Chapter 137

In fact, Xu Ziyan was not as concerned about the identity of Zirong as younger brother as Xu Zirong had imagined. After all, he was transmigrated, and he didn’t think that their blood relations were that important.

In his eyes, the intimacy with Xu Zirong might not look as bad as those same-sex couples (all in all, he thought that he’d transmigrated; he’s not the same person). Therefore, the biggest obstacle perceived by Xu Zirong was actually ignored by Xu Ziyan…

He gently rubbed his lips on Xu Zirong’s lips. As an old virgin…wait, after the experience, he’s no longer a virgin. -____-

Xu Ziyan wasn’t good at kissing. When facing Zirong asking for a kiss, he didn’t know how to act. He briefly kissed Xu Zirong, who in turned opened his eyes with dissatisfaction, held his brother’s head and kissed him furiously until he’d had enough…

When Xu Ziyan struggled to finish kissing with Xu Zirong, there’s only a pair of pants left on his body.

Xu Ziyan was angry, and he used a chestnut to knock on Xu Zirong’s head, “in any case, I’m still your brother. Even if I accept you, you must keep our relationship secret. Although I don’t care how others think of us, we should avoid all troubles. We’re the disciples of Liu Guang sect, and I don’t want anyone to know that we’re in a relationship.”

“Okay…” Xu Zirong quickly agreed. For him, as long as he could be with his brother, nothing else was a problem.

With Xu Zirong’s guarantee, Xu Ziyan was also relieved. With Zirong’s temper, he was really worried if he’d make their relationship public.

He didn’t really care about how the other people thought of them. When he knew that his brother was gay, many people gave them their opinion and he’d never cared about it. However, it’d still be better to have less people nagging around your ears.

“Okay, let’s return now.” Xu Ziyan looked at Xu Zirong grimly, “cure the wounds on your face and don’t pretend to be pathetic in front of me.”

Xu Zirong smiled slightly, and he used a few green rays of light from his fingertips to cure the redness on his face. There was no trace at all.

Xu Ziyan looked at the perfect face and felt sorry for himself. Obviously, he’d known already that Xu Zirong was pretending. Otherwise, how would a cultivator of Qi condensation let him get beaten up like that?

But…he’s still soft-hearted. Since the beginning, Xu Zirong had already controlled him. Even if he didn’t accept it that day, he still wouldn’t be able to resist Xu Zirong one day.

Forget it, why was he still thinking so much after accepting it?

Xu Ziyan laughed at himself and touched his chest lightly when he looked at the straight figure of Zirong.

Starting from that day, he had to treat Zirong like a lover. Although he might not be used to it at the beginning, he would treat Zirong as a loyal, committed lover – as long as Zirong didn’t betray him.

Xu Ziyan’s look suddenly became more serious. He thought that he had to discuss this well with Zirong. There’s something that he must let Zirong know. Since he’s forced to become his lover, Zirong had to know the his limits as well. He must let Xu Zirong know that there couldn’t be any faults in the relationship.

He would take this relationship seriously. However, if Zirong dared to start an affair behind his back, then he’d certainly give him a “surprise” that he’d never forget!

When the two brothers—no, when the couple returned to the inn, Pink Hair and Snowball, after staying hidden upon arrival at the Day Devouring City, appeared again.


“Puff puff!”

“Huh, so you two are back?” Xu Ziyan was in a good mood, he squatted down and stroked the soft hair of Snowball.

He and Xu Zirong had a complete and thorough discussion just now, but what made him upset was that – Zirong seemed to have known that he’s not the original Xu Ziyan. However, he only realized a few days back that the origin of his brother was also not simple, and Zirong had hidden it quite well as someone after rebirth.

Perhaps it was because there was mutual trust, Xu Ziyan hadn’t realized that this secret behavior would look so stupid in the others’ eyes.

He just felt that his relationship with Zirong was not as simple as an ordinary couple, and given how extreme Zirong was, if he still had reservations, it would indeed be very dangerous.

Although Zirong, who was reborn once, was no longer as cynical as he was in his previous life, that was only limited to the fact that he was always by his side. Once he left, this kid with his usual views distorted might be doing crazy stuff…

In the past, if he wasn’t near Zirong, he always had to worry whether someone would bully him, right now, he would worry that Zirong would bully the others instead…

Xu Ziyan held his forehead silently, and it was true that he’s destined to be worrying all of his life. It would be even more difficult to not let him worry than to reject Zirong.

