Chapter 144

Normally, the loss of a ghost shadow would never make the elder Yumo so furious, but the fact that Xu Ziyan had killed his ghost shadow was perceived as an offensive act.

He grabbed the spell tightly, and when he was about to release a few ghost shadows, he was stopped by Rong Qingyun, “master, Yun’er hasn’t seen the heroic act of my master for a long time. Can you let Yun’er see it today?”

There’s a look of admiration in Rong Qingyun’s eyes, as if he would be extremely disappointed if elder Yumo didn’t kill them.

Elder Yumo laughed, “okay! I’ll let my good apprentice see how master gets rid of them!”

Rong Qingyun’s eyes flashed, “master, I will count for you. Is ten breaths enough?”

Elder Yumo glared at him, “ten? Three is enough!”

Before he finished speaking, he’d disappeared already, there were a few beams of black light shooting at the four people. Jiang Ying and Fang Tianrui couldn’t react quickly enough and they fell into a coma after spitting out some blood.

It was also extremely difficult for Xu Zirong to defend. After all, no matter how much experience he had, there were still differences in their level of cultivation, and he couldn’t solve everything by experience.

Xu Ziyan’s performance was slightly better than that of Xu Zirong. It’s because his Purple Night Divine Thunder had a strong restraining effect for this type of spells, it’s also because his level of cultivation was slightly higher than of Xu Zirong.

After knocking out Jiang Ying and Fang Tianrui, elder Yumo stretched out his big hand and tried to pinch Xu Ziyan’s neck. From the fight just now, he could see that the gorgeous young guy had been protecting his brother all along. He thought that as long as he could control his brother, that young guy would surrender subsequently.

Before Rong Qingyun started to count one breath, the elder Yumo almost won the fight already. He glanced at his apprentice very proudly and thought that he had controlled Xu Ziyan already. Unexpectedly, at this moment, there’s a very bright purple light exploded out of Xu Ziyan’s body, and elder Yumo could feel that violent energy.

Since elder Yumo wasn’t worried about the threat of these four people at all, he hadn’t arranged any spiritual cover on his body. His body was attacked directly by the Purple Night Divine Thunder, and he was also slightly injured.

“How dare you!” The elder Yumo was furious, how could a cultivator of nascent soul be attacked by someone of Qi condensation? It would be the biggest joke ever if it got spread out!

He had a strong urge of killing them all, and no longer thought about maintaining these people for his apprentice, he instantly released his strongest attack – the “Splitting Sky Slash”.

Only cultivators with the level above nascent soul could really come into contact with the law of space, and the “Splitting Sky Slash” is an attacking spell derived from the law of space.

“Brother!” Xu Zirong’s eyes instantly turned blood red, and the blood in his body turned cold due to the scene not far away.

Xu Ziyan only saw that the middle-aged man took a few steps back and raised his hand to make a virtual cut. Then, the space between the two was distorted, and even some spatial cracks appeared.

At this moment, time seemed to have stopped, buu Xu Ziyan was unexpectedly calm.

He knew that his cultivation level was absolutely irresistible to this move. Even if he still had the defensive talisman that Luo Yun had given him, he would definitely not be able to stop this cut derived from the law of space. It’s meant to kill him, and it’s already his destiny.

Of course, Xu Ziyan didn’t want to die. He had transmigrated to this strange world somehow, and his mind was filled with a stranger’s memories. Even under these conditions, he adapted to the environment and survived, and he had even raised a perverted brother. How could he bear seeing his beloved “twisted” brother dying just after knowing what happiness was?

He really didn’t want to die!

Xu Ziyan didn’t want to die, and he didn’t want to see Xu Zirong collapse either!

Undoubtedly, if he died, then it would be impossible for the twisted Xu Zirong to become normal again. There might be a backlash in his Blood Sea Heart Sutra, turning him into a senseless monster who would know only how to kill.

He was reluctant to see this brother, who’d already gone through so much bitterness in his previous life, to be hurt again. So he couldn’t die!

His mind turned so fast, Xu Ziyan thought about all possible methods, but what made him desperate was that no matter what method he’s going to use, he couldn’t change the situation. Also, under the momentum released by elder Yumo, he couldn’t even escape into Little Square…

Wait! Little Square!

Xu Ziyan’s eyes suddenly lit up!

He suddenly remembered that Little Square relied on that power to evolve every time he traveled through space. Does that mean that this power is actually the source of energy for Little Square?

If this is the case, then he wasn’t sure if Little Square could accept a sharper space energy…well, let’s try anyway! You never know if you never try! If even that didn’t work, then he’d just accept his destiny!

