Chapter 131

“Huh, little baby, you seem to know a lot, I really underestimated you.”

He looked at Xu Zirong arrogantly, “little baby, in front of me, you have no power to fight back. However, I have a good impression of your brother, and I can leave one of you a full corpse.”

Xu Ziyan was stunned as he watched this “worldly master” perform the stunt of changing faces in an instant, and he even ostentatiously forced them to commit suicide.

Could he have really taken them as fools? Even if he called himself the cultivator Wuyuan, he might not really be a nascent soul. He had witnessed how his master pressurized the others, and although the old man in front of him looked powerful, he didn’t have a kind of momentum of a nascent soul.

To be honest, Xu Ziyan had always felt that in this world of cultivation, only fists can make decisions. Unless with a specific purpose, it’d be extremely easy for a cultivator of nascent soul to kill those four little cultivators.

But instead of doing it, the old man was just attacking them in words, didn’t it already mean that he actually didn’t have a firm grasp of it?

“Hey, you have such a big tone. You really aren’t scared at all.” Jiang Ying said disdainfully.

The old man said with a sharp expression, “I have been living here for so long, how dare you make it sound like you know me so well? I’m already nice enough to leave you a full corpse, yet you don’t appreciate it. Well then, it looks like you’re forcing me to do it!”

The old man’s tone was sharp and fierce, but Xu Ziyan felt a kind of violent innervation inside…

Strange, how come I suddenly think of the elder Qiu??? _(:з」∠)_

This strange association made Xu Ziyan burst into laughter. It looked extremely weird since they were about to fight the last second, the old man’s facial expression also changed drastically, making it look more interesting.

Xu Zirong smiled coldly, “stop talking nonsense, let us see your real power!” Before he said so, four thick blood vines suddenly emerged from the old man’s side, they were cracking and exploding, dispersing a cloud of blood.

The old man was trapped in the center, he hurriedly released a bell-shaped instrument to protect his body firmly.

Xu Zirong raised his eyebrows slightly, flicked his fingertips, and a drop of blue blood rushed out. After entering the blood mist, a large amount of blood mist began to boil. It’s as if it was sucked by something, it all rushed toward that blue essence blood.

The thick blood mist soon wrapped the essence blood, and the blood mist surrounding the old man also began to become thinner. However, the old man did not stop being vigilant due to this change. Instead, he constantly released various spells on that drop of essence blood.

It’s a pity that all his attacks were blocked by the thick blood mist surrounding him, and the missing parts were refilled by the blood mist coming from the surrounding area.

Seeing that his attack had no effect, the old man did not dare to waste spiritual power. After all, his spiritual power was also limited, and it was impossible to waste it endlessly.

“Roar!” In the thick blood mist, there was suddenly a fierce roar of a monster. Then, the blood mist faded away, and a huge red flaming lizard emerged from it.

However, this flaming lizard was completely different from those they had encountered in the demon realm. Although this one looked similarly, it can be seen that its body was made of blood, and it had a strong sense of blood all over the body.

“Roar!” Unexpectedly, the pink rabbit which had been squatting on Xu Zirong’s shoulder suddenly let out a roar. The huge flaming lizard turned its head let out a few low groans, indicating its will to surrender.

Everyone, including the old man, was stunned, only snowball yawned lazily and glanced at the pink rabbit. What a cheapskate – it’s just a blood monster, and although its intention was aggressive, there’s really no need to be agitated if the pink rabbit wasn’t the target.

The pink rabbit seemed very satisfied with the blood monster’s surrender, and it groaned again. The flaming lizard suddenly looked more energetic and excited, it wagged its tail out of excitement and rushed toward the old man.

The old man had already heightened his vigilance against this weird blood monster, and the bell-shaped protective shield outside his body was stimulated to the maximum. However, even so, the attack power of this blood monster shocked him a lot – it only took one bite to break the bell-shaped shield.

The small bell suddenly fell from the old man’s head and became dim.

“Roar!” The blood monster raised its head triumphantly and yelled at the pink rabbit.

The pink rabbit lazily waved its paw, got a carrot from somewhere and continued chewing on it.

