone’s watching him.

Soon after Xu Ziyan entered the crack, a long and narrow figure appeared on it.

Xu Zirong frowned slightly. Just now, his elder brother was missing from his consciousness. If he hadn’t been able to determine the position of his elder brother through the blood contract, he would definitely not just watch there.


A violent roar made Xu Zirong’s facial expression suddenly change. This kind of sound was definitely not made by the black monster that he’d seen before. He had never seen this power and momentum of the roar after he became a blood demon.

Damn it! Brother is in danger!

Xu Zirong didn’t think about his safety at all, and he flew directly in the direction of his brother. Although his brother was supposed to be connected with him mentally via the blood contract, he didn’t appear in front of Xu Zirong.

It’s like they were advancing at the same speed.

This situation was obviously wrong, Xu Zirong tried to be calm and hovered on the cracked rock wall, carefully observing the surroundings.

It’s okay to go deep into the danger for the safety of his brother, but if their enemy was just using his worry towards his brother to set up a trap… Xu Zirong’s heart suddenly shank. The blood contract made him and his elder brother truly connected, even if they were not in the same area, they could still feel each other vaguely.

Even if he blocked half of his brother’s induction and weakened the effect of the blood contract, it would never be broken so easily.

That is to say – his elder brother was indeed in the direction where he was going, but he might not be advancing the way as he thought.

It’s an delusional array!

Xu Zirong sighed slightly. This enemy was able to arrange the array so discreetly. He was almost sure that he couldn’t fight this high-level enemy. This enemy was clearly aware of the existence of their blood contract. If he wasn’t, he would probably just think that Xu Zirong failed to chase his brother.

Although he was worried about his brother’s safety, Xu Zirong tried his best to calm down. Given his current cultivation level, it wouldn’t be easy break such a delusional array. However, no matter how difficult it was, he would not allow himself to let his brother bear the danger outside alone.

Xu Zirong sat slowly cross-legged, he closed his eyes and used his consciousness to move around the entire delusional array. Since it’s an array, it must always be established through nodes, and even if these nodes were concealed, they would not be as flawless as the other things in the array.

Now, Xu Ziyan used his divine consciousness to look for nodes with flaws. Only in this way could he achieve the goal of breaking the array by unlocking the settings of each node.

Unlike what Xu Zirong thought, Xu Ziyan, who had penetrated into the cracks, encountered no danger at all.

He was just shivering slightly, but with Xu Ziyan’s current level, he had to open the spiritual shield to defend against the ultra-low temperature outside.

Both sides of the rock wall were covered with a thick layer of ice. Occasionally, there was a hint of greenery, but it was all concealed in the ice.

“Damn it, why is it so cold?” Xu Ziyan sneezed and tightened the clothes on his body.

Although cultivators’ resistance to cold and heat would hugely improve after building base, it only worked for a certain range. Now, the temperature outside the spiritual shield had even reached below zero. Xu Ziyan doubted whether if he’d freeze to death if he opened the spiritual shield.

The defensive power of the spiritual shield wasn’t great, but it could still isolate the low temperature. The only drawback is that it must be supported by spiritual power to be released. Fortunately, Xu Ziyan did not use a lot of spiritual power. Based on his cultivation level, he could hold on for 3 to 5 days.

—That’s when he’s not under attack.

The gap got wider as it went down, and the rock walls on both sides disappeared into the dark shadows. The light from above didn’t work much either. Xu Ziyan could only rely on his fluorescent ball to see the surrounding environment.

The glow of the fluorescent ball seemed to be completely absorbed by the surrounding darkness, and it could barely illuminate a small part of Xu Ziyan’s body.

Xu Ziyan paused, looking at the bottomless darkness below, and he was hesitating a bit. The monster that Zirong mentioned before actually appeared above the crack. Even if he just went out for a walk, he would definitely not fall out of a certain range.

The habits of monsters made them stay in their own territory. Xu Ziyan admitted that he had fallen from the ground to a depth of at least several kilometers, but he still couldn’t see the bottom.

“Huh?” While Xu Ziyan hesitated whether to return, he found that there seemed to be an arc light in a distance.

He squinted his eyes slightly and got closer. The arc light was still there, and it even became brighter as Xu Ziyan got closer.

Xu Ziyan approached cautiously, and he tried to expand his divine consciousness to the maximum. Within a hundred meters, there was no abnormality. Only the location of the arc light was looming in his spiritual consciousness, as if…

——It didn’t belong to this world!

“Meeting point!!!” Xu Ziyan exclaimed out of surprise.

He didn’t expect that the meeting point that they had tried so hard to find was now so close!

From there to the cave where they were staying, they had already known the monsters well along the way, and they weren’t very dangerous enemies. With the power of four of them, it couldn’t be easier to safely arrive there.

“Great!” Xu Ziyan was overjoyed for this unexpected discovery, but just as he planned to inform Xu Zirong and the others, a huge pulling force suddenly came from under his body.

This pulling force was even greater than the one exerted by the demon cultivator of nascent soul. The flying sword under his feet was shattered into fragments under this pulling force.


Xu Ziyan screamed. He drew out the longbow and shot it down. The arrow with cyan thunder light mixed with the howling wind rushed down, but it was again swallowed by the darkness before flying far.

Xu Ziyan was still falling down, but the arrow seemed to have disappeared, and it didn’t seem to hit any obstacles.

His heart sank suddenly, as the arrow did not touch the obstacle. First, it was possible that his attack was quietly offset by someone. Secondly, the abyss below was too deep, and his arrow couldn’t reach the bottom.

No matter which one it was, it’s nothing to be happy about. Xu Ziyan couldn’t show a bitter smile.

When he was in Xuan Yu realm, he always felt that he had made a small achievement, but the two consecutive blows made him realize that his little pride was just a joke. So what if he cultivated faster than the Xu Ziyan in his memory? He managed to survive until he became a nascent soul, yet he was almost dying there.

Maybe people would think of many things before they die, and Xu Ziyan was no exception. However, the first thing that popped up in his mind was that he’d rather accept Zirong’s request, since he’s going to die anyway.

But after thinking about it, he rejected it again. With Zirong’s paranoid character, if he really accepted his request before dying, Zirong would also go frantic…it’s just like how he massacred the whole of Xu family – since he couldn’t get any relationships, he might as well destroy it all!

Speaking of which, if he died there, then Zirong would be devastated. All in all, he would torture Zirong throughout his whole life. Xu Ziyan really didn’t want this thing to become Zirong’s burden. If it’s possible, he wished that Zirong could just forget about him and find new happiness.

Xu Ziyan scratched his head irritably. Also, given that he’s on such a high place, he’d be crushed to pieces once he fell, and nobody would ever find his corpse.

However, there seems to be a kind of spiritual cultivation in this world, which is cultivated from the soul. If Xu Ziyan was lucky enough, perhaps he didn’t have to die…?

A bunch of messy thoughts popped up in his mind, and Xu Ziyan really didn’t know whether time was slowing down or his thinking had become faster.

In short, after a long while, he didn’t fall to death, more accurately – he’s still falling.

“Damn it, am I Alice in Wonderland?” Xu Ziyan said to himself helplessly.


It turns out that he was thinking too much. A rock flying over from nowhere happened to hit him on the head and knocked him unconscious.

When he opened his eyes again, he was still in the darkness. There was no light around him, only the fluorite beside him with a faint light.


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