Chapter 68

Although the two were analyzing the deep-lying reasons of why they were feeling weird, they hadn’t stopped. Both Xu Ziyan and Xu Zirong were foundation cultivators, simple methods of exploration were not a challenge for them at all, and they were completely at ease when using it.

When they were walking in the passage and chatting, there was only the sound of their footsteps in the empty space.

However, even after discussing for a while, they still couldn’t find out the cause of the discomfort.

“Forget it. Anyway, I don’t really feel uncomfortable now, let’s just leave it like that.” Xu Ziyan said helplessly. After all, he couldn’t dissect himself to find out the cause.

Xu Zirong still felt a little bit upset, he couldn’t tolerate to see anything or anyone hurting his brother. He hadn’t tasted one sip of blood of his “delicious” brother, how could he see any inexplicable evil power getting into his body?

Xu Zirong secretly remembered this incident. Later, when he resumed his strength and found out the cause, he would surely take revenge on the person who’d set the trap!

As the wind blowing in front of them grew stronger, they soon saw the end of the passage.

When they walked out of the entrance of the cave, there was a prominent platform outside. Xu Ziyan stood on the platform and unveiled his consciousness to explore, but he still couldn’t see the end of it.

The top of the shed was not that high, and they could see it with the light of the fluorescent ball. However, the darkness below had devoured the light emitted by the fluorescent ball, just like an abyss.

“Do you want to go down?” Xu Zirong tilted his head and asked. On one side of the platform, there were staircases going downward, from which they could see traces of artificial carving.

The staircase was built along the wall. When one looked far away, it was as if it’s spiraling downward. As the glow of the fluorescent ball couldn’t cover the opposite side, Xu Ziyan had no ways to know how long those staircases were.

The end of the stairs was hidden in the darkness, and they couldn’t rely on the fluorescent ball for lighting anymore. Xu Ziyan thought for a while and took a fist-sized thunder ball. The thunder ball was bounced into the air and it was suddenly burst open. With this instant light, Xu Ziyan immediately squinted and saw the situation of this terrain.

As he had assumed, the platform that they were standing on was the only place where the rock wall protruded. The top was a sealed shed, and the bottom was a dark abyss. They could either go forward or retrieve. Now that they’d already made it this far, Xu Ziyan wasn’t willing to return empty-handed.

“I’ll go first, follow me behind.” Xu Ziyan walked ahead and Xu Zirong followed him obediently. He already knew that he could not surpass his brother for such matters, and he could only accept his brother’s desire of protection.

Of course, he really enjoyed being protected. If anyone suddenly attacked them, he was also confident in saving Xu Ziyan at the right moment. However, if that enemy happened to be a cunning and powerful one, it would make no difference even if he walked in front. So, technically, there’s nothing much to worry about.

With the light emitted from the fluorescent ball, Xu Ziyan was paying close attention to the surrounding environment. He suddenly remembered having read about all the traps and levels in the novel about treasure hunt.

He didn’t know whether there were similar things in the Green Spiritual Secret Realm, but it’s better to be as vigilant as he could.

The two of them walked cautiously for a long time. And they still hadn’t found out anything. Xu Ziyan started to feel relieved, he thought that what his master said was wrong, that there’s indeed nothing dangerous in this place.

Xu Ziyan couldn’t explain this, but ever since he’d entered the Green Spiritual Secret Realm, he failed to just neglect what had happened to him at the entrance. Although he seemed indifferent in front of Xu Zirong, he just couldn’t let this thing go.

Although he couldn’t find out the reason, there’s still a voice in his mind reminding him how important that thing is. And he had to find out that energy.

He sighed helplessly. Xu Ziyan firmly believed that he would be annoyed by his own voice in his head if he didn’t solve this matter.

He checked his body again, there weren’t any abnormalities.

Subconsciousness: safe

Meridian: safe

Elixir: The God of Green Thunder was still playing happily.

Where has his damn energy gone to?

Xu Ziyan couldn’t help but start feeling more annoyed. He started making noises with his knuckles, as he really wanted to find someone for a fight. As there were no enemies around, and it’s not appropriate to beat his little brother up, he might as well look for Thunder Light!

He really admired how smart he was!

The so-called Thunder Light was a puppet inside the jade slip he found in the Hidden Treasure House of the Xu family.

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