Chapter 135

At the same time, it was this journey of escape that made the twins of corpse puppet sect notorious. Nearly 90% of those who chased them died in their hands. Moreover, the more cultivators who died in their hands, the higher their cultivation level became. In the end, even a cultivator of nascent soul suffered, and those who were chasing them only started retreating then.

Xu Zirong hated lunatics with no limits. In his past life, what the twins from the corpse puppet sect cherished the most was the younger sister. And after her sister died, the older one had become a lunatic with no limits.

If he provoked a normal person, he could still try coordinating with benefits or use his strength to suppress. However, if he encountered a lunatic, there’s simply no other way than to kill her.

The only thing to be thankful for now is that the woman from the corpse puppet sect hadn’t gone crazy, so perhaps there’s a way to make her give up on the thought?

Jiang Ying’s smartness in his reaction made Xu Zirong pleased, and he didn’t want to lose such a nice subordinate.

Ba Ji!

There was a sound in the quiet room. Xu Zirong turned his head and he saw Pink Hair slowly raised its paw on the ground…

Under its pink paws, a black worm had already been crushed…

Xu Zirong, “…”

The gluttonous, “…”

Pink Hair, “Ka cha, continue to eat carrots!”

After gently rubbing his forehead, Xu Zirong decisively gave up on the thought of getting along with

Xu Zirong didn’t know when the little sister of the corpse puppet died, but if things didn’t change too much, he couldn’t get away from the craziness of the twins. It might be better to just kill them and get rid of this trouble once and for all.

Xu Zirong’s gaze got dimmed, and there’s an intention of murder in his eyes. His brother was completely unable to protect himself, if he wanted to kill that woman, he must beware of her moving away.

After out a piece of jade pendant from his pocket and crushing it, it didn’t take long before Jiang Ying and Fang Tianrui returned to the courtyard.

After knowing that the woman who tried to seduce him was a disciple of the corpse puppet sect, Jiang Ying started to feel scared.

Fortunately, this woman was greedy and wanted to refine the zombie of the demonic core. Otherwise, if she reported this to someone else and if some cultivator of golden core or nascent soul showed up, then Xu Ziyan and the others would surely be at risk.

“So…what’s important for us is to stop her from sending signals to her master.” Xu Zirong told Jiang Ying.

“Of course!” The gentle Jiang Ying smiled gently, but there’s a naked sense of murder under his eyes.

If someone wanted his demonic core, it all depends if that person could survive first.

On the other hand, after Suyue lost contact with her corpse puppet worm, she started panicking. She always thought that she had hidden the worm very well, and she’d never expect that it would be crushed to death by a pink rabbit…

As the corpse puppet worm was pushed out by Suyue forcefully, she couldn’t feel whether the worm was still alive or not. There were also many reasons to lose contact with the worm, one of each would be it being put into a Qiankun bag.

Suyue was super desperate, although the corpse puppet worm wasn’t really a living organism, it wasn’t a dead object either. It wouldn’t be able to survive inside a Qiankun bag, even though it might hold on for some time.

Her desperate feelings were obvious. Fang Zhizhi thought of something when he saw Suyue so anxious.

“Sister, don’t worry, I’m sure they’ll fall into the trap.” Eyue lightly comforted her sister. Suyue nodded and kept silent on her bedside.

Fang Zhizhi watched aside coldly, but doubts arose in his heart. Although Suyue said that she had methods to lure that person out of the city, she wasn’t specific in it. Logically speaking, there’s no reason for her to hide at all, as they were all on the same boat. However, since Suyue hadn’t revealed the whole truth, this made Fang Zhizhi start doubting if Suyue had other intentions.

It’s reasonable for him to be suspicious, as one should be like that to survive in the corpse puppet sect. Otherwise, he would’ve become someone else’s zombie long time ago. Since he could become his master’s favorite disciple in a few years, being talented wouldn’t be enough.

Since he could suppress the hatred in his heart and have a smooth development in his enemy’s sect, it already proved that he had very high emotional intelligence.

“Sister, the two of them quarreled, that person went out alone!” Eyue stood by the window, looking at the scene below and said excitedly.

“What?” Suyue stood up abruptly and hurried to the window.

Outside the window, not far away, they could see the person with demonic core saying something to the man next to him angrily. The other man looked cold and didn’t have any reactions.

It was not so much a quarrel between the two, it looked more like the person with demonic core who’s venting to the other party. In the end, the two parted unhappily, and the one with demonic core left the inn quietly.