Xu Zirong frowned slightly, and he stared at that blood monster super vigilantly.

The blood monster seemed to have noticed the threatening gaze of its owner, it quickly retreated and vented all its anger on the old man.

The old man’s brass bell was destroyed and could no longer be used temporarily, but he had no other magical instruments in his hand, so he had to dig out a short shovel and fight with the blood monster.

The old man was not good at attacking, he was more proficient in all kinds of delusional and poisonous magic. However, would this blood monster be affected by any delusional magic, since it’s integrated by blood? Even poison might not work!

The old man felt bitter in his heart, he had been hiding in this bamboo sea for more than two hundred years in order to cultivate this Blood and Resentment Flower. For more than two hundred years, in order to prevent others from discovering it, he only dared to catch some ordinary people. This kind of resentful soul was not strong, and its ability to nourish the flower was also limited. Occasionally, he was lucky enough to cheat one or two inexperienced cultivators, yet he was in bad luck this time, since his house got invaded in the end by someone powerful.

The old man’s in really bad luck. It happened to be the blossoming period of the Blood and Resentment flowers, and he only needed to wait two more days before picking them. Unexpectedly, this trouble came before then.

The blood monster licked its teeth and waved its claws, leaving marks on the old man’s body, and a small amount of blood flew out from each mark. Initially, he didn’t have to worry about the wound, as it would normally heal quickly. However, those seemingly small wounds kept bleeding and they seemed to be getting more serious.

The blood which flew out turned into blood mist and got integrated into the monster’s body. When the old man realized that something was wrong, he had already lost most of the blood in his body and began to sway.

“Roar!” The blood monster suddenly became more energetic. It took advantage of the fact that the old man had lost a lot of blood, and it instantly spat out a blood bullet, hitting the old man’s body and forming a blood nest, wrapping the old man inside tightly.

His spiritual power was almost exhausted, and most of the blood in his body was lost. The old man’s face was pale and his expression was bleak. He glanced at Xu Zirong in a daze before he fainted.

“Why didn’t you just kill him?” Xu Ziyan asked strangely.

Xu Zirong took his elder brother back in his arms and said softly, “when we pick up the Blood and Resentment Flower later, we will need a new soul, and his soul just comes in handy.”

Xu Ziyan didn’t know what expression to use to face Xu Zirong. Being hugged like a princess again really annoyed him, but Xu Zirong looked very serious when saying this, if he got pissed off, it would make him look like he’s not mature enough to prioritize things.

Being helpless, he could just keep being expressionless.

“The flower is about to bloom, throw him under the root of the flower, and you should be careful not to get too close.” Xu Zirong rudely instructed Jiang Ying to do the hard work.

Jiang Ying didn’t complain, he neatly threw the old man under the Blood and Resentment Flower, then quickly fled there.

This Flower not only had a scary name, but the way it ate was also terrifying. This old man just wanted to trick Xu Zirong to be next to the flower, all because he wanted to use it to kill Xu Zirong.

However, Xu Zirong knew about the nature of the flower too well, so he’d never fall into the trap. Since the beginning, he had never been close to that flower.

The swaying purple flower seemed to have a sense of the old man, and began to slowly extend a chopstick kind of root from the ground. This root climbed along the old man’s neck and extended to his nose. A black spike suddenly appeared from the top of the root, followed by a sudden drill of the root, which penetrated straight into the old man’s nostrils.

The old man, who was in a coma, suddenly trembled and got up rapidly. Soon, some red and white substance flowed out of his nostrils, which was then all absorbed by the small roots on his nose.

Xu Ziyan frowned. He had heard about the Blood and Resentment Flower, but he’d never witness how disgusting it was.

The old man soon stopped bleeding, and his body started shrinking at a visible speed, his muscles, bones and organs all seemed to be melting, only a layer of human skin was left.

Only the old man’s skull wasn’t melted, but the roots were still continuously extending from the nostrils to the old man’s head.

“It’s disgusting.” Fang Tianrui’s eyebrows were twisted together. As the heir to the Fang family, he had also experienced many events, but he’d never seen this kind of rare plants.

When he saw this flower, he was pretty amazed, and he was even wondering if he should pick up one for his cousin sister. Of course, he abandoned this idea immediately after seeing how this flower ate.

