Chapter 132

After Xu Zirong helped him change, Xu Ziyan stared at Xu Zirong ferociously with an angry face.

Xu Zirong looked really cheerful, as if he hadn’t noticed his brother’s glaring at all, while Jiang Ying and Fang Tianrui were looking at each other, pretending to have seen nothing. Although they hadn’t been together for a long time, they weren’t stupid and they were naturally reluctant to interfere in the affairs of the brothers.

Jiang Ying had known the relationship of these two a long time ago, but with his wicked character, he would never interfere in this kind of matter. For Fang Tianrui, he cared about his relationship with Jiang Ying the most, and he wouldn’t comment on these “domestic” affairs either.

These two turned a blind eye to the whole matter, while Xu Ziyan was defenseless. Under this situation, Xu Zirong could apparently do whatever he could. He took all the possible advantages and made Xu Ziyan furious, yet Xu Ziyan couldn’t find a way to make him stop…

That’s only because Xu Zirong had already known how weak Xu Ziyan was! As long as he didn’t step on the bottom line of his brother, he wasn’t worried that Xu Ziyan would get angry at all.

Soon after they left the cabin, a thick dark cloud rolled in the opposite direction from where they left.

The dark cloud stopped above the wreckage of the cabin, and a great pressure suddenly fell on this piece of land.

“Who is it! How dare you touch the stuff of my ancestor Yumo!” An angry roar came out from the dark clouds.

The wreckage of the cabin was immediately pressed into the ground by this pressure.

The bamboo forests around the cabin were broken, and it was so terrifying!

“Wuyuan, you useless waste! I’ve been hiding it for a long time, but someone has snatched the flower away!” The majestic voice snorted coldly, and the dark cloud was split into two halves, a handsome middle-aged man landed around the little cabin and his name was Shan Yanning.

“Master…don’t get angry, you are hurting your body badly.” A soft and sweet voice came from the clouds, and the middle-aged man’s facial expression suddenly eased. With a wave, a slender figure was pulled out from the cloud, and this figure was hugged tightly in his arms.

The man who was held in his arms by the ancestor Yumo had an eloquent face. He was covered with a transparent veil, and there were still speckled hickeys on his chest.

His cheeks blushed, and there’s a sense of gentleness on the corners of his eyes. On his beautiful face, there’s a hint of resentment and infatuation.

“My dear, I’m doing it all for you!” The middle-aged man kissed his apprentice affectionately, “I knew that Wuyuan was secretly hiding the Blood and Resentment Flower. Over the past few decades, he carefully hid the flower, and he thought that I didn’t know about it. Hmph, why didn’t he think that I might still find out about the ordinary people that he’d caught in my territory? I initially planned to let you eat the fruit once it blossomed, yet someone was faster than me.” When he said so, he snorted again, “this Wuyuan might be careless and revealed his trace somewhere, that’s why someone could even take the advantage of it.”

“After I catch those people, I will definitely refine their bodies into puppets, and put their spirits into my Hundred Ghost Banner! How dare they steal things from my little baby?”

After the beauty heard that the fruit of the Blood and Resentment Flower was stolen, there’s a trace of anger in his amber eyes. However, he soon hid the anger under his affectionate eyes. He looked at the middle-aged man softly and said, “master, the reason Yun’er committed myself to you wasn’t because of these materialistic things, it’s all because I’m in love with master. Maybe it’s my destiny to not have this fruit, so master, please don’t bother with it anymore.”

Rong Qingyun was very patient to persuade the middle-aged man, but this middle-aged man wasn’t willing to miss this fruit.

He raised his hand to draw a few complicated symbols in the air, a faint air in purple and black appeared on the burnt ground, and it’s full of resentment.

This air of resentment gradually merged and condensed into a twisted and hideous face.

Ancestor Yumo squeezed out a drop of his essence blood, which was quickly integrated into this giant face.

The face struggled and wailed, and every part of it was struggling to get that drop of essence blood. Very soon, the strongest part of the broken soul absorbed that drop of essence blood and looked at Shan Yanning greedily.

“Where is the Resentment Fruit?” Shan Yanning asked coldly.

The broken soul didn’t seem to understand what Shan Yanning meant, and it was staring at him firmly, trying to get another drop of essence blood.

Shan Yanning frowned and his fingertips flickered, the broken soul showed an extremely painful expression.

Shan Yanning asked again, the broken soul shrank, and pointed at Xu Zirong and the others who disappeared in the opposite direction.