“Meh!” Snowball looked at Pink Hair with disdain (it seems that your master has no shame, he even did it with his older brother.)

“Puff puff!” Pink Hair scratched its ears with its paws (his brother is willing, so how’s that related to you?)

“Meh!” (I am worried about your future. With such a master who has no boundaries, aren’t you worried that he’ll sell you one day?)

“Puff puff!” Pink Hair glared back contemptuously. (Worry about yourself first, your master might abandon you since you eat too much.)

The two spiritual pets parted unhappily, Xu Ziyan looked at them in confusion, shrugged and returned to his room.

Xu Ziyan’s ‘injury’ recovered within a short period of time thanks to Xu Zirong’s tireless efforts.

While everyone was happy for him, they couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief.

Among the four of them, Xu Ziyan was the first to reach the Qi condensation period. However, it was so ridiculous that he had become “paralyzed” after absorbing too much spiritual power.

Now with Xu Ziyan and Xu Zirong as guards, who’d reached the level of Qi condensation, there was an increased level of safety. In case they faced any enemies of golden core, they could at least fight a bit.

After resting at the inn for a few days and confirming that there were no hidden risks in his body, Xu Ziyan left the relatively safe courtyard and went to look for the shop which Liu Guang sect had set up.

The name of the Day Devouring City came from the Day Devouring Mountain. This mountain was located in the northwest of the Day Devouring City. The entire mountain range was covered by black mist. Anyone inside the mountain would felt like it’s dark all year round, hence the name “Day Devouring Mountain”.

Qilian family developed the Day Devouring City, since there was a rich variety of resources. Aside from all kinds of monsters, spiritual flowers and spiritual minerals, the most famous one in the mountain range would be its spiritual mine.

This spiritual mine wasn’t a big one, after hundreds of years of excavation, there was basically no trace of spiritual stones in the mine. When the Qilian family spent a large sum of spirit stones to buy this depleted mine from the Hidden Mist Sect, which owned the mine, many people laughed at them. However, after they bought the mine, they didn’t exploit it themselves, but they sold the qualifications to exploit it in the city.

With just five hundred low-level spiritual stones, a person could enter the mine and stay there for one month. Within one month, he could own everything that he could dig out.

In this way, the act of digging for spiritual stones had become a kind of gambling. Five hundred low-level spiritual stones was a fair price, anyone who could dig out the stones would gain back their cost, and he’d get rich if he dug out a high-level one!

Moreover, in the mineral veins, people could occasionally find spiritual ores grown together with spiritual stones. Once, a cultivator dug out a piece of wood-type spiritual crystal in an abandoned mine tunnel. A wood-type spiritual crystal with the size of a thumb was worth hundreds of high-level spiritual stones. Such news had attracted a lot of people in the city to exploit the mine.

The Qilian family’s investment did not bring any losses, as expected by the others. On the contrary, their unique way of operating enabled them to earn a great profit and many people were shocked.

The Qilian family was able to adopt such a method of operation, and that’s related to the fact that the family valued promises highly.

In Qilian’s auction house, there was a high level of security. No one had to worry about being robbed once they stepped out of the house.

Each auction house had at least more than fifty exits, and these exits were distributed in and out of the city. Twenty of them were open at every auction. In this way, the safety of buyers and sellers was fully guaranteed, so that they could live and enjoy what they deserved.

“Brother, I went to ask in the Liu Guang sect, they just sent a batch of products and the next time would be 3 months later. Shall we wait here?”

“Three months…” Xu Ziyan frowned. Three months were enough for them to drive the Cloud Shuttle all the way back to the Liu Guang sect, but then they couldn’t guarantee their safety on the way.

Now they have almost crossed over half of the territory of demon cultivators, no one knew what they’d encounter on the way.

If they could follow the cultivator of golden core stationed in the shop, it would undoubtedly become much safer. However, if they wanted to stay in the Day Devouring City for 3 months, the amount of spiritual stones that they had would be a big problem.