He couldn’t move, but fortunately, he could still think. He silently controlled Little Square to block in front of him, even defending against the Splitting Sky Slash.

The elder Yumo sneered and waited for Xu Ziyan to be torn to pieces by his attack, but un expectable scene appeared afterwards. The Splitting Sky Slash disappeared suddenly when it’s very near Xu Ziyan!!!

This is absolutely impossible! ! !

Elder Yumo was taken aback, and the way he looked at Xu Ziyan had become problematic too. This Splitting Sky Slash was his proudest work, and it was absolutely impossible to be quietly lifted by a cultivator of Qi condensation!

“What did you do!” Elder Yumo sternly asked.

Xu Ziyan silently watched his Little Square swallowing the Splitting Sky Slash without any difficulties, and it even burped…

Because Xu Ziyan was shocked by the strength of the Little Square, he naturally ignored the elder Yumo.

The elder Yumo didn’t get a satisfactory reply, his eyes got dark and he planned to catch them back and tortured them slowly. He muttered some spells discreetly and the Hundred Ghost Flag appeared again behind him.

The was a dark wind on the Hundred Ghost Flag, and countless sorrowful and wailing ghosts were coming out from it. The elder Yumo was planning to release a hundred ghosts and take them all away. However, he suddenly felt a sharp pain in his heart and spat out a big mouthful of blood. His level of cultivation dropped dramatically, it dropped from nascent soul to the middle stage of golden core.

“What is it all about?!” The elder Yumo looked at Xu Ziyan in horror. He couldn’t think of when he was attacked by him, and he even got so injured so badly that his level of cultivation dropped.

Xu Zirong, who felt ecstatic after knowing that his brother survived, immediately threw himself in his brother’s arms and hugged him tightly. He made up his mind. If he really couldn’t escape from death that day, then he’d die with his brother.

Xu Ziyan was held tightly by Xu Zirong, and he looked at the elder Yumo with an innocent look – in fact, he and Xu Zirong were also taken aback by this sudden backlash…

Snowball, who had been squatting next to Xu Ziyan, closed its mouth with a sad expression…it looked at Little Square and it’s in a daze. It’d initially thought that it would take action to help, yet its monster had a secret weapon too!

Snowball rubbed its chin with its hoof and felt that it could add more points to its master.

Just when everyone was shocked by this sudden situation, Rong Qingyun, who kept leaning on the dark clouds and acting lazily, suddenly stood up straight, frowned and complained, “what a fool, I told you not to use the Hundred Ghost Flag. And you just didn’t listen to me.”

Immediately afterwards, his level of cultivation suddenly increased from the early stage of building base to the middle stage of golden core.

He checked his level of cultivation and coyly stared at Xu Ziyan and the others, “can’t you just die earlier? You’ve made me expose.”

“What happened?” The elder Yumo looked at his lover whose cultivation level had risen with a look of shock. He couldn’t accept that his most favored disciple had set him up.

Rong Qingyun sneered, “old fool, you enjoy doing it with me, right? Did you feel that your level increased every time after doing it?”

The elder Yumo stared at him suspiciously.

Rong Qingyun showed a charming smile, “you thought that I had the most precious Taoist core and could help you break through, but actually, I don’t have the core which you’d expected. Look at yourself, you’re so ugly and your skills on bed suck as well, even your disciples are much better than you.”

“What an evil disciple!” The elder Yumo suddenly became furious, as no one could bear being described like this by his partner. He raised his hand to release a spell, and the Hundred Ghost Flag behind him suddenly shook, there was another backlash and he vomited another mouthful of blood.

“You can’t even admit that you are an idiot.” Rong Qingyun laughed sarcastically. “Your cultivation base has long been absorbed by me. If you didn’t use the Hundred Ghost Flag today, I’d be able to turn you into a dried corpse in another two weeks. I am really not sure if you’re lucky or not.” Afterwards, he looked at Xu Ziyan and shook his head, “not sure if you’re lucky or not.”

Before he finished speaking, he turned his palms into claws, and rushed towards the elder Yumo. While he leaped, he still smiled, “master, since I have served you for so long, you will surrender to me your cultivation level!”

“You’re dreaming!” The eyes of the elder Yumo were about to split. He dared not use the Hundred Ghost Flag any more, and could only use other moves to deal with the situation.

Rong Qingyun smiled sweetly, but his actions were merciless. He whispered in a persuading tone, “master, those apprentices of yours have actually been refined by me. Now they seem to be normal on the surface, but they are actually just like bones. In another one or two months, the little bit of their vitality will be used up, and then… it will turn into flying ashes.”

