“Gosh, I’m so exhausted. How come there’s still nothing here?” Xu Ziyan sat on the ground and wiped the sweat on his forehead.

He’s been bending and digging for over an hour now, and he’s pretty exhausted. Plus, there was quite a lot of soil. In fact, Xu Ziyan only complained a bit, he wasn’t feeling specifically annoyed. All in all, all the protagonists in the novels had to overcome a lot of difficulties to get what they wanted. It would be impossible for him to find treasures without suffering.

Of course, the bones of some ordinary monsters were not comparable to those priceless treasures, but they were still a kind of wealth after all, and it surely wouldn’t be delivered to him so effortlessly.

That’s why Xu Ziyan was just complaining casually. When he turned up, he saw that Xu Zirong was gone.

“Zirong!” Xu Ziyan panicked immediately. When was he gone? How did Zirong disappear? Given Zirong’s power, he wouldn’t be taken away silently just like that! Except it was a cultivator from Golden Age?

“I’m here, brother!” Luckily, Xu Zirong’s voice came from the dark. Xu Ziyan calmed down.

“What are you doing?” Xu Ziyan immediately jumped up and ran toward the direction of the voice. Before getting far, he saw a dark shadow standing beside a rock wall, as if it was looking at something.

“Zirong?” Since the last time he was attacked by a mermaid, Xu Ziyan became much more alerted. This was no longer the previous cozy world that he lived in. He had to be extra careful whenever he saw a stranger. It’s more than normal to get killed in this space.

Moreover, he had to be even more careful when he saw any non-human creatures. Any creature that looked like a human usually fed on human beings. It’s not 100% certain, but there’s at least a 90% possibility.

The shadow in front of him was too blurry. Although the shape was very similar to that of Xu Zirong, Xu Ziyan dared not rush toward it immediately. Instead, he approached carefully with his fluorescent ball.

It turns out that he had really thought too much…it was indeed Xu Zirong who’s standing there. After getting a bit closer, he could sense the presence of Xu Zirong.

“What have you found?” He was certain that Xu Zirong must have discovered something.

“Well, there’s something wrong with the soft moss.” Xu Zirong answered casually.

Although Xi Ziyan seemed to have found nothing precious, Xu Zirong still thought that it’s only the beginning of their discovery. Since the moss was so soft, three must be something that had contributed to its growth, and there must be something underneath with immense power.

If Xu Ziyan successfully dug out a lot of monsters’ corpses without much effort, Xu Zirong might not be so excited. The fact that there’s still not anything made Xu Zirong start to have other wild guesses.

“What’s wrong here?” Xu Ziyan had limited knowledge of plants. And since he’s with Xu Zirong who’s very familiar with plants, he naturally didn’t need to learn diligently about them.

Seeing his brother acting like that, Xu Zirong didn’t say anything. He smiled lightly, “brother, soft moss only grows on corpses. Since we have such a large area of soft moss, I’m very certain that there’s an enormous power underneath these corpses. If they’re ordinary monsters, there’re at least tens of millions of them. However, even with such great power, there’s still no corpse in sight. Brother, what do you think?”

Xi Ziyan’s eyes flashed, “there must be high-level monsters underneath. What we have is quality instead of quantity!”

“That’s right!” Xu Zirong smiled.  Of course, he didn’t care about ordinary monsters, but high-level monsters would be different. For human cultivators, high-level monsters were full of treasures. Aside from their inner core, their corpses were excellent materials for cultivation.

For any fights among cultivators, the level of cultivation is of course very important, but what they have in hand is also the key. The most suitable is surely a tailor-made tool. As Xu Zirong already had experiences from his previous life, and he already knew what kind of tool he needed, it’s now the perfect time to get the right materials.

In order to get the corpses of monsters, the two brothers continued digging. According to the situation of growth of the soft moss, Xu Zirong analyzed where the corpses were buried. After having dug for about an hour, they finally saw one white tooth.

When looking at the tooth that’s even one meter higher than himself, Xu Ziyan couldn’t describe how surprised he was.

Needless to say, this high-level monster must be gigantic!

“The Golden Monster…” Xu Zirong murmured while looking at the tooth. “I once thought that it’s only legendary.”

“The Golden Monster?” Xu Ziyan also heard him murmur, and he immediately found a record of the Golden Monster from his memory.

It is said that the Golden Monster is the totem most admired by the western barbarians. This monster is exceptionally huge and fierce. However, they only existed in the legend, and no one had really saw them.

They hadn’t expected that this kind of creature really existed in reality.

“Go on digging.” Xu Ziyan said with determination.

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