Chapter 134

After seeing this female cultivator who faked having twisted her ankle, just to invite him to her room, Jiang Ying didn’t know how to react at all.

Especially Fang Tianrui was standing behind him with a serious look, and Jiang Ying could feel his gaze as cold as a blaze, almost stabbing through his back.

“Since you still have something to do, I will excuse myself now.” Fang Tianrui said with a fake smile, turned and left Jiang Ying.

“Tianrui!” When Fang Tianrui wanted to catch up, that female cultivator who’d twisted her ankle suddenly couldn’t stand straight and fell on Jiang Ying.

Fang Tianrui turned his head at exactly this moment and saw the female cultivator throwing herself into Jiang Ying’s arms. His facial expression darkened and didn’t say anything.

Jiang Ying was very anxious. He knew how rigid Fang Tianrui could be, and he’d spent so much effort in persuading Fang Tianrui to accept their relationship. If this incident made them retreat to the original point, then he would really want to cry.

“Get lost!” Jiang Ying slapped the woman away, and caught up with the stairs in a few steps.

Suyue was unprepared and was pushed away. She suddenly fell to the ground in embarrassment.

“Damn it!” Suyue almost crushed her teeth. Never had she expected that Jiang Ying would act so coldly. How dare he hit such a weak girl?!

“Hey, little beauty, do you want me to help you back to the room?” A big man with heavy beard approached her and blinked at Suyue.

“Get out!” Suyue got even more upset. If she wasn’t in the city where it wasn’t convenient to attack, she would have taken away this big man’s life!

The big man laughed and didn’t get angry. He was in a good mood after watching Suyue getting rejected. Also, it was a big beauty scolding him, so what else could happen?

“Sister.” Eyue popped out from nowhere and helped Suyue up from the ground.

The male cultivators who were with the big man saw Eyue, all showing a very wicked smile. One of them even laughed and teased her, “oh, so you turn out to be twins? I suppose that guy would have said yes when seeing you together. When you three play together, it will be so fun.”

Eyue looked at him coldly, but those few men didn’t mean to constrain at all. Suyue and Eyue seemed to be just female cultivators in the early stage of building base. Most of these big men were in the middle stage of building base. If the two sides started fighting, even if the guard of the Corpse Puppet sect didn’t show up in time, they might not lose either.

“Go back first!” Suyue sullenly returned to her courtyard with Eyue. What just happened was simply a shame in her life. She thought that person might just want to be cautious, but she’d never expected that he would have zero interest in her.

Most people who cultivated would have venomous eyes. It was impossible to not discover that she possessed primordial yin, and the primordial yin of a female cultivator was a great supplement for male cultivators. And that’s why she was so confident to be able to seduce Jiang Ying.

“What’s the matter with this guy? You are not at all affected!” Suyue smashed the table angrily. The corpse puppet sect mainly refined corpses as a weapon of attack, and was not proficient in charming spells.

Eyue stuck out her tongue, “who knows? Perhaps he’s unable.”

“Impossible.” Suyue bit her lower lip, “his primordial yang is gone already, and if he’s unable, how would he lose it…”

“Uh…” Eyue scratched her head, then she suddenly realized, “God, sister, could it be that…you’re unlucky enough to like a man who likes men?”

Suyue was shocked, then her face became gloomy and terrified. Thinking back to what happened just now, it was obvious that the man with the demonic core had an unusual attitude towards the other man with him.

“Damn! How could I be so unlucky?!” Suyue was so depressed, she finally encountered an excellent material for corpse refining, but it turned out to be a lunatic who liked men!

It would undoubtedly be extremely difficult to seduce him, but Suyue wouldn’t give up on precious materials like a demonic core.

Eyue couldn’t help but feel dejected. If they couldn’t successfully attract this male cultivator, their way of plotting against their senior brother would just be an empty wish.

“Hmph, I don’t believe it, is he really so loyal to that man?!” Suyue pushed her fingers hard on her chest, and she instantly spat out a mouthful of fresh blood.

“Sister!” Eyue exclaimed.

“I’m okay.” Suyue shook her head, wiped off the blood from the corners of her mouth. She used her fingertips to pick up a small black worm from the mouthful of blood that she just spat out.

“Sister, why did you urge the corpse puppet worm out?” Eyue was astonished.

Suyue said with a stern face, “what are you afraid of? Once we have the zombie of that demonic core, we will get its worm as well!”

