Chapter 57 (Part 2)


Xu Zirong’s forced a serious expression, complaining, “Big Brother’s been in there for three days now, how could you be okay?”


“Three days?” Xu Ziyan was shocked. He had been out for three days?


“Brother, are you really okay?” Xi Zirong frowned. Since he’d emerged from the quiet room, Xu Ziyan hadn’t budged. Plus he looked exhausted.


“Uh…just a bit tired.” In his current state, he figured that trying to walk out stubbornly would be difficult, so he opted to only tell him part of the truth.


Without another word, Xu Zirong raised his hand to support Xu Ziyan’s arm, letting him lean on him. Together they left the martial arts room, returning to Tian Luo Peak. While they were walking, Xu Ziyan couldn’t withstand his companion’s wistful gaze, eventually telling him everything about what had happened inside.


“Brother, if the Green Night God is so strong, you should wait until your foundations are shored up before going back.” Xu Zirong was blaming Big Foot Luo in his mind. His brother only cultivated the whole Qi Condensation Stage. How could he stand a fighting chance against the Thunder Robbery trick prepared for the cultivators to cross robbery? Was the guy crazy?


“Yeah, I didn’t expect Thunder Robbery to be that intense either. The first was enough to knock me out for three days. It’s probably impossible for me to stay conscious all the way to the ninth bolt.” Xu Ziyan was exasperated. His master had talked about it with such ease that he hadn’t expected them to be so strong. Maybe he was trying to get him into trouble on purpose.


Half-leaning against Xu Zirong, they took two hours to return to the little cottage on Tian Luo Peak.


All the holes had been covered by the vines and branches that Xu Zirong cultivated. Now the walls and ceiling alike were covered in green, a few small white flowers peppered on top that emanated a clean, sweet smell.


Living in a house like this was actually quite relaxing.


After helping Xu Ziyan lie down, Xu Zirong moved closer to him. He’d been freaking out for the past three days. If he hadn’t had his brother’s blood to reassure him that his life wasn’t in danger, he might have blown the door open to get in.


Three days without seeing his brother later, Xu Rizong felt like the violence in his heart was almost impossible to suppress.


How odd. Normally when he was feeling irritable, avoiding his brother helped. But after more than a day of not seeing him, he found that the irritable sensation had blossomed into a manic state.


If he wasn’t still anchored by his own reasonable side, and the knowledge that showing his bloodthirsty side here at the Liuguang Sect would cause his brother trouble, he really wanted to…


His eyes were suffused with the color of blood. Closing his eyes, Xu Zirong took a deep breath and calmed himself down.


He didn’t open his eyes again until his eye color was back to normal, only to realize that Xu Ziyan was looking at him apologetically. “Sorry, Zirong. I made you worry about me.”


Xu Ziyan patted his brother on the head. He felt how strongly this child relied on him. He’d disappeared for three days, after all–no matter how reasonable he could be, he was still an eleven-year-old child. He must have been beside himself with fear.


“Brother…” Xu Zirong muttered, leaping into his arms, rubbing against him.


Xu Ziyan smiled, offering his arms in generosity, pulling him close.


Quietly Xu Zirong listened to Xu Ziyan’s heartbeat. It was powerful, each pump of blood foretelling a joyous life force.


Big Brother was his!


Each time he thought about this, Xu Zirong felt incredibly satisfied.


What could Master do? In his brother’s heart the most important person was him, only him!


Anyone who might threaten his own position, he would eliminate immediately without a trace.


“Stupid disciple! Stupid disciple!”


In a warm moment like that, the loud voice ringing from outside of the window disrupted everything.


Xu Zirong’s expression turned dark, and he glared out the window.


Xu Ziyan could only smile in exasperation, patting him on the back reassuringly. He just couldn’t understand how people who shared so much could be so at odd with each other.


He didn’t believe that Big Foot Luo hadn’t realized the brothers were connecting emotionally. As a Nascent Soul Cultivator, he had no problem sensing everything going on in the Liuguang Sect, let alone this tiny little cottage.


Dammit…they say that some old folks are like kids. Master must be over two thousand. How could he tussle with an eleven-year-old?


“Yo, my stupid disciple is back.” Big Foot Luo’s voice rang out outside. There was a boom, and the wooden door that had only been fixed days before collapsed once more, a solemn end to its life.

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