When the two “quarreled”, they were very careful. They made sure to release a spell to block any potential investigation, and therefore Suyue and Eyue couldn’t listen to their conversation without alerting them.

However, from their facial expressions just now, it seemed that it’s more like a fight between a couple…?

Suyue started thinking more deeply when she thought of the way she acted when she sent the corpse puppet worm. Perhaps the worm hadn’t become as useful as she initially thought, but the talisman of communication had helped her in another way.

“Hurry up!” Fang Zhizhi yelled, and three figures quickly followed Jiang Ying.

Jiang Ying headed towards the gate with an angry face, as if he wanted to find a place to vent.

Su Yue was overjoyed, while Eyue was happy for her sister, she couldn’t help but look at Fang Zhizhi secretly. She was secretly admiring this senior brother who’s so good-looking. However, her sister once reminded her that no men were reliable, just like their father who had affairs with different female cultivators.

However, once she could refine her senior brother into her zombie, then she could permanently own him, she also wouldn’t have to worry about him being seduced!

It’s just that…when Eyue thought of how dull and cold a zombie looked, she felt a bit pitiful. She preferred her senior brother who’s gentle and smiley, and she was not sure whether he could still be the same after being refined as a zombie.

Fang Zhizhi’s facial expression remained unchanged, it looked as if he was following behind Suyue, chasing Jiang Ying, but he was actually paying attention to Eyue’s facial expression.

As twins, Eyue had been well maintained by Suyue. Very often, she couldn’t hide her real emotions.

Fang Zhizhi felt his heart sink when he noticed Eyue looking pitiful and excited at the same time.

Fang Zhizhi’s face was as sinking as water, and he seemed to have been following Suyue, tracking Jiang Ying, but in fact, he had been paying attention to Eyue’s expression.

Although she is twins, Ke Eyue has always been well protected by Suyue, which has caused her to be unable to conceal her true emotions in many cases.

He lowered his eyes secretly, but he kept walking fast. In his mind, there was already another plan. To be frank, he had no emotional ties with the whole corpse puppet sect at all, even his master, who seemed to cherish him, only treated him as an obedient tool.

Sisters like Suyue and Eyue also meant nothing for him. In fact, in most sects of demon cultivation, he needed to pay attention to sisters and brothers within the same sect.

Suyue stared at Jiang Ying’s back and she frowned slightly. Although things went as she’d expected, that he left Five Ghost City, all seemed too smoothly and it made her a little worried.

However, a demonic core was something she could not miss, she had to take this risk even if there’s a trap.

Jiang Ying was furious, and his expression of resentment did not seem to be fake. When he left the Five Ghost City, he carefully chose a relatively open road.

Many cultivators who traveled to and from the Five Ghost City occasionally passed this road, and the residents of the surrounding towns of mortals would also use this road to sell their goods in the Five Ghost City.

Suyue naturally didn’t mind the lives of those mortals, but she had to be careful of the cultivators who passed by.

She didn’t want this demonic core, which she’d tried so hard to get, to be possessed by the others.

Jiang Ying walked along the road for a while, then turned a corner and walked into a forest.

Suyue followed him, but didn’t get too close. Instead, she slowed down and got close to Fang Zhizhi’s side.

“What?” Fang Zhizhi raised his eyes and glanced at her.

“It seems that something is wrong.” Suyue said vigilantly. This forest was already some distance away from the Five Ghost City. It was logical to assume that it was the best place to ambush, but she still felt uneasy.

Fang Zhizhi blinked, with a puzzled look in his eyes, “are you worried that he will ambush us?”

Suyue nodded.

A cold light flashed through Fang Zhizhi’s eyes, but a look of disdain appeared on his face afterwards, “how would he ambush you if you haven’t shown any traces? Could it be that…” He squinted his eyes and his tone got colder, “have you done anything behind my back and he found out about it?”

“Of course not.” Suyue tried to cover the guilt in her heart and said coldly. Until now, she still hadn’t successfully contacted her corpse puppet worm. She would of course worry if the worm got exposed already.

However, the existence of this corpse puppet worm was the secret of the corpse puppet sect. She didn’t think that a passing cultivator could detect the worm inside the talisman when there’s no spiritual flow at all.

“It’d better to be like this.” Fang Zhizhi glared at her coldly. Previously, he was just doubting whether Suyue had done something behind his back, and now he’s completely sure of it.