Shan Yanning flicked his finger, a dark green flame fell on the broken soul, which instantly burned completely.

The moment the broken soul screamed and disappeared, he showed a malicious smile.

As it was a cultivator before death, it could grab that drop of essence blood among many broken souls. Although the cultivation level wasn’t very high, it still reached the middle stage of building base. Without Wuyuan, it might not become so pathetic and end up being the fertilizer of the Blood and Resentment Flower.

He didn’t know who the cultivator was in front of him, but he knew that this cultivator had an attempt to get the fruit of the Resentment Flower. Of course, the broken soul didn’t have any intelligence, but the will of that cultivator still remained in it before his death.

——He would never let that cultivator get the Resentment Fruit!

This remaining thought caused this broken soul to behave deceptively, and Shan Yanning did not disappoint him. After getting the answer, he completely destroyed the broken soul.

Before finally disappearing, this piece of broken soul stayed proud, since it was absolutely impossible to reintegrate these broken souls without a high level of cultivation. Once it thought that it had deceived a cultivator with such high level of cultivation, it was still very happy as a disappearing soul.

The completely misguided Shan Yanning, held his most precious apprentice and part-time lover, leaped into the dark cloud. This dark cloud was a magic weapon that he refined. Aside from flying, it could also isolate the divine consciousness of other people and have fun in it.

Before, if he could control himself from enjoying intimacy with Rong Qingyun, Xu Zirong wouldn’t be faster than him in getting the Resentment Fruit.

But he certainly wouldn’t blame himself, obviously, it was Xu Zirong who stole the fruit and he deserved to die.

Whoever it was, he deserved to die!

When he died, the poor Wuyuan still didn’t realize that even if he hadn’t encountered Xu Zirong and the others, he wouldn’t get the Resentment Fruit either.

Out of consistent caution, when Xu Zirong and the others left, they erased all traces as much as possible, together with the big fire before they left, they basically had destroyed every little trace.

If they hadn’t dealt with this well, the ancestor Yumo wouldn’t use his essence blood to integrate the broken souls, in order to ask where they’d gone to.

Unfortunately, even though the ancestor Yumo had the cultivation level of nascent soul, he didn’t expect that a small piece of broken soul would lie to him. In the end, he hadn’t discovered any traces of people leaving in the end.

The ancestor Yumo was furious, but the broken soul that had deceived him had already dispersed, and there’s not even a target to vent on.

Rong Qingyun was a little disappointed as he didn’t get the Resentment Fruit, but when facing the ancestor Yumo, he acted like he’s touched.

“My master spent so much effort in looking for the Resentment Fruit for Yun’er, and Yun’er is more than grateful. If I am still angry with my master for this, then it’s the fault of Yun’er.” Rong Qingyun bit his lips and showed a guilty look. Apparently, ancestor Yumo showed a caring look, and he also hated those people stealing his resentment fruit to the guts.

With a wave of his hand, he threw out a lot of paper talisman, these paper talisman turned into paper cranes in mid-air, and flew in different directions.

“Don’t worry, my dear, I’m sure I can find this resentment fruit for you. Now, the closest town is the five ghost towns under the rule of the corpse puppet faction. We’ll have to get there for replenishment unless they keep circling around the mountains here.” The ancestor Yumo supported Rong Qingyun’s chin and smiled.

Rong Qingyun was overjoyed when he saw this, his eyes flashed and it was a look full of friendship.

“Master, I will have to depend on you for everything I do in the future.”

The ancestor Yumo laughed and torn away the light veil on his body, then, the two rolled themselves into the center of the dark cloud.

Needless to say, they were having some fun in the dark cloud, the paper cranes that he’d released quickly flew to different sects.

Most of the sects who received these paper cranes sent their disciples to look for the strangers that appeared recently in the nearest city, and there were a few one or two who were interested in this, including the Corpse Puppet Sect that controlled the Five Ghost City.

“Hmph, you’re the ancestor Yumo, so what? How dare you give orders to the Corpse Puppet Sect?” The head of the Corpse Puppet sect was a gorgeous middle-aged woman. She sneered and light a black fire at her fingertip. In a blink of an eye, it burnt the paper crane away.

“Master…the ancestor Yumo has very unstable temper, if we do this…” A handsome young man said worriedly.

“Just ignore him. Although that guy has a bad temper, he is not a fool. A few days ago, your uncle Zi Jin has successfully reached the level of nascent soul, now that we have two cultivators of nascent soul, even if that ancestor Yumo wants to look for trouble, he’ll need to reconsider.” The middle-aged woman smiled.

