I’ve Led the Villain Astray, How Do I Fix It?

Chapter 57 (Part 1)


Of course, if he’s occasionally lucky, he could still meet Jin Dan cultivator for a lecture, and if those inner disciples were lucky enough to catch the attention of one of the cultivators, he might as well become the real disciple from an ordinary inner one.

After the lecture, the disciples could even practice all kinds of martial arts in the quiet study room behind the martial arts room. Although it was expensive, it’d be totally worth it.

The main purpose of Xu Ziyan today was to go to the quiet room. Of course, he was not going to practice martial arts, but he intended to take some advantages by following his master’s advice….

His Hiding Thunder trick was to use the lightning to train the body, hiding thunder was like absorbing the thunder into their bodies. It would be an energy reserve which he could release it when there’s an enemy.


Regarding this trick, the first layer could only absorb one layer of thunder, and this quality of this first layer would be related to the amount of thunder it could absorb later on.

It’s a pity that Big Foot Luo was an Ice Spirit cultivator, and he didn’t have much thunder on his hands, he could only think of the hidden treasures of the Liuguang Sect.


He would never break in the Treasure House, even when he’s the disciple of his master. If he did so, his senior brother would surely let the master know. However, he wanted to build a stronger foundation as a disciple. After thinking it through, those “Spring Night Thunder” in the practice room would suit him the most.


Liuguang sect had quite a lot of these “Spring Night Thunder”, it wouldn’t hurt if they had one or two less…Big Foot Luo had these irresponsible thoughts.

And Xu Ziyan was obedient to the teachings of the master. Since the master said that he could take it, he would do so. It’s only that the master had given him a special explanation of the method of “taking”, wanting him to pay attention to it and not let the others discover. And if he was discovered, he had to reject it no matter what!

And the rest would be solved by him.

Xu Ziyan had a new understanding of the extent of shamelessness of Big Foot Luo, but since he would have the benefits, he had no intention to reject.

After spending ten pieces of lower-class spiritual stones and renting two quiet rooms, he sent Xu Zirong to practice himself.

There’s no way he would let his brother know about him stealing stuff, or else it’d jeopardize his image.


After entering the quiet room, he switched on the machine inside. The door of the quiet room was blocked by a sleek, mirror-like giant stone. Then, many cultivating projects appeared on the giant stone.

After selecting the “Thunderbolt”, he followed the instructions to do it in a fixed position. Soon, “robbery clouds” began to form on top of Xu Ziyan’s head.

This thunderbolt was used to make the cultivator’s body recover, but it also allows general monks to feel the power of thunder in advance.

It is said that hundreds of years ago, there was a monk in Xuan Yu area who, after encountering a “golden pill thunder robbery”, he was too shocked by the thunder that he failed in it. Although it’s a joke, it had reminded all the other sects.


Some of the thunders were particularly overwhelming, if one lost in crossing robbery because of his panic, it would be the biggest shame ever.

Since then, almost every sect has set up a similar method of thunderbolt to train their disciples. Later, it was discovered that it was also very good to use this array to cultivate the body, and the thunderbolt had become a standing array of various sects.

Of course, with the thunder robbery trick, the robbery thunder inside was hard to get. For ordinary sects, they would use various lightnings for the purpose. For those bigger sects, they would catch several lightnings for the development of the future generations.

Among them, the green thunder of Liuguang sect would be the most powerful, it was only more superior to the thunder of Purple Night God. Even after being weakened for many times, it still has a high quality.


At present, Xu Ziyan’s small body couldn’t withstand the thunder of Green Night God, so he could only secretly steal a bit from the thunderbolt that is a little thicker than the hair.

After the start of the Thunder Robbery trick, clouds began to form on top of Xu Ziyan’s head.

Big Foot Luo had reminded him, there were a total of nine robbery thunders in this Thunder Robbery trick, step by step, only the ninth thunder was from the real Green Night God. The former ones were at most false God thunders.

Therefore, if Xu Ziyan wanted to steal a trace of the thunder, he must at least survive the first eight robberies, and he couldn’t lose consciousness. That is to say, it sounds simple, but it is very difficult to do.


Xu Ziyan silently sat in the same place, doing all the preparations, but the difference in strength could not be overcome by his will alone. As a small cultivator, he couldn’t stand the Thunder Robbery trick prepared for the cultivators to cross robbery during his condensed pulse period.

Undoubtedly, after the first thunder robbery, Xu Ziyan’s whole body got charcoal dark and he fainted. It only occurred because his body belonged to the Thunder spiritual type, or it would be so much more serious.


No one knew for how long he had fainted. When Xu Ziyan woke up, and after moving slightly, all his bones made some noises. He took a deep breath and he felt numb all over his body. It’s like his bones would be shattered once being touched.

After lying on the ground for a while, Xu Ziyan climbed up with much difficulty. He was very clear that today’s cultivation had been over, and he did not want to cultivate the mine before he built the foundation.

“Brother! How are you?” When the door of the quiet room was opened, he saw Xu Zirong waiting anxiously outside the door.

Once the door of the quiet room was closed, unless the person inside opened it, one had to be able to reach the level of Golden Pill cultivation to bomb open this door.

“It’s alright.” Xu Ziyan made a casual smile. Fortunately, he took care of himself for a bit before opening the door, or else Zirong would have to worry again.


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