No matter how calculating Su Yue was, she was still only a teenager. In terms of observing others’ behavior and expression, she still couldn’t beat Fang Zhizhi who had gone through so much in the sect for five years.

Fang Zhizhi had already noticed how uneasy she felt, and he’s now completely sure that she had done something behind his back.

However, no matter if it’s something that Suyue did to scare the others, or something done by Jiang Ying, Fang Zhizhi had no intention to interfere at all.

Initially, he had no interest in refining zombies. If he didn’t need to find the Soul Calling Bell which was the most important for him, he wouldn’t accept Suyue’s request at all. And if he still participated after already knowing that something’s wrong, he would be the biggest fool ever.

“He’s in, if we don’t keep up, he will run away. If you are afraid, then we’ll look for another opportunity.” Fang Zhizhi glanced at the direction in which Jiang Ying had disappeared, and said in a low voice.

Suyue also took a look, she bit her lower lip, her expression showing a bit of struggle, but it quickly turned into a hint of decisiveness.

“Let’s go!” She said in a low voice and chased up.

Eyue followed closely, and she did not forget to check Fang Zhizhi before she went. His eyes seemed a bit weird, they seemed a bit pitiful, as if he’s sighing…

Fang Zhizhi’s facial expressions slightly changed, yet he still followed. It’s only that his position was a bit specific – it’s not too far yet not too close to Suyue. It’d be easy for him to join a fight with this distance, and he could also escape the scene if he had to flee.

Jiang Ying’s figure flashed through the bushes like a shadow. Suyue was worried that things might change if she wanted any longer. She decided to take out her dagger and throw it towards Jiang Ying.

“Ah!” Jiang Ying screamed. His back was stabbed and he fell.

Suyue was stunned, and Eyue also showed a look of disbelief.

Could he be kidding?

Jiang Ying was a cultivator at the later stage of building base. Although her dagger was a sharp weapon, it still couldn’t have killed him with just one shot…?

The sisters glanced at each other, their eyes were filled with disbelief. However, it’s the fact, and Jiang Ying indeed died in front of them. They also hadn’t experienced any ambush.

“What is this…brother?” Suyue wanted to ask Fang Zhizhi about it, yet when she turned her head, she found that her senior brother was already gone.

In fact, Fang Zhizhi had already noticed something was wrong when Suyue threw the dagger at Jiang Ying. He was a cultivator at the late stage of building base, and the scope of his divine consciousness was much larger than that of the two sisters.

In his divine consciousness, there was not a single living thing in this forest, which in itself was a very abnormal thing.

He’s not like the two sisters who had never been out of the sect and had no experience in fighting. Inside the sect, even when there’s fight between brothers, they wouldn’t aim at each other’s death.

However, when they were outside, there were all kinds of methods to fight among cultivators. Once there’s something wrong, the cultivators would naturally become much more cautious.

Fang Zhizhi already had experience in this regard, and he would of course not fall into traps as easily as the two sisters. However, since he knew that these two sisters had bad intentions about him, he wouldn’t remind them kindly.

And since he already possessed the Soul Calling Bell, it wouldn’t do him any harm if these two sisters never returned. In that case, no one would ever know that he already had the bell.

As Fang Zhizhi retired in time, and Xu Zirong happened to remember this handsome man vaguely, and he didn’t stop him on purpose.

In his memory, this young man seemed to have met him in his previous life. At that time, there was a young female corpse puppet behind him, and that young man was gently feeding her and wiping the blood near the corner of her mouth.

As a demon cultivator himself, Xu Zirong had a good impression of this young man. Now that they saw each other again, Xu Zirong was willing to let him go.

Fang Zhizhi retreated, which immediately left Suyue and Eyue in trouble.

As two female cultivators of the early stage of building base, who had no experience in life-and-death fighting, they couldn’t defend themselves under the arrays of Xu Zirong and the combined attack of Jiang Ying and Fang Tianrui.

Initially, Fang Tianrui still didn’t want to be so cruel when Suyue and Eyue begged them. However, he acted decisively after Xu Zirong told him coldly that the sisters intended to refine Jiang Ying as their zombie.

Although he was a bit traditional and rigid, he still knew what to do at the right moment. Also, Jiang Ying was of utmost importance for him, no matter if he’s his savior or his destined lover. It would be enough for him to act decisively and to be cruel to any enemies threatening their safety.