This kind of plants needed humans to feed. And even if it’s an animal, his cousin sister would be so scared after seeing how it ate.

Fang Tianrui sighed slightly, and he was also a little depressed. Among the four people there, everyone seemed pretty calm except him. They didn’t show any discomfort to this scene. He instantly understood how little he’d already seen.

“What’s wrong? Do you feel uncomfortable?” Jiang Ying had been standing next to Fang Tianrui, and naturally noticed his weird expression.

“Nothing.” Fang Tianrui was a rigid person, yet he’s tough. He wouldn’t back down under this environment. On the contrary, this triggered his intention to win.

They were both from Wuti City. There was no reason why Jiang Ying could adapt to the environment so quickly, but he couldn’t.

“I’ve always been by your side.” Jiang Ying didn’t say much, as Fang Tianrui was not the kind of person who liked relying on the others. For so many years, he’d been raised as the heir of the Fang family, and he had become independent long time ago. Perhaps, Fang Tianrui was sometimes not determined enough and dared not act too relentlessly, but he’s there to do the nasty job. The only thing he needed was to have Fang Tianrui by his side, as only Fang Tianrui could stop him from being fallen to the demons.

Fang Tianrui did not respond to Jiang Ying’s vow-like statement, but the way he looked at Jiang Ying had again changed a little.

Most of the time, Fang Tianrui didn’t like useless words, as these words could always be replaced by other words. He had been used to using facts to prove what he wanted, and it obviously included the relationship between him and Jiang Ying.

This small episode between Fang Tianrui and Jiang Ying did not hinder the Blood and Resentment Flower to eat at all.

After the old man’s body completely turned into a piece of human skin and stuck to the ground, the flower began to wither, and petals fell on the ground one after another.

Xu Zirong hugged his brother and collected all the petals carefully, not even letting go of the withered core of the flower.

These were all rare materials for the demon cultivators. Although there was no market in the righteous cultivators, it would be the best material to trade with the demon cultivators if necessary.

After the flower withered, a purple flower grew on the old man’s head at his Baihui point. But this time, the flower disappeared after only appearing for a while, leaving a green fruit in the center of the flower.

At the moment the fruit appeared, the old man’s head also began to melt, and when the fruit grew to the size of a child’s fist, there was only a thin layer of skin remained on the old man’s skull, sticking to the ground.

Xu Zirong saw the green fruit, sighed slowly and picked it off.

As soon as he picked away the fruit, the remaining roots of the flower quickly pulverized, and after they were blown by the wind, they would fly away without a trace.

“Brother…” Xu Zirong held the fruit and lowered his head, looking at Xu Ziyan.

Xu Ziyan was shocked, and immediately understood what Zirong meant, he couldn’t help shouting, “Xu Zirong, I’ll kill you if you dare to let me eat that stuff!!”

Xu Zirong, “…”

Jiang Ying and Fang Tianrui, “I really want to stab myself to deaf!”

“Okay.” Realizing that Xu Ziyan was definitely not joking, Xu Zirong had no choice but to hand the fruit to Jiang Ying.

Unexpectedly, Jiang Ying also refused, and it’s because he was worried that Fang Tianrui would never be intimate with him again once he ate it.

No matter how good that thing was, it only grew after eating humans. Also, they’d all witnessed how that Blood and Resentment Flower ate the old man.

In addition, this flower had swallowed countless people’s souls before, no matter how functional it was, he didn’t want to eat it.

Xu Zirong put away the fruit of the Blood and Resentment Flower with a speechless expression. Although the growth method of this thing was a bit disgusting, it was a real life-saving product. Once anyone eats this fruit, they can grow a similar fruit in the Dantian. When a cultivator dies, this fruit can hold his spirit for at least three months. Moreover, at the moment of his death, this fruit can even be transferred away.

As long as the soul is still there, the cultivator isn’t dead yet. It only takes the soul to find an ordinary person with spiritual roots to walk in.

This kind of thing would attract the attention of all the demon cultivators, yet none of them wanted it.

