Chapter 127

That box was a purple night divine thunder he obtained from the Green Spiritual Secret Realm. During the previous retreat, he worked out a method to absorb the divine thunder, but he could only use it after reaching the level of Qi condensation. Otherwise, given how strong his Dantian was, it might get exploded by the strong energy of the divine thunder even before absorbing it.

After opening the lid, the purple night divine thunder looked extremely docile under the effect of the red string. But no matter how docile it was, it’s the purple night divine thunder, the strongest energy in the world. As soon as it’s without the red string, it’d become the most violent energy, attacking all the things within its reach.

The battle outside had come to an end. Under the siege of the big and small spiders, the golden monster quickly turned into flying ashes. After defeating the golden monster, the big spider hovered around, still stubbornly continuing to lay out white spider web.

Seeing that the last glimmer of hope disappeared, in desperation, Xu Ziyan could only untie the red string and swallow the purple night divine thunder in one mouthful before it was awakened.

The violent energy awakened from his throat and rushed into Xu Ziyan’s Dantian.

There were cracks of the barrier of the Dantian at the moment when the purple night divine thunder rushed in. If the Dantian shattered and a large amount of energy poured into it at this moment, Xu Ziyan would most likely lose all his cultivation skills. Under such circumstances, it’d be equal to dying. Therefore, Xu Ziyan could only mobilize all his spiritual power and kept nourishing his Dantian, trying to save his life before digesting the purple night divine thunder.

The big spider was working busily outside. Xu Ziyan was also fighting against time in Little Square. In the entire battlefield, only the white sheep hid in a safe corner and admiring this battle that hadn’t ended.

The power of the Purple Night Divine Thunder broke out completely in his Dantian. It’s also because the red string was tied over a million years ago, the power of the purple night divine thunder was unexpectedly high.

Xu Ziyan secretly complained. Usually, it’d already be difficult to digest ordinary purple night divine thunder, this purple night divine thunder even wanted the transformation of Nine Heaven Profound Thunder. Although it only had a slight sense of Nine Heaven Profound Thunder , it’s a kind of divine thunder which could only be used after a cultivator passed away. It wasn’t something that an ordinary cultivator like Xu Ziyan could bear…

The cracks in his Dantian became bigger and bigger, and Xu Ziyan had already consumed a lot of his spiritual power after the fight just now. His speed of recovery had obviously slowed down, it couldn’t catch up with the speed of destruction of the purple night divine thunder.

Seeing that the Dantian was about to reach the limit of its endurance, Xu Ziyan had even made preparations for the fragmentation of his Dantian and the total destruction of his cultivation. Unexpectedly, at this time, the green night divine thunder that had been dominating his Dantian suddenly burst out. It’s like a shark smelling blood and it rushed to the side of the purple night divine thunder, took a fierce bite, and “bit” off a trace of the purple night divine thunder.

The purple night divine thunder was immediately furious by this small provocation. In terms of level, the green night divine thunder was one level lower than the purple one. Even in this Dantian, the green night divine thunder only got strong a little after so many years of training of Xu Ziyan. It’s still weaker than the purple night divine thunder.

After being provoked by a weak enemy, and after some of its original spiritual power, the purple night divine thunder was furious, it started condensing the power which was madly poured into Xu Ziyan’s Dantian, and began to rush towards the green night divine thunder.

The little Dantian suddenly became the battlefield of the two divine thunder. Originally, the purple night divine thunder could win easily, but the green night divine thunder was already used of being inside Xu Ziyan’s body, and Xu Ziyan was also giving it support, making it almost as powerful as the purple night divine thunder.

The two kept fighting with full attention, the power lost by the green night divine thunder could still be formed in Xu Ziyan’s Dantian and be absorbed again. For the purple night divine thunder, if anything went wrong, it could even be absorbed and digested by the green night divine thunder.

After a while, the purple night divine thunder was tasted by the green night divine thunder, and a lot of its original power was gone. Its size also reduced. At this time, it didn’t have the energy to attack the little Dantian that contained it anymore. Instead, it tried to fight against the green night divine thunder.

With the power of the green night divine thunder to disperse the purple night divine thunder, Xu Ziyan suddenly felt a lot easier. Most of the power dissipated by the impact of the two rays of lightning in his Dantian was absorbed by the green night divine thunder, and he even took advantage of the remaining small part.

After the devastating impact of the purple night divine thunder just now, his Dantian was almost crumbling, on the verge of destruction. Now that there was no attack from the purple night divine thunder, Xu Ziyan gritted his teeth and rushed directly towards Qi condensation

There would be no achievements without challenges. His Dantian would face such challenges as well if he wanted to reach Qi condensation. He might as well take this chance to do so.

