After witnessing how the old demon was absorbing the soul of his junior brother, he had felt very disturbed. He couldn’t help backing down when he’s in front of such a great power. Although his senior brother had promised to save him, he’s definitely looking for his doomsday if he went to fight with the master.

At this moment, he finally realized that he’s no longer an ordinary person. With such an attractive face, he might have some good days if he lived in an ordinary world. However, he’s already a cultivator, and being in a body that’s like a tripod furnace, his miserable destiny had almost become certain.

If there wasn’t a powerful figure to protect him, he wouldn’t be able to escape from anyone’s hands even though he’d escaped from the old demon.

“I will not die, I have to be a superior!” Bai Hua touched his face and showed a weird smile.

At this moment, he suddenly had a feeling of his body being pulled apart. Suddenly, there was a transparent vortex next to him. The color and shape of this vortex were exactly the same as the one that Xu Ziyan had entered. The only difference was that this one was much smaller.

Bai Hua was frightened by the vortex that suddenly appeared. Before he could do anything, he was instantly sucked into it.

The Green Spiritual Seal, and the Green Spiritual Energy…there’s only one word of difference, yet they’re two completely different things. The Green Spiritual Energy that Bai Hua obtained had a little higher level than the Green Spiritual Seal. It could lead him directly into the Green Spiritual Secret Realm, without him having to look for the entrance.

Just when the old master of Tian Yu sect was reassuring Qi Xuan and let his disciples enter the passage, Xu Ziyan and Xu Zirong ended up in a black cave.

It’s not certain whether they had good or bad luck. The trembling of the passage had made their location switch and they couldn’t see their senior brothers and sisters anymore.

They were the last disciples of Liu Guang sect to enter the passage. After the passage trembled and Qi Xuan wasted some time, the disciples of Tian Yu sect ended up in a different space. That’s to say, in this black cave, Xu Ziyan and Xu Zirong were all alone.

“Brother?” Xu Zirong looked at his brother with doubt. He was paying attention to Xu Ziyan all the time, that’s why he easily noticed the different facial expression of Xu Ziyan after entering the passage.

“It’s alright now.” Xu Ziyan shook his head and took out a fluorescent stone from his Qiankun bag.

There were various terrains in the Green Spiritual Secret Realm, although it was a bit out of his expectation to enter the underground cave, he had brought everything that he needed and he wasn’t panicking.

The fluorescent stone had the size of a fist, but the light that it was emitting was very strong, it’s enough to illuminate the surrounding environment.

It was very dark in the cave, there’s only the glowing light emitted from the fluorescent stone. They were now in the center of the passage, and it was totally dark in front of them and at the back. It was a very uncomfortable atmosphere. Luckily, there’s not any rotten smell. If one was careful enough, he might still be able to sense the air flowing in it.

“Let’s go here.” With only two options – stepping forward or backward, Xu Ziyan naturally walked in the direction of the wind.

Xu Zirong followed tightly behind him. He wasn’t sure why he was feeling uneasy after entering the Green Spiritual Secret Realm, but he had been feeling uncomfortable ever since he’d entered it. He wasn’t sure where this weird feeling came from.

The two walked along the passage. It was very dry inside, they sometimes even stepped on some soft moss.

While Xu Ziyan was walking forward, he was also checking his body. He firmly believed that the weird feeling he was having wasn’t an illusion. He was sure that something had entered his body.

Through the inside view, he checked his meridian and elixir again and again. But he’d found nothing wrong.

The ray in his elixir was still moving around smoothly like a swimming fish. In fact, as long as he had the Green Spiritual Thunder, it’d be impossible for anything to enter his elixir without a sign.

His elixir was fine, his meridian was fine, everything seemed fine. Then what’s the problem?

Xu Ziyan was carefully thinking, and he subconsciously slowed down.

“Brother, what’s really wrong with you?” Xu Zirong asked with a frown. After entering this secret realm, he had felt that there’s something wrong with Xu Ziyan. However, if he didn’t say anything, there’s no way for Xu Zirong to find out. In other times, if Xu Ziyan refused to say something, he would try to question him. All in all, he had this “cute little brother” image, asking questions too directly would damage this image.

However, he felt increasingly annoyed, and he’s becoming impatient as well, and that had been shown in his tone.

Soon after Xu Zirong asked, he felt shocked. He hadn’t expected himself to show his anxiety. He quickly shut up and didn’t say anything further.

Fortunately, Xu Ziyan was paying attention to his own body and didn’t hear Xu Zirong clearly.

“What did you just say?”

Xu Zirong was relieved a bit, then he immediately comforted his brother, “brother, you’ve been acting weird ever since you’d entered the passage. Is there something wrong?”

Xu Ziyan thought about it, and decided that telling this to Zirong would be no big deal, although he’s only 11 years old, wait, although he’s only 12 years old, he’s quite mature. If not for his height and his cute little face, Xu Ziyan might as well think that he’s talking to an adult.

After telling all his feelings to his little brother, Xu Zirong went into deep thoughts as well.

He believed that what Xu Ziyan felt was justified. Given a cultivator’s sensitivity, they rarely made wrong judgements, unless they had been fooled by some magical array.


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