“Forget it, keep it and exchange it for other things later.” Xu Ziyan was also helpless. It’s not that he didn’t know how precious this thing was, yet it was really impossible for him to swallow it, especially seeing how it was formed initially.

But this kind of good thing had already grown out, so naturally it couldn’t be wasted. Xu Ziyan refused to eat it himself, but it was still acceptable to replace it with something else.

The group of four quickly broke open the delusional array near the hut under the guidance of Xu Zirong. The old man was indeed quite accomplished in terms of the formation of arrays, and no one would have thought that this magnificent scenery was all constructed by illusions.

The Blood and Resentment Flower not only required humans’ souls to get nourishment, when making it grow, it also needed to be planted with blood.

After the delusional array was broken open, the scenery in front of them suddenly changed. The small bamboo house was still the same one, but the small courtyard had turned into a hellish scene.

The rotting corpses of countless dead people were piled up on the ground in the small courtyard, and the land they had just stepped on had all turned into human remains. Those extremely luxuriant flowers were the orchids specially used to remove the smell of blood. Without their presence, the air there wouldn’t become so fresh.

It’s a pity that no matter how effective the orchid was, it wasn’t as good as Xu Zirong as a blood controller. Also, there was also the pink rabbit which liked murder and bloody smell.

The orchid was not a precious plant, Xu Zirong simply burned the entire courtyard with fire.

The arrays there were centered on the old man’s cabin, after destroying the cabin, they instantly saw the surrounding environment of the bamboo forest.

The old man hadn’t lied at all. He indeed lived in an extremely remote location, Xu Ziyan observed for a long while and he still didn’t find a trace of humans.

“What to do?” Xu Ziyan was helpless. They couldn’t tell which direction they were at, even if they did, they didn’t know how to get out of there.

“This way.” Xu Zirong seemed to pick a direction randomly, and Xu Ziyan didn’t object. All in all, all they relied on was luck, and any direction was the same.

After the battle just now, they became much more careful of everything. None of them knew if there were still any cultivators that might cause danger, since the seemingly kind old man turned out to be a demon cultivator. Also, genereally speaking, very few demon cultivators lived near righteous cultivators.

In other words, it’s very likely that they were inside one of the territories of demon cultivators.

In the Xuan Yu realm, the strength of demon cultivators was only slightly worse than that of the righteous ones. They’d never stopped fighting.

As the most talented righteous cultivators, they were still exposed to different kinds of threat in the territories of demon cultivators. They could never reveal the fact that they were from Liu Guang sect, unless they wanted to die.

With this understanding, Xu Zirong smartly changed his brother’s clothes and removed his vest embroided with the mark of Liu Guang sect.

For this, Xu Ziyan felt really furious. Obviously, it’d be sufficient to remove the outer vest, why did Xu Zirong even remove his undershirt?!

“Brother, our undershirts belong to the sect, what if there’s a hidden mark on it too?” Xu Zirong removed the last undershirt of Xu Ziyan in a serious manner.

Xu Ziyan really wanted to curse, which sect would be so bored to stitch a mark on the undershirt? Wouldn’t it be too sickening?

Besides, even if there’s a hidden mark on it, the demon cultivators can’t see it through the outer vest!

Don’t you think that I haven’t noticed your rapid breathing and excited look when you take off my shirt! I am just too shameful to tell anyone!

Damn it! Those days were just too unbearable. Ever since Xu Ziyan couldn’t move, every inch of his body had been touched by Xu Zirong. What’s more horrifying was that Xu Zirong stopped concealing his feelings, and Xu Ziyan could even feel some warm stick-like thing stroking his bottom…

He really couldn’t use words to describe all these things, and he felt like his organs exploding.

The only good thing was that Xu Zirong hadn’t tried to do it forcefully yet, but Xu Ziyan didn’t find it any easier…

They were both guys, so Xu Ziyan knew very well that such kind of tolerance couldn’t last long at all. From Xu Zirong’s eyes, he knew that he had been enduring it to the extreme, Xu Ziyan could only hope that he could endure it until he could move normally again.

In this way, with his strength of Qi condensation, he might as well help Xu Zirong endure it if Xu Zirong failed to do so…although that might sound a little brutal…


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