Eyue was silent. The corpse puppet worm was a kind of worm that they had been raising with their essence blood. If this worm was implanted into someone’s body, it could control that person’s body in a short time.

However, unless there were significant differences in the level of cultivation between the two, it would be extremely difficult to put the worm inside his body when he’s awake. If Suyue wanted to use this worm to control Jiang Ying, she could only activate the vitality of it and to forcefully implant it.

Once the corpse puppet worm was vitalized, it would die soon. The level of cultivation of the cultivator having the worm would also drop dramatically, unless they could find another worm to be nourished inside their body.

Suyue’s intentions were pretty obvious. Except the sisters, the nearest worm to them would be the one of Fang Zhizhi. They had already made up their mind to kill Fang Zhizhi, and it would become righteous to get his corpse puppet worm.

Since the corpse puppet worm left Suyue’s body, it became daunted and soulless. Once it’s out of someone’s body, it could at most live for 6 hours. And it also means that Suyue must implant the worm in Jiang Ying’s body in six hours.

Otherwise, even if she stimulated the vitality of the corpse puppet worm and manipulated Jiang Ying, it would not be possible for her to behave strangely, or his companion would surely act against her.

“Xiao’e, tell the senior brother to wait outside the city, and I’m going to lure that guy out.”

“Okay.” Eyue nodded, “sister, be careful.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll be fine.” Suyue smiled and patted lightly on Eyue’s head.

Eyue quickly left the room to find Fang Zhizhi to set a trap outside the city, while Suyue took the porcelain vase containing the corpse puppet worm and went outside the gate of the courtyard where Xu Ziyan rented.

Since Xu Ziyan stayed in the inn, he had been trying hard to absorb the full spiritual power inside his body.

Although the Five Ghost City was controlled by demon cultivators, it was forbidden to fight inside the city. Therefore, it would be safe to stay in such an inn with defensive arrays.

Xu Ziyan couldn’t go out, and Xu Zirong would naturally not leave him alone. Therefore, all the mundane tasks became Jiang Ying’s responsibilities. That’s also the reason why Jiang Ying frequently went out. Aside from selling the materials that they’d collected, he also bought a ton of pills and medicine to replenish their spiritual energy.

They had no idea how long they had to spend to return, and how many dangerous areas they needed to go through. Before Xu Ziyan fully recovered, there’s no way they could continue.

Xu Ziyan cultivated faster there than in the Fire Demon Realm, and that’s because he’s more at ease in a safe environment.

However, according to his analysis, there’s no way he could recover before Xu Zirong’s birthday. When Zirong was still small, he would give him a bowl of fortune noodles, and as he had been in closed-door cultivation, he hadn’t celebrated Zirong’s birthday for five years.

Xu Ziyan felt incredibly guilty about it. He knew that Zirong had been cold to the others, and he didn’t have a friend at his age.

That’s also because of his character. Xu Ziyan didn’t want to force Zirong to meet friends, and he could only be as nice to Zirong as he could, in order to make up for the fact that he didn’t have any friends.



But now, it seemed that Xu Ziyan had made up too much..

Xu Ziyan held his forehead silently, he wanted to get rid of that thought and re-focus on Xu Zirong’s birthday.

He hadn’t celebrated Zirong’s birthday for five years, and he was going to celebrate it well this year with him. Unexpectedly, this accident happened.

His limbs became paralyzed, and of course there’s no way for him to cook noodles anymore. No matter how powerful he was, there’s no way for him to use his mouth to make noodles…

He felt very sorry and he told Zirong that there’s no way they could celebrate his birthday, but Zirong didn’t mind at all. Instead, he looked at Xu Ziyan with a deep meaning, “I am going to take my birthday present.”

Xu Ziyan thought, (⊙_⊙) “gift? What gift? It’s not like he could go out, so how could he prepare a gift to Zirong?”

When he continued asking, Zirong refused to answer. When Xu Ziyan became desperate, Zirong looked at him with a smile, “does my brother really want to know? If you know now, then can I take my gift now?”

Xu Ziyan, “…”

His instinct told him that it’d be extremely dangerous, and he slowly stopped asking…

Anyway, he would know in three days, and he would act according to the situation then…

Xu Ziyan was trying to digest the spiritual power in his body, and Xu Zirong also didn’t relax in his cultivation.