“Master…” Rong Qingyun blinked, “it’s all your fault. Don’t you want to accompany them?”

“Huh!” Rong Qingyun’s words were obviously intended to affect the mental state of the elder Yumo, yet elder Yumo didn’t care about his disciples and concubines at all. “Since they are my disciples, they naturally need to share my burden. It’s all because they’re unlucky, you think that I’d care about them?”

The elder Yumo no longer used the Hundred Ghost Flag, he continued to take the pills heal his injuries. Although Rong Qingyun’s current cultivation base was equivalent to his, it’s not like Rong Qingyun could tackle with the situation more easily.

“Damn it!” Rong Qingyun became impatient as well. He threw the only piece of veil on his body, and his figure suddenly expanded. In a blink of an eye, he turned into a huge white six-tailed fox.

“Demonic cultivator!” The pupils of the elder Yumo shrank suddenly, and he instantly understood everything.

No wonder!

No wonder when he saw Rong Qingyun, he was already fascinated, and even after doing double cultivation with him the first time, he bceame indulged immediately.

As a cultivator of nascent soul in the Hehuan sect, the elder Yumo naturally refined a lot of bodies before reaching this level, but no one else had such a pleasant experience like his. And every time he did double cultivation with Rong Qingyun, their cultivation levels would improve, it’s only that the elder Yumo always believed that Rong Qingyun had the best body for cultivation, yet he didn’t expect that Rong Qingyun’s just an illusion.

Except for the natural instincts of the family of the nine-tailed foxes, no other delusional spells could deceive an elder of nascent soul for so long. This celestial fox already had six tails. When the elder Yumo thought that these tails were formed after Rong Qingyun refined him, he only wanted to vomit more blood…

“I am going to kill you!” The elder Yumo roared.

Ever since Rong Qingyun turned back to his original shape, the elder Yumo had been in a state of under suppression. His cultivation level suddenly fell from the nascent soul, making him unable to use many of his powerful spells. Also, he could only use his Splitting Sky Slash when he’s at nascent soul, and if he used it now, he would only exhaust his spiritual energy and burst his Dantian.

Elder Yumo didn’t want to die, so of course he wouldn’t use the Splitting Sky Slash. Although his cultivation level fell, his realm was still there, the nascent soul in his dantian had already shown signs of degradation, but he could just barely hold on. As long as he could defeat Rong Qingyun, and with the help of those cultivators of Qi condensation, he might be able to keep his nascent soul even if his level of cultivation couldn’t go back to the previous stage.

The life of a cultivator is long, and a cultivator of nascent soul has a life span of thousands of years. As long as he survived, there was still hope. Obviously, the elder Yumo would not be agitated by Rong Qingyun’s few words.

Although he roared, his tricks still showed that he’s calm. In the end, they were trained one by one. The elder Yumo’s tricks far surpassed those of Rong Qingyun.

Ever since the level of cultivation of elder Yumo fell, Xu Ziyan and Xu Zirong had become spectators at the scene. Neither Rong Qingyun nor the elder Yumo had put their cultivation base as Qi condensation in their eyes. Alternatively, these four people were just little lamb waiting to be slaughtered.

Now that the elder Yumo and Rong Qingyun were fighting fiercely, Xu Ziyan was just a little frightened, but he’s not injured. However, once he moved a bit, the two people who were fighting would glance at him coldly…

Xu Ziyan couldn’t help cursing in his heart. These two were fighting so fiercely, yet they still wouldn’t let the four go!

How did he know that both the elder Yumo and Rong Qingyun were experts in refining other cultivators? One would only get injured after fighting with someone of a similar level of cultivation, and the four of them would only become targets of being refined. It’s easily understandable that they hadn’t been let go.

“Go get Jiang Ying and Fang Tianrui.” Xu Ziyan said to Xu Zirong in a low voice.

Xu Zirong hugged Xu Ziyant’s waist tightly and he wouldn’t let go. There’s a thin bloody vine beneath him.

After seeing the bloody vine crawling towards Jiang Ying and Fang Tianrui silently, Xu Ziyan glanced at the two people fighting over there. He realized that as long as he and Zirong did not act rashly, neither Rong Qingyun and the elder Yumo would pay too much attention on them.

He moved Mr. Little Square to his side without a sound, no one except Xu Zirong noticed that there’s a small part missing on his fingertips.

After contacting the flying sword, Aurora in Little Square, Xu Ziyan began to refining quietly when the two cultivators of golden core were still fighting.