The two divine thunders faced each other, and neither of them had the time to pay attention to the changes in Xu Ziyan’s Dantian. And he also took advantage of this opportunity to swallow a whole bottle of core nourishing pills, the overwhelming force of spiritual power was rushing through his Dantian. Just when it was about to enlarge twice of its size, another new Dantian was formed.

With its “home” undergoing such drastic changes, the green night divine thunder was also overwhelmed. After Xu Ziyan swallowed the pills to repair the newly formed Dantian, the remaining energy was all consumed by the green night divine thunder.

After having such a full meal, the green night divine thunder rushed towards the purple night divine thunder again. Given how greedy it was, it wouldn’t let go if it didn’t swallow the purple night divine thunder.

Xu Ziyan used his spiritual power to widen the meridians in his body over and over again. Every time when the spiritual power flew through the dantian, the original power of the two rays of purple and green night divine thunder would get slightly integrated into this spiritual power.

The spiritual power was training the meridians, and all the meridians in Xu Ziyan’s body gradually become tougher and transparent during such trainings, and there was even a layer of extremely faint purple light in them.

Seeing that the meridians all over his body were stained with a purple layer, Xu Ziyan was a little bit distressed. It was true that he had spiritual roots, but he had never heard that when a cultivator reached the level of Qi condensation, it could also integrate the original power of the divine thunder in the meridians.

According to his speculation, his attack power was now at least 20 times that of the level of building base. This is not only because he had reached the level of Qi condensation, but the thunder-type energy in his body had also got stronger…


The pulses in Xu Ziyan’s body suddenly got more active, and the blood in his body seemed to be stimulated by something. It began to flow out of his body. In just an instant, Xu Ziyan was covered in blood and it almost soaked all his clothes.

Xu Ziyan fell into the darkness before even exclaiming…

The blood flowed away and surrounded Xu Ziyan, forming a weird and repetitive array. In the center of the array, there’s another miniature array composed of five drops of essence blood. All blood began to circulate along the array. Every time it passed through the five drops of blood in the center, it would be condensed.

After such refining, the impurities in Xu Ziyan’s blood were all drained out, leaving a black stain around the array.

The refined blood was bright in color, and there was a faintly lustrous and translucent feeling. The five drops of essence blood in the center of the array gradually merged into the blood of Xu Ziyan’s body in the process of continuous refining.

When the blood was completely refined, the miniature array in the center collapsed, and the array formed by the extended blood came into operation again, sending all the blood back to Xu Ziyan’s body.

Xu Zirong, who broke through the array, suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood. Instead of showing fear, he looked ecstatic.

The seeds planted before finally grew into a towering tree today. The essence blood Xu Zirong left in his brother’s body had been completely integrated. In the future, no matter who it was, and no matter how high the level of cultivation was, nothing could disrupt their bonding.

“Brother, I’ll be there soon!” Xu Zirong wiped off the blood from his mouth, and once again began to break the array that trapped him with all his strength. The entire array was composed of 108 nodes. Now he had already broken 39 of them, and he figured out the general pattern for the remaining 60. If all went fine, it would be unlocked in about half an hour.


At the moment Xu Ziyan reached the level of Qi condensation, the little sheep squinted its eyes slightly, revealing a satisfied expression.

Although Xu Ziyan was the master of its choice, it wasn’t a must. If Xu Ziyan didn’t come out of this experience alive, the little sheep could just return to that vast space.

The masters it chose were all human cultivators with excellent talents. The one in front of it seemed a little worse than its previous choices. However, since he gave it that delicious chicken, it didn’t mind giving him another chance!

It quietly waited for the final result, and it stared patiently at the location where Xu Ziyan disappeared. This eight-eyed spider was really stubborn – unless its new owner decided to come out only after reaching the level of golden core, there’s no way he could avoid fighting against this spider.

“Meh…” The little sheep let out a cheerful cry, as it was quite satisfied with its choice of master this time. It’s because Xu Ziyan managed to own this meru space when he only reached the level of building base. Although it wasn’t big inside, it could already prove that its new master was a lucky guy.

People with luck are more likely to succeed, and little sheep had a little more expectations of its new owner.

Xu Ziyan, who lost a large amount of blood and fell into a coma, woke up soon after the blood returned to his body. He looked at a pool of black stains beside him, and he frowned.

Obviously, there was no doubt that only Xu Zirong could create such drastic changes in his blood, since he was proficient in the Blood Sea Heart Sutra, but… when Xu Ziyan was feeling the blood rushing in his blood vessels, he felt a little uncomfortable in his heart.

Since a long time ago, Xu Zirong had already given hints to his brother about his affection, but Xu Ziyan was simply too slow to realize it.

If he could find out Xu Zirong’s feelings for him earlier, then would he…

Xu Ziyan shook his head lightly. He couldn’t turn back time, and he now needed to consider how he should deal with the affection of Xu Zirong.


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