Chapter 133

In order to avoid trouble, Xu Ziyan decisively found a hat and covered Xu Zirong’s face, since he attracted too much attention. Although it’s bad for Xu Zirong, since he’s crippled now, it would only bring them troubles if someone was interested in Xu Zirong’s appearance.

Xu Zirong had no objection to this. He’d be so happy to know that his brother didn’t want his face to be exposed, how would he feel sorry about it?

For a long time, he felt that the only function of his face was to please his older brother, not for the others.

As they were carrying Xu Ziyan, the four of them attracted a lot of people’s gaze on the way.

After paying the entrance fee at the gate of the city, they soon found a relatively secluded inn to live in.

Soon after they moved in, a young man in white clothes also checked into this inn with two pretty and cute girls who looked exactly the same.

These two girls were only fifteen or sixteen years old. They looked young and lively. They were chattering around the man in white clothes. The man in white clothes looked impatient, but there was still a kind smile on his face, as he’s introducing to them the situation of the Five Ghost City.

“Brother, brother, what do you think is the purpose that master wants you to bring us here?” The young girl with yellow clothes supported her chin and said.

The girl in green clothes stuck out her tongue, “I don’t care, I just want to have fun.”

The girl in yellow clothes stared at the girl in green clothes with a look of hatred, “stupid Eyue, master wants you to accomplish her mission, and it’s not for fun. If you continue being like this…”

“Okay, I know.” The girl in green clothes retreated, and rushed into the arms of the girl in yellow clothes.

There’s a moment of darkness in the eyes of the young man in white clothes, he thought, “if she’s still alive, she will ask for my affection like that too…”

“Brother, brother, look, what a big cricket!”

“My brother is so annoying, Lingling doesn’t like him anymore!”

“Brother… It hurts… It really hurts… There are so many small bugs on Lingling’s body! It’s terrible! Why did that person put these small bugs in Lingling’s body?”



“Brother? Brother? What’s the matter with you?” The girl in yellow clothes called Suyue waved at the young man in white clothes, awakening him from his memory.

The young guy in white clothes smiled softly, “it’s nothing, I just remembered that the task that master gave us this time is very troublesome.”

“That’s right.” Eyue raised her nose, “A new face? What counts as a new face? It’s the first time for my sister and I to come to Five Ghost City. How can we know who is often here?”

The young man in white clothes, who was also a disciple of the head of the Corpse Puppet Sect, said indifferently, “there is no need for us to worry about looking for strangers. The guards of the four city gates are all from the Corpse Puppet sect. We only need to listen to their instructions. If there is a suspicious person, then we will investigate.”

“By the way, Suyue, Eyue, are you two starting to look for your own zombies?”

“Yeah, yeah, brother, what kind of person do you think we should look for?” Eyue tilted her head and thought for a while, “well, originally, I wanted to find a man who is as handsome as my brother, but then I thought, it doesn’t seem to be a good idea to be with a man’s corpse all day. What if I refine a beautiful woman?”

Suyue frowned, “Eyue, what are you talking about? Just find someone, what is the point of comparing someone with your brother?” After speaking, she turned to look at Fang Zhizhi and apologized, “brother, please forgive my sister. She didn’t mean it.”

Fang Zhizhi shook his head gently, “It’s okay, but you must remember that in this Five Ghost City, you must not act at will. It will ruin the name of the Corpse Puppet sect.”

Su Yue nodded, “I understand. If there is a suitable candidate, I will find a way to take him out of the city.”

Fang Zhizhi chuckled, and a deep sense of disgust rose from the bottom of his heart. Then, he laughed at himself again, no matter how disgusted he was, wasn’t he going to find a corpse for himself as well…

“Huh? That person looks quite nice.” Eyue exclaimed.

Jiang Ying, who’s on the stairs, looked over and noticed the three people in the corner of the hall, and his pupils shrank slightly.

Fang Zhizhi frowned slightly when he saw it. Just as Eyue said, the man on the stairs did have a good appearance. Although he was slightly feminine, he was still quite macho. However, since Eyue said so casually, it could easily arouse discontent with her commenting tone.

In a place like Five Ghost City, it is very unwise to offend other cultivators randomly, especially when the opponent’s cultivation level is higher than yours.

“Eyue!” Fang Zhizhi and Suyue yelled at the same time, Eyue retreated quickly, not daring to look at Jiang Ying again.