“Uncle Zi Jin has broken through? That’s awesome.” The young man looked cheerful, yet there’s some darkness under his eyes.

“Yes, your uncle Zi Jin is really lucky. He was originally from the late stage of golden core, he actually met a female corpse with a mysterious core five years ago. After refining the female corpse, he began the retreat and started to break through. It took him five years to finish breaking through.” The middle-aged beautiful woman was delighted, she looked slightly envious.

“Then, really bravo to him.” The young guy lowered his head and tried to cover the hatred in his eyes.

“Hoho, this is also the blessing of our Corpse Puppet Sect. Zhizhi, speaking of which, you have been by my side for several years, why haven’t you refined the zombies? You know, although you are my apprentice, in our sect, only the capable ones can evolve. You have only reached the later stage of building base, and if you still lack the support of the zombies, you won’t be better than the disciples of the early stage of building base who have already refined them. Do you want to be expelled next time we have contests among different sects?” The middle-aged woman changed her tone and sounded fierce.

The young man hurriedly knelt down and said in a horrified tone, “Master Mingjian, although no one of our sect can control all the three zombies, the better quality it is, the better our development will be. I am not looking for a perfect corpse puppet, just like what uncle Zi Jin did, but I can’t accept one of bad quality, right?”

The middle-aged woman tapped on the tabletop lightly, “what you said makes sense, but that’s because your uncle was lucky. Also, he spent a lot of effort in refining that female corpse into his own zombie. If you want a similar one, I’m afraid it depends on luck.”

“Hmm…speaking of luck, the ancestor Yumo is good at finding benefits for himself. Otherwise, why would he suddenly look for strangers? Let’s do it like this – you’ll guard the Five Ghost City, and you’ll pay attention to those new comers. If there’s anyone with a good body, don’t hesitate, just drag them out of the city and start your action. However, if you do, make sure you eliminate all traces. Also, if you ever see the strangers that ancestor Yumo is looking for, lock them up for investigation first.”

“I will follow the order of my master.” The young man saluted respectfully, then walked out.

The middle-aged woman tapped the deputy of the chair lightly, and said to herself, “who is this ancestor Yumo looking for? Yue Xuan, do you think he really wants to find someone, or does he want to create troubles for us only?”

A tall figure stood quietly behind the middle-aged woman. He looked only about thirty or forty years old and very handsome. If it weren’t for his stiff face and godless eyes, he would be the most perfect partner with this middle-aged woman.

It’s a pity that a corpse will always be a corpse, no matter how complete the corpse is preserved, no matter how lifelike it has become, he will always be a puppet that will only take orders from his master.

The middle-aged beautiful woman stood up and stroked affectionately the man’s face. She whispered softly, “Yue Xuan, you’re really the best. You will never refute me, and you will never betray me…” Speaking of this, the middle-aged woman’s expression suddenly became hideous, “unfortunately, the bitch who seduced you ran away! They also told me that she gave birth to a son, but it doesn’t matter, since he has your bloodline, I will definitely find him! At that time, I will refine him into a corpse puppet just like you, and he’ll stay with you, okay?”

The man stood there quietly, his expression stayed calm without any fluctuations.

The middle-aged woman turned around with a little disappointment. In order to refine Yue Xuan into her own zombie, she spent a lot of energy and used countless precious materials, hoping to refine him into one as stated in one the ancient books. Unfortunately, it failed in the end. The refined Yue Xuan was no different from the ordinary corpse puppets. The only advantage is that she’d used the best materials, so Yue Xuan’s body was tougher than ordinary puppets.

“Come here!” the middle-aged woman suddenly shouted.

A middle-aged monk walked in immediately outside the door.

“Go, let Suyue and Eyue go with Zhizhi to guard the Five Ghost City together, and be sure to bring back the few people that the ancestor Yumo is looking for!”

“Yes.” The middle-aged man replied and walked out.

The middle-aged woman snorted coldly, “Hmph, ancestor Yumo, no matter what you are looking for, if you enter the area of the Five Ghost City, the Corpse Puppet Sect will definitely get its share!”

The middle-aged woman didn’t see the man’s corpse that stood still behind him. That pair of eyes without soul suddenly let out some faint light…

Anyone would have to admit that Xu Zirong’s really lucky.

Or…it’s actually bad luck for Xu Ziyan?

The direction he chose happened to be the closest way from the ghost mountain to the Five Ghost City. However, this road was extremely difficult and dangerous, with countless low-level monsters entrenched along the way.