Based on his experience of his last life, it would be no problem for him to suppress Xu Ziyan although his cultivation level was lower, but it’d still be better to be at a higher level.

Also, it would be safer for them to have higher strength when they were in the territory of demon cultivators. In any moment, their cultivation level determined their safety.

Besides, they are now in the realm of magic cultivation, and if they are stronger, they will be safer. At any time, the cultivation of the cultivators is the basis for them to settle down.

Knock! Knock!

A few knocking noises came from outside the yard.

The two opened their eyes widely at the same time and showed a sense of cautiousness.

After they moved into the small courtyard, they told the servant there not to disturb them. Also, Fang Tianrui and Jiang Ying had brought a talisman that could be used to turn on the forbidden switch, so how could it be?

Xu Ziyan couldn’t move. Naturally, Xu Zirong went to open the door. Out of safety, he made sure to set a defensive array surrounding his brother.

Xu Ziyan was very pleased with how careful Xu Zirong was. Sometimes, he thought that Zirong was even more familiar than him, especially in terms of safety.

“Who are you?” Xu Zirong looked at the woman with a calm expression and asked coldly.

Suyue was taken aback when she saw the beautiful man in front of her, then she became more cautious because of his cold look.

She had already inquired about the people who were traveling with Jiang Ying from the inn keeper. After learning that there were four of them, she deliberately took advantage of Jiang Ying’s absence to find out the details of the other two people.

From the inn keeper, she learned that one of them had a hat. She didn’t expect that this guy looked so gorgeous, but then she quickly focused on what she was looking for.

Such an appearance made her feel jealous as a woman. If he attracted some high-level demon cultivators, there’s no way he could reject them.

If she and Eyue escaped the shelter of the corpse puppet sect, they would have to disguise a bit. Otherwise, there would surely be unpleasant consequences if they ended up in the hands of some filthy guys.

Suyue bowed with courtesy, “this cultivator, may I ask..” Her cheeks blushed, and she looked slightly like a shy little girl, “I would like to know…if the cultivator in black clothes is there?”

Xu Zirong frowned. Among the four of them, Jiang Ying was the only one in black clothes. Why would she want to look for him?

He looked cold and didn’t mean to respond at all. Suyue stood there with embarrassment and bit her lip, looking at Xu Zirong miserably.

However, Xu Zirong never knew what being gentle is. No matter if it’s a woman or a man, he always act so coldly.

He knew how embarrassed Suyue was, but so what? He didn’t think that this woman would be with any good intentions. Although he didn’t know much about relationships, he already noticed that this woman had strong affection towards Jiang Ying.

“What’s the matter with you?” Xu Zirong didn’t want to waste time there, but he was also worried that this woman might keep knocking on their door if he just shut the door directly.

He didn’t want to be disturbed his time alone with his brother because of a weird woman, so he wanted to get rid of her as soon as possible.

“I…I…” Suyue kept rubbing the handkerchief in her hand, and she vividly showed how emotional and affectionate she was as a female cultivator.

If she encountered a male cultivator who cherished women, she might be able to get his assistance. Unfortunately, she was dealing with Xu Zirong who always acted coldly to the others.

In this world, the only thing that could move him was his brother, and everything else was less important.

“If there’s nothing else, then leave now.” Xu Zirong’s facial expression darkened.

Suyue was shocked. She couldn’t help but curse in her heart that this man wasn’t a gentleman at all. Then, she acted fast and took out an exquisite box, “this is my talisman for communication. Please let him know that I looked for him if he came to Five Ghost City again.”

Xu Zirong raised his eyebrows and glanced at the box using his divine consciousness. He only took it after making sure that there’s no spiritual flow. After responding “ok”, he shut the door loudly.

The smile on Suyue’s face turned stiff. She really hated this bastard, but she could only endure it for that demonic core…!

After returning to her room angrily, Suyue started contacting the corpse puppet worm. In order to hide the flow of her corpse puppet worm, she specifically refined an empty talisman of communication and put the worm inside.

Even if that person did not turn on the talisman, once he opened the box, the corpse puppet worm would immediately detect it, and it could get into that person’s body at once.

Suyue felt that her plan had gone smoothly. Even that man liked men, he wouldn’t mind one talisman of communication. In fact, if her corpse puppet worm was sent into the yard, then she’d already succeeded half of her plan.