Jiang Ying didn’t want to cause more troubles. It’s just a little girl who spoke. He left straightly.

It was just a short moment, and neither side cared about it. Only Suyue glanced at Jiang Ying again before leaving, then lowered her head to hide the shock in her eyes.

“Brother, let’s go back to the room.” Suyue suddenly raised her head and suggested.

Fang Zhizhi raised his eyebrows and immediately nodded in agreement.

After ordering the servant to deliver all the dishes that they’d ordered to their rooms, the three directly entered the small rented courtyard under the lease and turned on the forbidden switch.

As soon as Fang Zhizhi entered, Suyue was so excited that she grabbed his sleeve immediately.

“Brother! You have to help me!” Suyue couldn’t hide the look of surprise on her face, and she looked at Fang Zhizhi with a begging look.

Fang Zhizhi frowned, he pushed her away from his sleeve without hiding it, “tell me what it’s about.”

Suyue frowned when she saw this, but as she’s not strong enough, if she wanted that guy, she could only beg her brother.

“Brother, I want that person just now!” Suyue said directly.

Fang Zhizhi’s frowned even more tightly, “why? He is already in the late stage of building base. It will cost you a lot of effort to refine his zombie, no? Is there anything special about him?”

Su Yue bit her lower lip lightly, her beautiful eyes were shining, and she looked like she could cry.

“Senior brother, please accept my sister’s request. You see, my sister is going to cry.” Eyue also pouted her mouth, and shook Fang Zhizhi’s sleeve vigorously.

Fang Zhizhi didn’t react. None of these female disciples of the Corpse Puppet sect were easy to deal with at all. Although Su Yue and Eyue looked innocent, people would be mistaken if they thought that they could be bullied!

Seeing that her brother didn’t respond, Su Yue knew that her trick didn’t work. Although her brother looked gentle and open-minded generally, whenever it came to his safety, he’s more cold-blooded than anyone else.

“That person… does he have a demonic body?” Su Yue gritted her teeth and said.

“What?” Fang Zhizhi couldn’t help but exclaimed.

“It’s true.” Suyue was worried that Fang Zhizhi would not believe it, and quickly explained, “I accidentally inspected him with the body-watching technique just now, and suddenly, I found the existence of his demonic body.”

“The demonic body…” Fang Zhizhi murmured softly, as he also felt extremely shocked. The demonic body was rarely found in demon cultivation, and for the Corpse Puppet sect, using a demonic body to refine their own zombies would not only create an advance in their strength, but it’d also facilitate the process of reaching the level of nascent soul, as they could use the zombie to defend against any shock in the heart.

For demon cultivators, the greatest threat to them is the shock to the heart. If there could be someone to take it on behalf of them, it’d be a very smooth path to nascent soul!

No wonder Suyue was so determined to get him, it’s only that – wouldn’t she be scared if she had to do it by herself?

Fang Zhizhi looked at Suyue suspiciously. Suyue raised her eyebrows slightly, and the corners of her lips curled up, revealing a sweet smile, “brother has never refined any zombies, so I suppose you don’t know about using a special demonic body to refine a zombie, right?”

Fang Zhizhi was silent. Although he joined the corpse puppet sect, he was very resistant to the idea of corpse refining. Therefore, except for the most basic methods of controlling corpse puppets, he didn’t have much research on those meticulous things.

Suyue covered her lips and smiled, “after I use this demonic body to refine corpses, the best way for me is to exchange breath with the refiner if I want to protect my master against having her heart stolen. The best way to exchange breath would be…you know, through intimacy. If my brother is willing to seduce him and make him do it with you out of free will, then I can give his demonic body to my brother as a gift. How does it sound?”

When Fang Zhizhi heard her, he was shocked for a moment, and his face became gloomy. It’s already too much to discuss whether he would do such things with a man just to reach the level of nascent soul, and it’s even more impossible to make someone do it willingly.

Although there were still men who were interested in men, he couldn’t take risks to trigger that man with demonic body.

He was silent for a moment and looked up at Su Yue, “sister, I can help you with this matter, but I want your dead body bell as an exchange.”

“What!” Suyue exclaimed, her face looked uncertain.

Fang Zhizhi sneered, “sister, although I have reached the later stage of building base, I’m sure he’s not weak either. Also, after you have him as your zombie, do you think that you’ll still need the dead body bell? I’m sure it’ll become useless for you then.”