After transmigration, it was Xu Ziyan’s first time to taste what it felt like by being poor. The materials that they’d found in the Ghost Mountain Range had already been sold as medicine and pills. Now, they had only 24 middle-level spiritual stones left…

With this amount of spiritual stones, it would not be sufficient for them to pay the rent or to buy pills required for cultivation (Xu Ziyan just realized that the inn that they were staying at was the best one, and they had to pay one middle-level spiritual stone per day).

After looking at the empty Qiankun bag, Xu Ziyan was very distressed. The things that Luo Yun had given him were life-saving treasures, and they could not be sold in any way, but apart from those, they didn’t even have any valuable things on them — It made him sad to think about it. _(:3∠)_

“Really? Someone dug out the Refined Fire Essence?” At this time, Jiang Ying and Fang Tianrui entered and they looked shocked.

“Huh? What Refined Fire Essence?” Xu Ziyan listened more carefully when someone mentioned this expensive spiritual ore.

“We went out for a walk just now, and happened to hear someone discussing in a teahouse, saying that someone had dug out the Refined Fire Essence and sold it for a lot of money. Yeah.” Jiang Ying explained.

“Refined Fire Essence?” Xu Ziyan touched his chin. His original body had almost never set foot in the territories of demon cultivation, and he had naturally never heard of it.

Xu Zirong’s eyes lit up when he heard the term, he remembered that even though he was busy escaping at the time, he had also heard the news that five-element prismatic crystal had been dug out in the abandoned spiritual mines in Day Devouring City. After calculating the days, this should happen in one or two months.

At that time, the person who dug the five-element prismatic crystal was a cultivator of building base, who’s in a very poor condition, but with that prism, he managed to cultivate himself to the level of golden core with the pills that he’d got after selling the prism. It’s obvious how much it’s worth.

Of course, if the five-element prismatic crystal fell into his hands, he would never sell it! The biggest function of the five-element prismatic crystal is that it can become a source of spirituality. In other words, as long as someone cultivated near the five-element prismatic crystal, it was almost equivalent to carrying a huge blessed land.

The five-element prismatic crystal had all five elements, so it could produce pure aura with endless energy in any environment. However, the prismatic crystal cannot be put into a Qiankun bag, so anyone who possessed it had the level of cultivation of nascent soul or above.

At that time, the cultivator who dug it out was very smart. Although he noticed the effect of the five-element prismatic crystal, he also knew that this kind of treasure was definitely not something he could keep. Therefore, after digging out the prismatic crystal, he immediately returned to Day Devouring City and hid in the auction house of Qilian family. After the auction, he quickly disappeared with a large amount of spiritual stones…

However, aside from the fact that the five-element prismatic crystal could help people cultivate, most of the cultivators liked its other use.

As everyone knew, after reaching the level of nascent soul, they would be aware of certain rules in the space. Some cultivators knowing the spells of space could create one of their own.

This kind of space was called the “Bare Entity” by the cultivators.

The general “Bare Entity” could only be used as a substitute for storage supplies. The only advantage was that the things hidden there couldn’t be taken away except after consent of the owner.

However, ordinary “Bare Entity” cannot allow living creatures to survive. If a cultivator wanted to construct a fairyland-like space, they had to place treasures with the purest five elements in it. It must attract the attention of the others, or no one would even look at it.

It is precisely for this reason that most of the cultivators with “Bare Entity” that allowed living organisms have reached the stage of deity, and only with this kind of cultivation level could they ensure to collect enough of the ultimate treasures of the five elements.

The five-element prismatic crystal would be an excellent substitute for this kind of treasure!

As long as someone placed this five-element prismatic crystal in the Bare Entity, it could then gradually change the environment inside by slowly releasing the aura of the five elements, making it more vibrant!

As Xu Ziyan had already admitted the existence of Little Square, Xu Zirong had always been very curious about this magical Little Square.

Completely different from the Bare Entity constructed by the cultivator himself, Mr. Little Square could actually allow humans to survive in a two-meter square! It almost destroyed all Xu Zirong’s cognition about the Bare Entity.

Fortunately, he had even encountered the two miraculous things of rebirth and transmigration, so the existence of Little Square wasn’t so shocking for him. ╮(╯▽╰)╭

“If we put the five-element prismatic crystal into Little Square, what will happen?” Xu Ziyan muttered to himself while holding his chin. He just sent away Jiang Ying and confessed to his brother about the five-element prismatic crystal.