She could surely control her corpse puppet worm to do some complicated moves in a certain distance. Therefore, even if that man didn’t open that box, she had ways to make that worm get into his body as well. It’s only that she’d have to consume a huge amount of her essence blood if she did so, so she’d never do that unless absolutely necessary.

Suyue quietly waited for Jiang Ying’s return, but she had no idea that what happened inside the small courtyard was something that she could never imagine…

When Xu Zirong returned to the room with the box, Snowball, which was squatting in a corner and Pink Hair on Xu Ziyan’s shoulders, raised their head, looking at Xu Zirong’s direction with disgust.

When two weird spiritual pets did that at the same time, Xu Zirong stopped his feet.

“Hey!” The gluttonous’ face wrinkled. It sniffed the smell in the air and looked at its companion in disgust, as if it was saying, “it has such a strong smell of a corpse! How could your master be so stupid to bring this kind of thing here?”

“Puff!” Pink Hair yelled angrily – there’s no way it could let the gluttonous insult the master that it’d chosen. Unfortunately, Xu Zirong wasn’t smart enough this time, as he hadn’t discovered that there’s something weird in his box, and it’s even something that even the gluttonous would never eat.

“Hey!” The gluttonous tightened its nose and yelled again. (Master, please throw it away now, this thing stinks too much!)

Pink Hair glanced at the gluttonous furiously. Xu Zirong’s divine consciousness was still too weak, and he couldn’t carry their thoughts yet. Otherwise, his divine consciousness would be destroyed easily.

It finally found a master that it liked, how could it destroy his divine consciousness just because of its failure of communication?

The depressed Pink Hair stared at Zirong hard, but Zirong didn’t understand what it meant. He moved away his gaze after staring at it painly.

“Meh!” (The snowball thought, “hahaha…your master isn’t connected with you at all!”) Snowball burst into laughter and it almost rolled out from the corner.

Pink Hair showed its teeth to Snowball, it instantly jumped on Xu Zirong’s arm and kicked his hand.

Pa! The box fell on the ground. The talisman of communication inside also fell out and there’s a little crack on it.

Xu Zirong calmly looked at Pink Hair, which was shocked by his cold eyes. Then, it got angry at itself as it was scared by this cultivator of building base.

“Don’t do it next time.” Xu Zirong didn’t mean to blame Pink Hair. Aside from eating carrots, his spiritual pet was always hiding and never fought for him. However, it’d never done anything which harmed him.

Although Pink Hair’s movements just now were weird, it was aiming at the box in his hand. Naturally, he grew more suspicious of the box.

“Puff puff!” (Hey, don’t you want to eat the thing inside the box?) Pink Hair stared at Snowball.

Snowball showed a look of disgust, “meh.” (Don’t be kidding, how could I eat something that stinks?)

Xu Zirong looked at the talisman of communication and he seemed to be thinking about something. Since they got there, they’d never gone outside the gate of the courtyard. They couldn’t afford to offend anyone. After seeing how that female cultivator behaved, he started to realize that Jiang Ying was their target.

Xu Zirong touched his chin. There weren’t any coveted treasures on Jiang Ying. The materials he sold in the past few days were only monsters of low level and they hardly aroused anyone’s interest. After analyzing for a while, he realized that the only attractive thing in Jiang Ying’s body would be his demonic core.

Xu Zirong’s eyes darkened. If he remembered it correctly, it should be the corpse puppet sect which was controlling the Five Ghost City, and a demonic core would be the best material to refine zombies. Also, once he calculated the time, the two most murderous and famous women from his past life rebelled against the corpse puppet sect at around this time…

When thinking about these two women from the corpse puppet sect, Xu Zirong frowned.

Although they were two women from the sect, it was actually just one person. That woman was hostile and murderous. No one knew what she’d gone through in the corpse puppet sect, people only knew that she had been through some drastic changes in sect. Aside from these two women from the corpse puppet sect, there’s also one male disciple who had used this opportunity to kill an elder and snatched his zombie.

No one knew how a cultivator of building base snatched away the zombie of a cultivator of nascent soul. They only knew from the incident that the cultivator of nascent soul failed to escape and he got killed.

Such a strong contrast made people curious, and they started wondering if there was a secret of cultivation in the corpse puppet sect. They dared to take up such challenges, and that’s also why these two women from the sect had been escaping from murder for a long time.

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