Chapter 125

He picked up the fluorite and looked around, but found nothing, as if he was in a large wilderness, there was nothing but darkness.

After tentatively walking for a few steps, he didn’t feel any pain. It seemed that he didn’t have to worry about breaking his spine and paralyzing his lower body.

After touching the gilt bow behind him, Xu Ziyan finally regained a bit of confidence, he knew very well that he couldn’t avoid any misfortune. Anyway, after he fell, he’s still intact and didn’t break any bones, meaning that he wasn’t supposed to die yet.

Although there were limitations there and he couldn’t use his sword, he still could rely on his feet! No matter how wide the crack was, there must always be an end. He didn’t believe that he couldn’t get out of it!

After encouraging himself, Xu Ziyan randomly picked a direction and started walking toward it. Since it’s only darkness, finding a direction was naturally a joke.

He had already prepared for a few months of trailing in the dark, but he didn’t expect to see a different scenery in just ten steps away. Xu Ziyan felt that everything became brighter in his eyes, as if he’d entered a pleasant scenery with only lakes and mountains.

Xu Ziyan: =口=

What’s going on?

Xu Ziyan felt that his mind was a little bit numb. At this stage, what exactly has he gotten himself into?

He took a step back instinctively, and suddenly fell into darkness and dead silence again. He took a step forward and entered the valley like a fairyland.

In just one step, he’d already entered such a different place. Xu Ziyan felt that he’s so lucky, it’s either a land full of treasures or…well, since he’d already arrived, could it get any worse?

He decided to let go and step forward, no matter who it was… or what monster brought him there, he had no ability to resist. Instead of hesitating and wasting time, it would be better to get a result as soon as possible.

There was soft grass under his feet, and the surrounding woods looked very luxurious. In the bushes, there were small animals running past him from time to time. This picturesque scenery was hidden in an absolutely dark and quiet crack. He just found it incredible.

The birds in the forest were singing, the breeze was blowing the leaves and made a rustling sound. Xu Ziyan walked slowly in it. Although he looked relaxed, he reminded himself to be cautious.

“Knock knock…” A fat hen built a nest under a big tree, flapping her wings to protect her offspring.

Xu Ziyan twitched the corners of his eyes. In this unknown demon realm, he hadn’t enjoyed delicious food for a long time. Most of those monsters had thick skin and flesh, even if he cooked them, it wouldn’t be a dish as delicious as the fat hen in front of him.

“You appeared in front of me, so there won’t be any mercy!” Xu Ziyan rubbed his hands and kept murmuring to himself.

With a light flick of his fingertips, a small blue light shot out. This hen was not a monster, and it instantly fainted after getting the electric shock.

At the same time as the thunder light was shot out, Xu Ziyan’s divine consciousness was immediately maximized, and he watched the surrounding plants and trees vigilantly.

Since his enemy still hadn’t acted, he was a bit impatient. He deliberately let his enemy know about his existence.


From the beginning to the end, the valley looked so peaceful, and there was no sign of any creatures attacking.

Xu Ziyan was puzzled by the cautiousness of the enemy, and he began to wonder whether the pulling force was caused by the demon cultivator. No matter what, he would not let himself relax. That mermaid really gave him a big lesson, and he’d rather be safe than sorry.

There was no movement around him, and Xu Ziyan didn’t intend to stand so stupidly there either. He grabbed the unlucky hen, plucked its hair, let it bleed and grilled it on the fire. Since he was used to carrying all kinds of seasonings all year round, he soon smelled its taste after some time.


A cold wind suddenly blew behind his back.

“Who is that?!”

Xu Ziyan jumped up and turned around instantly. He used his bow to block his chest, making it easier to strike any fatal blow.


The woods are so quiet!

Since some time ago, the birds had stopped singing. There was only a clear noise behind his back.

Behind his back?!

Xu Ziyan only felt that his entire back was soaked in cold sweat.

His divine consciousness had covered the surroundings, but he had no idea when the monster making the noise appeared.

There were two possibilities. One is that the monster had a magic weapon that can cover his divine consciousness, or this enemy could totally crush him, and since Xu Ziyan’s divine consciousness might be too inferior, he hadn’t noticed it at all.

It’s so easy to come to the conclusion that it’s not possible for this monster to be able to cover his divine consciousness, it naturally meant that this monster could totally defeat Xu Ziyan without a doubt.

After swallowing his saliva silently, Xu Ziyan turned around little by little. He didn’t know why the monster still hadn’t attacked him, but he really didn’t want to stimulate the monster because of any excessive movements.