After obtaining the Aurora yesterday, he had not had time to refine it. Now, if he used the Aurora, the speed of it would be greatly reduced, and there was no way for his feature of “breaking the air” to come into play, the best way would thus be to refine as quickly as possible.

Fortunately, Little Square was there…

At this time, Xu Ziyan was grateful for the existence of Little Square. Thinking about it carefully, although Little Square was a bit useless in terms of storage, as it continued to evolve, it seemed to be getting more functions!

(Little Square, “hehe, finally someone is noticing me!”)

His fingertips were connected with Aurora. In such an emergency, Xu Ziyan naturally didn’t use that kind of mild refining method, but he directly used the spiritual power with his purple night divine thunder. With a destructive posture, he directly rushed into the body of Aurora.

This might have a slight impact on the quality of Aurora, but Xu Ziyan couldn’t think much at that time. He couldn’t care whether he could still use Aurora in the future, if he didn’t even try, the four of them would be sucked dry…

Pink Hair and Snowball obediently squatted on Xu Ziyan’s side, sticking out their tongues to lick their hoofs. Even though Xu Zirong made so many difficult movements, Pink Hair could still keep lying on his shoulders and continue eating carrots.

Xu Ziyan knew that these two unreliable spiritual pets weren’t simple at all, but he’d never expected anything from them. He understood that even in modern world, one could only rely on himself to break through. No one can be reliable forever.

The extremely explosive spiritual power wandered in Aurora, sweeping away all the marks left by its former master in a domineering manner.

Even the Green Night Divine Thunder in the dantian of Xu Ziyan followed his spiritual power and ran around in Aurora. Of course, it had to take a good look of its future neighbor.

Xu Ziyan had already learnt to ignore such a spiritual act of his Green Night Divine Thunder. Ever since he was tortured by it when he was at the stage of building base, he already knew how powerful it was.

He didn’t know when Green Night Divine Thunder started becoming so spiritual, but for him, this could only bring him more benefits. Last time when he was devouring Purple Night Divine Thunder, he would’ve exploded and died without the help of Green Night Divine Thunder…

Aurora began to tremble slightly after Green Night Divine Thunder entered its body. Xu Ziyan was a little worried. He wanted to refine the Aurora, not to destroy it. Since Green Night Divine Thunder walked around in Aurora so directly, wouldn’t it cause any irreparable harm?

Facts have proved that Xu Ziyan simply thought too much. _(:3」∠)_

After Green Night Divine Thunder strolled around in Aurora, it suddenly showed a strong closeness to Xu Ziyan.

Xu Ziyan held his forehead silently – why did he feel like the Aurora was shaking in his hand? It seemed to be resisting a bit when he was infusing spiritual energy into it, but it became more obedient after meeting Green Night Divine Thunder, and it’s even trying to flatter Xu Ziyan…

After Xu Ziyan put the refined Aurora into his body without showing any signs, Xu Zirong also quietly tied Jiang Ying and Fang Tianrui tightly together with blood vines, so that he could easily pull them over gently.

After grabbing a talisman given by Luo Yun, Xu Ziyan infused all his spiritual energy in it. The sword in his hand started getting hotter, Xu Ziyan glanced at Xu Zirong, who instantly tightened the blood vines in his hands.

“I’m fighting with you!” The elder Yumo yelled, and the spiritual energy of his body expanded. With the risk of his Dantian getting crushed, he released a new attack of Splitting Sky Slash.

Rong Qingyun felt shocked. He hadn’t expected that his original plan of slowly torturing the elder Yumo to death was discovered. The elder Yumo also acted fast enough, since he let his spiritual power explode and release another attack of Splitting Sky Slash.

The nine-tailed celestial foxes were not good at defense. Although the original body of a  demonic cultivator was much tougher than a human cultivator, Rong Qingyun still found it hard to defend when facing this kind of spatial spells.

Splitting Sky Slash is like a transparent lightsaber, it’s without brilliant light or harsh sound, and it just silently chopped off Rong Qingyun’s entire right front paw.

There was blood rushing out of the huge white fox’s body, and its white hair was instantly dyed with blood.

After the elder Yumo made this move, his nascent soul quickly fled. Although he managed to cause serious injury to Rong Qingyun, he’d lost power to defend also.

Rong Qingyun was seriously injured and fell to the ground, staring bitterly at the direction where the elder Yumo was fleeing. It was a pretty serious injury, even if he knew that it wouldn’t take long to kill elder Yumo, he dared not take the risk.

It’s because the elder Yumo might get his nascent soul exploded if he’s forced to the extreme. If Rong Qingyun took another blow, he might then lose his life.


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