Su Yue thought about it, gritted her teeth and nodded, “Okay, I can give you the dead body bell, but… I can’t tell my master about this matter today.”

Fang Zhizhi raised his eyebrows, “sister, do you think that I’m stupid? If I get your dead body bell without telling master, do you really think that he won’t kill me?”

Su Yue promised, “I can promise you that I won’t act against you because of the dead body bell.”

Fang Zhizhi frowned slightly, “sister, why do you insist on not telling the master about this? Are you afraid that she’ll steal your zombie?”

Su Yue bit her lower lip and refused to speak. Fang Zhizhi was shocked when he saw it, and he couldn’t help but ask, “what is it then? Is it possible that the zombies you have refined can really be snatched away? Didn’t you just say that you have to exchange breaths to control it?”

Su Yue’s face suddenly turned pale when she heard this, as if she was recalling something bad. Eyue, who had been silent for a while, suddenly curled her lips, “when you exchange breaths, you don’t have to do it with an alive person, you can do it with a dead one too. The master’s zombie has so many functions, and it doesn’t just fight for our master.”

Suyue couldn’t help but show disgust, but her gaze was extremely sharp at Eyue, “shut up! What are you talking about? Don’t you want to live anymore?”

Eyue pouted, snorted and went to a side, looking very unhappy.

After hearing Eyue’s words, Fang Zhizhi instantly realized what it really meant, and he showed a strange look.

Suyue raised her hand and stroked her hair, watching Fang Zhizhi’s face calmly, “brother must have understood what I meant.”

Fang Zhizhi nodded silently.

Suyue adjusted the hem of her skirt, and said warmly, “Master is good to us, but in this sect of demon cultivation, who wouldn’t think for himself only? I admit that I have my intentions, but…” Her eyes flashed a bit, “brother, I’d suggest you think about yourself as well, in our sect, there’s more than one person like our master. If I’ve made the right guess, the reason why uncle Zi Jin got to become a nascent soul was because he’d exchanged breath with that female corpse…”

Fang Zhizhi only felt that a thunderbolt had exploded in his mind, and he felt like his whole body just shattered.

He had never expected that after his sister got murdered, her corpse was even refined as a zombie and was tortured after death…

He lowered his head, his eyes were bloodshot, but his tone was unexpectedly calm, “how did you know about that?”

Su Yue’s heartbeat got faster and she quickly looked at Fang Zhizhi, but Fang Zhizhi lowered his head and his tone of voice was very calm. She didn’t see anything suspicious.

She lowered her eyes, “I don’t know if it’s your luck or my bad luck. When you first joined, our master wanted you to be responsible in delivering spiritual stones to uncle Zi Jin, but unexpectedly, you broke through at that time and finished building base. Then, our master handed that task to me.”

“The cave where uncle Zi Jin did his retreat was not a totally sealed one. I used to deliver him spiritual stones every month and I did it for three years. I also often saw that female corpse lying naked beside him and uncle Zi Jin wasn’t properly dressed either. Also, after seeing him getting more energetic each time, it’s quite easy for me to know what’d happened. Also…” She suddenly snorted, “also, although my brother didn’t read many books about refining corpses, I did, and I also read a lot about different weird methods of refining corpses, and that includes…”

She found it a bit embarrassing to continue and turned her head away.

Fang Zhizhi didn’t make a sound for a long time, and finally only left one sentence, “do it quickly then. As long as you can lure him out of the city, I’ll help you catch him.” Then, he left.

Soon after he left, Eyue suddenly raised her head and looked at Suyue, “sister, why do you want to tell him these things?”

Suyue looked cold and sneered, “huh, I really hate it when he acts so distant and proud. Why does he even pretend to be righteous when we’re all demon cultivators? Does he really think that he’s the purest? In this Corpse Puppet sect, everyone wants to upgrade himself, and the quickest way is to have sex with your own zombie. It’s only that some can accept it while some can’t. How good can that Fang Zhizhi be? It’s just five years and he’s already the most favored disciple of our master. We would get more resources if he didn’t exist.”

Eyue nodded as if she understood a bit, “then, why did my sister want him to catch that person with a demonic body? Given your strength and the magic weapons of master, it shouldn’t be an issue to catch someone of building base, right?”

Suyue knocked on Eyue’s forehead, “little idiot! Don’t you know that I am doing it for you?”

Eyue, “???”