Speaking of which, Xu Zirong also felt lucky, his brother turned out to have all the memories of the previous life of that scumbag! If it weren’t for this, his brother wouldn’t have that kind of mentality to spoil him.

Because of his rebirth and his brother’s transmigration, the combination of the two’s memories was simply like the biggest prophet in Xuan Yu Realm.

Not only that, but his brother could even learn part of the experiences of Bai Hua, and Zirong’s more than willing to get away all opportunities of that bastard!

He wanted to see, without those treasures and spiritual pets and without so much support, could that Bai Hua still dominate the Xuan Yu Realm?

“The five-element prismatic crystal is a good thing, but do you know where that thing is? That abandoned mine is huge.” Xu Ziyan looked at his younger brother with doubt.

If Xu Zirong had already been there, Xu Ziyan would of course not have such doubts, but it was still just a rumor. Otherwise, it’s not possible to find the location of the thing so easily.

Xu Zirong raised the corner of his mouth, “thanks to Qilian family.”

“Huh?” Xu Ziyan was puzzled, what did it have to do with the Qilian family?

“Because the Qilian family immediately closed the mine tunnel after the cultivator dug out the five-element prismatic crystal, and when it was opened again, anyone who’d like to dig that mine would have to pay fifty middle-level spiritual stones.”

“Ten times the price?” Xu Ziyan was surprised.

“Yeah, after all, it’s the place where the five-element prismatic crystal was dug out. Everyone knows that the five-element prismatic crystal is full of aura, and there might be other spiritual treasures that we can find.” Xu Zirong sneered.

Xu Ziyan immediately sneered, “with how smart the Qilian family is, they must have speculated the tunnel thoroughly. It’s impossible that they’d left anything…or, to attract other people to dig the tunnel, they might really have left some ores with lower value.”

Xu Zirong gave his elder brother a thumbs up, “brother is right! Then, in that tunnel, people dug out some ores on and off, but they weren’t worth a lot of money and there weren’t many of them.”

“Tsk tsk, it really makes sense that they’re businessmen. Their idea is awesome!” Xu Ziyan had refreshed his impression of these people in ancient times. Their way of thinking was in no war more inferior than those in modern times.

“Then we will use these three months to dig the five-element prismatic crystal. What do you think?”

“Okay, let’s do it like that. By the way, we’ll bring Jiang Ying as well. I’m not sure if it’s an illusion, but I feel like someone is watching us.” Xu Ziyan said.

“Okay.” Xu Zirong naturally wouldn’t object. Therefore, the two notified Jiang Ying and Fang Tianrui and agreed to go to the mine of Day Devouring Mountain the next day.

The next morning, the group of four went to the office set up by Qilian family in Day Devouring city. Each paid five middle-level spiritual stones, then received an inconspicuous small iron piece. This piece of iron was their proof of entry into the mine. When entering the cave, the piece of iron must be handed over to the cultivator of the Qilian family for check.

He threw the 4 iron pieces into Mr. Little Square. Since Mr. Little Square could absorb a burst of energy every time through transmission in the space, its sense of existence had greatly increased. Also, since Xu Zirong intended to put the prismatic crystal inside Little Square, Xu Ziyan had to start training the obedience level of it.

(Little Square, “oh oh, I’m so touched…finally I’m not transparent anymore!)

The five middle-level spiritual stones did not include the cost of going from Day Devouring City to the Day Devouring Mountains, so Xu Ziyan and the others had to fly to the Mountains with their flying swords. Fortunately, the Qilian family wasn’t only there for profits, they gave the group a map recording the range of the mines…

“Wait a minute, should we go west?” Jiang Ying pointed to a small peak on the map and asked.

“No, I think we should go south.” Fang Tianrui’s thick eyebrows were stuck together as he frowned. He was trying to find their location on the map.

“Let’s not argue. Let’s go there…” Xu Ziyan said weakly, pointing to the east.

“Why? The map indicates the west.” Jiang Ying was not convinced yet.

Xu Zirong pointed down silently, Jiang Ying looked down — there’s a dense forest, which was artificially chopped into the symbol of an arrow, pointed to the east.

Jiang Ying, Fang Tianrui, “…”

After throwing away the map, Jiang Ying felt that he had been so stupid to even check the spots on the map so seriously -____-

After flying through several similar arrows, it didn’t take long for them to find the legendary abandoned mineral vein.

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