As they were gradually advancing towards the mountain range, the monsters they encountered were of lower ranks, but out of some reason, the vast majority of the monsters living in that area turned out to be in groups.

Even the monsters in Qi refining period could be horrifying if they were in groups, let alone the fact that there would be a few monsters of building base sometimes.

Monsters of this level posed no threat to the lives of Xu Ziyan and others, but they could still be injured if they weren’t careful.

After Xu Zirong’s analysis that day, he learned that they were in the area controlled by demon cultivators. Who would dare to let himself get hurt?

In the realm of demon cultivators, you must always be aware of enemies hiding in the dark. The demon cultivators wouldn’t have time to discuss with you, if one isn’t strong and has something that they’re looking for, then that person can only wait for his death.

The group carefully broke through the territory of many monsters, and they harvested a lot of monsters’ materials along the way. These low-level monsters didn’t have inner alchemy on their bodies, but their fur, sharp horns and fangs were good materials for refining alchemy and tools.

Basically, all their pills were consumed in the Flame Demon Realm and needed to be supplemented urgently, but they did not have enough spirit stones on them. If they weren’t able to exchange these materials for some spirit stones, they would probably not even be able to enter the gates of the demon cultivators.

After the battle along the way, Xu Ziyan didn’t dare to run the inheritance technique with all his strength to absorb the spiritual power of the Purple Night Divine Thunder. Among the four of them, his cultivation level was the highest, although he couldn’t move, his divine consciousness was not affected.

He had to monitor the surrounding environment with his divine consciousness anytime and anywhere, otherwise, once he was surrounded by monsters, it would become very troublesome.

It is for this reason that Xu Zirong and the others survived several crises, but Xu Ziyan’s speed in refining and absorbing spiritual power completely slowed down.

The original 15-day plan was completely invalidated. If they walked in the woods for a few more days, it is estimated that it might take him 20 days.

Inexplicably, Xu Ziyan felt that his younger brother seemed to be in a good mood in the past two days, Xu Zirong was not angry even after being scolded of having taken his brother’s advantage.

When asking Xu Zirong what happened, Xu Zirong only told Xu Ziyan that his birthday was coming soon, but that made Xu Ziyan even more confused…

He’d never seen Xu Zirong so happy in the past for his birthdays. Although after he became 18, he’d be an adult, but that’s only a concept existing in modern times, it shouldn’t exist in the world of cultivation, right? And they should become adults after 15, no?

Although Xu Ziyan didn’t understand why Zirong was so happy, he still felt vaguely, maybe, probably, as if it had something to do with him…

“Brother, it should be Five Ghost City ahead.” After leaving the range of ghost mountain, Xu Zirong got their location from the surrounding environment.

From Wuyuan, not only they obtained the Resentment Fruit and the petals of the Blood and Resentment Flower, but they also got the collection of Wuyuan over the years. However, he had been busy caring for the Blood and Resentment Flower for nearly a hundred years, and he almost never went out except for arresting people, that’s why he only had a few spirit stones on his body. Luckily, they found a map of the nearby terrain on his body.

Xu Ziyan and Xu Zirong had their own maps, but their maps were rather used to record the places they had walked through, things like being pulled into a demon realm out of thin air, then coming out in a strange place wasn’t recorded in it at all.

But once they got hold of Wuyuan’s map, things became different. Wuyuan was very old and walked a lot. On his map, it was shown that he’d been through the Liu Guang sect.

After combining everyone’s maps, Xu Ziyan and the others have basically determined the route back to Liu Guang sect. They just wanted to replenish some pills and medicine by going to the Five Ghost City. After all, it was not a peaceful path, in case they encountered some high-level monsters, there’s nothing they could do if they didn’t even have any medicine.

As the saying goes, if there is food in your pocket, you don’t panic. This is not just for mortals. For cultivators, if there is no life-saving medicine in their Qiankun bag, it could be more terrifying than having the world collapsed!

Also, since they were in a realm controlled by the demonic cultivators, murder and robbery could happen anytime.

“Let’s go, let’s go to Five Ghost City to replenish some medicine, and we’ll take a break by the way,”

Generally speaking, whether it is a city under the control of demon cultivators or righteous cultivators, private fights were definitely not allowed. After all, if demon cultivators started killing people randomly, then there couldn’t be normal business in the city at all.

No one wanted their newly bought stuff to be snatched away. For the sake of the city’s development, even the demonic sects controlling the city wouldn’t allow people to do whatever they wanted.


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