Suyue sighed, “little fool, you still don’t know about it, I suppose. My good brother has the authentic Nine Ghost demonic body. It’s only that someone has turned on the forbidden switch on his body, and people usually can’t find it. Luckily, my pupils can help me find that out.”

Eyue was stunned, “The Nine Ghost demonic body? Isn’t that…”

“That’s right! And that’s the best demonic body to refine your own zombies.” Suyue sighed, “I’m guessing that perhaps he doesn’t know about that too, or he wouldn’t cultivate the Yin Hell Spell that our master taught him.”

“Ah!” Eyue opened her mouth slightly, with a surprised look on her face, “is he cultivating the Yin Hell Spell? But he owns the Nine Ghost demonic body, no? Doesn’t it mean that he wants to cultivate himself into a living corpse?”

“Yeah, that’s why I think it was the master who imposed restraints on him, so that others could not see his Nine Ghost demonic body. Also, she’s teaching me the Yin Hell spell…then, when he reached golden core, our master will have a super corpse without much effort.” She sneered, “he might be cultivating his own corpse puppet as well.”

“But…what does it have to do with me?” Eyue was confused.

Suyue rubbed Eyue’s head helplessly, “I only have you as a younger sister, of course I would hope that you get the best. Although our senior brother has high cultivation level, the fact that he doesn’t have his own zombie restrains him from using many spells. I plan to lure that cultivator with demonic body out of the city, then kill them both.”

“Killing your senior brother? Then master…” Eyue was atonished.

“What other master?” Suyue frowned, “you little fool. After we own the Nine Ghost demonic body and the zombie of a demonic body, we just have to find a quiet place and cultivate for three years, that might help us break through the golden core stage.”

“But…” Eyue seemed to hesitate.

Suyue knocked on Eyue’s head, “there’s no ‘but’. You just need to listen to your sister as I won’t harm you! I also think that master has been going insane lately, especially the way she saw me last time – so insane and irrational. She doesn’t seem normal at all.” Suyue couldn’t help but shiver.

“Oh, okay.” Eyue nodded. She had also seen her master’s manic and non-human side, which was really scary.

After the two sisters discussed it, they began to plan how to seduce the male cultivator having the demonic body. Usually, most of them were unruly, and if there’s any proactive female cultivator, they usually wouldn’t say no. It’s only that before they knew his background, they dared not act ruthlessly. All in all, given that male cultivator’s level, it would be troublesome if he had any companions with even higher cultivation level.

After leaving the room of the sisters, Fang Zhizhi endured the grief in his heart and rented a secret room for retreat.

Such a secret room could be provided by any inn, and it’s mainly to allow guests to retreat without being disturbed.

When the heavy stone gate slowly opened again, it was already dawn. Fang Zhizhi calmly returned to his room and sat cross-legged. His hands covered by the robe had already become bloody, and his bones were visible through his wounds.

He calmly swallowed a pill for healing, as if the wounds that brought him severe pain did not exist at all. This kind of injury quickly recovered under the action of the pill. Fang Zhizhi looked at his slender fingers and showed a hideous and distorted smile.

Jiang Ying didn’t know that someone had already found out about him having a demonic core. In fact, he never expected anyone having such a wonderful pair of pupils, and this person having these pupils happened to see through him.

Since a very young age, he had already known that his demonic core would bring him endless troubles. However, since he had always been captured in the Jiang family, this secret had been well kept.

Then, he was sold to Xu Zirong, and although it was only half of his will, he managed to leave the Jiang family, the place which had always held him captive.

He was thrilled to get back freedom, but what made him even happier was that when he was forced to leave, he even managed to take Fang Tianrui away. It’s an amazing thing to be on an excursion with his lover.

For this reason, he deeply admired the wisdom of the gentle Jiang Ying. He managed to use his cultivation level to reach a double cultivation blood contract when they got intimate the first time.

It’s really amazing beyond words!!! o(≧v≦)o~~

After that, he and Fang Tianrui were trapped in the Flame Demon Realm. Although the environment was a bit dangerous, their relationship greatly and quickly improved in this harsh place.

Later, they escaped from the Demon Realm smoothly and returned to the Xuan Yu realm. Compared with his master who could only watch his brother without doing anything, Jiang Ying felt like he’s become a winner in life when he could do whatever he wanted with Fang Tianrui.

Or, perhaps he had already enjoyed too much, and now it’s the turn of bad luck to visit…


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