He slowly, slowly, turned around, and… Xu Ziyan: =口 = What the hell is this?!

He once imagined this monster to be unbelievably fierce and powerful, and it turned out to be a white sheep?!

“Meh…” The sheep was only the size of a football, and its whole body was covered with white and soft fur. It looked like a snow ball. If it didn’t have the two pointy horns on its head, Xu Ziyan might take it as a pet of some female cultivator.

Of course, Xu Ziyan would definitely not do such a stupid thing now. Although this sheep looked so innocent and harmless, why would it have such sharp teeth then?

The clear sound was clearly the movement of its teeth chewing on that grilled chicken bone.

Xu Ziyan looked at the white sheep eating his food and he felt speechless. After it finished, it even smiled gratefully to Xu Ziyan.

——It would be great if it hadn’t shown those shark-like teeth when it smiled!

“Meh meh…” The white fur stretched its waist contentedly, then squatted down on the spot, looking at Xu Ziyan steadily, as if it was thinking about something.

Since the white fur was so small, its brain was also small. Without thinking much, it ran towards Xu Ziyan and kept touching his thigh with its white fur.

Xu Ziyan looked at the white sheep, feeling dumbfounded, and was speechless for a long time. It’s because the sheep even sent him an invitation to sign a contract of spiritual monster.

What the white sheep asked for was a contract of equality, the same as the one signed by Zirong and the pink rabbit. As long as this contract was signed, Xu Ziyan didn’t have to worry about being attacked by the sheep.

After considering briefly, Xu Ziyan agreed. Anyway, things have already become like this. The worst that could happen would be the white sheep hiding all the time, like the pink rabbit. In face of such a strong enemy, it’d be best to give in and accept the reality.

After this cute little sheep appeared out of the blue (and Xu Ziyan took it as a sheep since he wasn’t sure what kind of a monster it was), he decided to enjoy himself a bit more in this picturesque place.

The valley was not very big, and the scenery inside was really beautiful, but Xu Ziyan was a little disappointed since the valley wasn’t very useful either. He hadn’t discovered any spiritual medicine, and he found it such a waste in this place full of spiritual aura.

After finding nothing interesting, Xu Ziyan could only return to that place full of darkness.

He stepped into the darkness, and it was clearly a huge difference from the beautiful scenery just now. However, this lonely darkness made him worry less.

The situation in the valley was too strange, Xu Ziyan always felt that it was not vital enough despite its beauty. Logically, in such a place with rich spiritual aura and little disturbance from human cultivators, an ordinary animal could turn into a monster after so many years. However, not only there were no monsters, but he hadn’t even noticed any spiritual herbs or medicine.

“It’s really strange.” Xu Ziyan muttered softly and chose to move on. Since he’s already out, it’d be too stupid to think again and again.

What he hadn’t realized was that after he left the valley—to be precise, after the little sheep left the valley, the whole valley began to crack and turn into flying ashes, revealing a greyish, chaotic space.

Xu Ziyan and the sheep walked at the bottom of the dark crack, and with the faint light of fluorite, he could barely see the path under his feet.

The little sheep closely followed Xu Ziyan’s side, and it made the sound of “meh” from time to time, as it seemed really happy.

Xu Ziyan may have been influenced by the cheerful cry of the sheep, and he became more relaxed as well.

“Huh?” Xu Ziyan suddenly stopped and raised his head, as there seemed to be some light in front of him. He became more energetic and walked faster toward the light.

The little sheep felt that Xu Ziyan suddenly walked faster and his way of looking at the light in front was also very weird…

The darkness at the bottom of this crack seemed to be able to absorb light, even though they were using the fluorite, it could barely illuminate anywhere around them.

In contrast to this, the little bit of light in front of them became his hope. Even if he knew that there might be danger, Xu Ziyan still wanted to try. After all, in this infinite darkness, if this ray of light wasn’t absorbed, it indicated that there’s something powerful about it.

Xu Ziyan was very fast, and it didn’t take long for him to get close to the light. However, before he arrived, he noticed a clicking sound in the shadow of the light.

“Damn!” Xu Ziyan couldn’t help but curse. He had been feeling quite lucky before he reached the light, since he managed to survive in this absolute darkness, but now he realized that he’d used up all his luck, and his bad luck would start now!

Otherwise, how was it possible to encounter such a giant spider of the middle stage of golden core?!!!


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