Chapter 126

This spider was as tall as a two-storey building, and its huge body shape was pressurizing enough. The eight feet as thick as a wrist were inserted on the rock wall, half hanging in the air, and its eight eyes were staring tightly at Xu Ziyan, as if he was a delicious meal.

The delicious meal, Xu Ziyan released his golden giant monster without hesitation. Compared with this monster as big as a hill, this spider looked like a small potato.

But Xu Ziyan also knew that this golden monster was still a puppet, and the strength that a puppet released was definitely not as high as a living monster.

He put aside the little sheep, since he didn’t want to hurt it later. Xu Ziyan did think of letting it fight against the spider, but the little sheep didn’t intend to fight at all.

He silently lit a candle for himself and Zirong. In terms of spiritual pets, their experiences were very similar.

Both pets acted like kings to be served. What kind of an embarrassing situation they’ve created to their owners?!


The golden monsters roared in anger and stared at the big spider in mid-air with muddy eyes.

The big spider made a hissing sound. When it opened its mouth, it spit out a big sticky white web from inside.

The golden monster seemed to be provoked. It opened its mouth and roared. The horns on its head shot out two dazzling white lights, which quickly melted most of the big net, and the remaining white substances also fell to the ground.

With the longbow behind, Xu Ziyan shot out his thunder spiritual bows at the spider. The big spider didn’t care about Xu Ziyan’s attack, its instinct told it that this small dessert wasn’t even a threat for him, and that giant monster was its real enemy.

Xu Ziyan stopped after shooting a few bows. His attack was just like scratching for the spider. Unless he could save more power and strike a more fatal blow, or he’s just wasting his spiritual power.

Xu Ziyan stopped after shooting a few arrows. His attack fell on the big spider like a tickling. Unless he can recharge his strength and issue the attack that day, his behavior would be a waste of spiritual power.

Ooo…! !

The golden monster let out a deafening roar, and Xu Ziyan was immediately dizzy. This was the first time he used this golden puppet. He wasn’t sure of the consequence of using it without being familiar with it. And it even turned out that this golden monster could release such a powerful sonic attack.

Even its master didn’t expect such an attack, let alone the big spider. Even among monsters, the sonic attack was quite a rare type. The big spider was hurt and it kept shaking, then fell from the air.

However, the attack this time was not as effective as Xu Ziyan had imagined. The spider itself was not seriously injured, but that rock wall that it’s standing on was shattered to pieces. However, it rolled itself in the air and its big feet stood firmly on the ground.


The huge figure of the golden monster slammed into the big spider like a derailed train. It had limited attacks against enemies in mid-air, but since the big spider fell already, the golden monster would never let it jump up again!

Xu Ziyan was overjoyed, he seized the opportunity and shot a thunder spirit arrow. Knowing that his attack could not break the defense, he focused on the eight compound eyes of the big spider.

Before the big spider landed on its feet, it was hit by the hill-like golden monster. Given its relatively small size, it was also thrown on the rock wall.

Xu Ziyan’s thunder spirit arrow flew quickly at this time, and there wasn’t enough time for the big spider to dodge, one of its compound eyes was shot.


The big spider wailed in pain, since the thunder-type violent attacks were fatal to it. Its compound eyes shattered like glass, and there’s purple liquid flowing out from the eye.

It suddenly aroused the hostility of the big spider, and it made a hissing noise. Soon, there was a dense group of rattling noises around it.

Xu Ziyan only felt that his scalp was tingling. Although he was prepared, he still shivered when seeing the countless little spiders crawling out from each corner of the ground.

“Roar!” The golden monster has long since been deprived of life, so it naturally wouldn’t feel scared. When facing these little spiders, it still continued to save energy and attack, rushing to the big spider that just landed on the ground.

Xu Ziyan raised his hand and threw out a talisman, and his body was suddenly surrounded by a layer of orange light. This talisman was left to him by Big Foot Luo. As long as his spiritual power could withstand it, this talisman could even withstand a blow from a monster of nascent soul, it’s an absolute life-saving product.

But at this time, Xu Ziyan didn’t care if it would be wasted. He didn’t know what the attack power of those little spiders were, but his own thunder spiritual power was not excellent at defense. Although he could also use the basic spiritual shield, he really wasn’t confident when facing these countless black spiders…

Puff! Puff! Puff!