A few minutes ago, Suyue and Eyue were still energetic girls in their teenage years, yet they had suddenly become two corpses…

“Burn them.” Xu Zirong coldly glanced at the corpses. After making sure that they were dead, he told Jiang Ying.

Jiang Ying lit up a black flame and burnt the corpses of the two sisters.

This black flame was the spiritual flame he condensed after he cultivated the Lost Soul Spell. Although it was not large in size and did not seem to be powerful, it was specifically designed to burn the soul.

It was Xu Zirong who had taught him how to use the Lost Soul Spell, and he of course knew the use of this spiritual flame. Xu Zirong told Jiang Ying to burn them, and that’s because he wanted to get rid of their souls as well.

One cannot blame Xu Zirong for being so cruel. Since he had been in demon cultivation for so long, he knew very well that there were tons of ways to make someone resurrect. Of course, those who managed to get resurrected were not normal people anymore, but when they faced the twins of corpse puppet sect who didn’t mind any consequences and who could go so far, he didn’t want to take any risks.

After dealing with the two corpses, Xu Zirong also removed the array that he’d set before.

After all, they were in the territory of the corpse puppet sect, he didn’t want to be noticed by a cultivator of nascent soul – at least not now.

After returning to the spot where he’d set the ambush, Xu Zirong squinted his eyes and slowly stretched his hand towards the direction of Pink Hair and Snowball.

Suddenly, something shocking happened!

His hands disappeared bit by bit along with his movement, just like he’s actively feeding his hands into some monster’s mouth.

After sensing it for a while with his instincts, Xu Zirong again seemed to be holding something, and slowly took his hand back.

Along with his movements, a slender figure gradually appeared. This figure had a wide, open shirt, a blushed face with an angry look, which didn’t really match with Xu Zirong’s plain and calm face…

“Sorry, I am still not skilled enough to find my brother.” Xu Zirong smiled apologetically, but Xu Ziyan noticed how reckless Xu Zirong was from his dark eyes…

Xu Ziyan stared at Xu Zirong taking care of his clothes angrily and he couldn’t express his bitter feelings. All in all, Little Square was a special existence. Although Pink Hair and Snowball could help him position, Xu Zirong could only find where Little Square was. And that gave him an opportunity to touch his brother as well. If he couldn’t see Xu Ziyan, then he could find him by touching everywhere he could, and if he accidentally touched somewhere that he shouldn’t, it’s only because Xu Ziyan was unlucky…

For this ambush to succeed, Xu Ziyan admitted the existence of Little Square. After all, he had already exposed it last time, there shouldn’t be an issue to expose even more…

After making sure that his brother was safe, Xu Zirong could set the trap there without any worries and get rid of the twin sisters of corpse puppet sect.

When he set this plan, they’d already made preparations to leave Five Ghost City. All in all, they were in the territory of the corpse puppet sect, even though they did this discreetly, they still let one of their disciples flee.

At that time, Xu Zirong and Jiang Ying did not have the energy to hunt down Fang Zhizhi, as under the circumstances at the time, Xu Zirong had to ensure that Suyue got killed, and he couldn’t leave that array.

With the strength of Fang Zhizhi, even if Jiang Ying managed to chase him, there might not be positive consequences. They might as well bet that the man, who was carrying the young female corpse puppet, would be the rebellious disciple who had snatched away the zombie of the cultivator of nascent soul…

After leaving the Five Ghost City, Xu Zirong began to use Cloud Shuttle to lead the way. He had been in the dense forest with monsters before. No one could say for sure whether they would attract a lot of flying monsters by using the Cloud Shuttle.

However, in this plain area, it would be a great idea to use it. In just two days, they managed to bypass two cities very close to Five Ghost City, and they arrived in a large city called the Day Devouring City.

This Day Devouring City was controlled by the Qilian family, and this Qilian family was a family of cultivation which had been doing business for many generations.

Strangely, most members of the Qilian family were interested in commercial activities, and those who were interested in cultivation all had great achievements.

At least for now, the Qilian family already had four cultivators of nascent soul, and it’s really one of the top among all the families of cultivation.

With this kind of strength, it would be more than enough to build a middle-level sect, but the Qilian family was only involved in commerce. Never had they ever participated in any fights.

Such a neutral family could manage very well in righteous and evil sects. After all, the exchange of resources was necessary for territories controlled by demon or righteous cultivators. The Qilian family happened to be the best middleman between the two.


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