After these little spiders approached the spiritual shield, they blew themselves up one by one, and large strands of black liquid were sprayed on the orange protective shield.

Xu Ziyan was frightened. As the person releasing this talisman, he clearly felt that he was losing his spiritual power at an astonishing speed. Although these were small spiders and their attack power wasn’t high after the self-explosion, once it was accumulated, it’s still a big number. Also, there were still countless black spiders around Xu Ziyan, as if they wouldn’t give up if they didn’t self-explode.

In the process of attacking the big spider, the golden monster trampled countless small black spiders to death, but as he trampled more and more small spiders to death, his attack speed also became slower and slower.

Xu Ziyan squinted his eyes and noticed with the faint light that the limbs of the golden monster had been seriously injured. Even if the puppet could not feel the pain, the physical injury had a very serious impact on itself.

The impact of those little spiders’ explosions was not enormous, but the black substance splashed after the explosion was strongly corrosive. Xu Ziyan had always thought that the consumption of the spiritual shield was spent on resisting the impact of self-explosion. When he witnessed how the golden monster turned out to be, he understood that the black substance was a powerful weapon of the black spiders.

“Hiss!” After being smashed three times in a row, the big spider finally seized the opportunity to escape the fourth attack of the golden monster. Its copper, bell-sized compound eyes hissed with a hint of hatred. The golden monster opened its mouth again and spat out a big white web.

“Roar!” The golden monster’s horns once again released the light that melted the big net. Xu Ziyan noticed that after releasing this light, the light on the golden monster’s body was obviously dimmed.

His heart sank, and held the horn bow in his hand more tightly. Zirong once said that there were limited times to copy the golden puppet, and obviously, if it continued, the inner alchemy of this puppet would be totally used up.

“Roar!” The spider might have realized that it could almost catch its enemy, it suddenly jumped up and shot white spider silk in the air. The spider silk got stuck to the rock wall, and the big spider  turned a circle around the spider silk, rushing towards Xu Ziyan.

Xu Ziyan’s heart tightened, and he used all his strength to shoot out his thunder spiritual arrows. However, that big spider used its two feet to block his view, making him totally helpless.

Xu Ziyan retreated quickly, but no matter how quickly he tried to be, he wasn’t as fast as the big spider flying towards him. Also, those little spiders on the ground just kept self-exploding, and he didn’t know what to do either.

Seeing that the big spider was just a few steps from him, and the golden monster couldn’t rush over yet because of its size, Xu Ziyan could only hide himself in Little Square. Last time, when he was facing the demon cultivator of nascent soul, he completely lost his power of resistance, and even hiding in Little Square wasn’t that useful either. And now, although the big spider looked horrifying, it’d at most reached the middle stage of golden core, so he could at least escape, right…?

Just after Xu Ziyan hid into Little Square, the big spider lost his target and became confused. Even after gaining a certain level of intelligence after reaching golden core, it still didn’t understand how Xu Ziyan disappeared all of a sudden.

“Roar!” Before the big spider understood it, the next blow of the golden monster arrived. Its eight feet moved quickly, and its mouth kept making rhythmic clicking sounds.

At the moment when Xu Ziyan disappeared, the little sheep which had been squatting in the corner calmly opened his eyes, staring at the place where Little Square was, and there’s a sense of incomprehension in its eyes. However, this expression didn’t last long, and it quickly returned to its thinking state.

The light on the golden monster was getting dimmer, and the big spider did not escape. Instead, it began to step down layer after layer of dense white webs around Little Square. Based on its intelligence level, it might not have understood why his snack suddenly disappeared, but it was sure that his snack must have not gone far, so he simply set up a layer of traps around to ensure that when the snack came out again, it would definitely not have a single chance to escape.

Xu Ziyan hid inside Little Square, feeling totally lost. Initially, he thought that after he disappeared, the big spider would then leave. Unexpectedly, it ignored this fact and placed layers of spider web around it.

Little Square was good at hiding, yet it couldn’t move at all without Xu Ziyan. Later, if Xu Ziyan ever went out, he’d fall directly into the trap of the big spider.

“This is really killing me!” Xu Ziyan looked bitter. At the moment, there’s still one method that he hadn’t used, but once he used it, there might be unforeseeable consequences.

There were more and more spider webs under the big spider, and the golden monster gradually lost its last bit of energy under the continuous attacks of the little spiders. Xu Ziyan gritted his teeth and picked up a wooden box near his feet.


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