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Chapter 70


Soon, the two dug out an entire skeleton from underneath.

After thousands of years of burial, the skeleton had completely turned into golden color. The flesh and blood of the Golden Beast had not been completely absorbed by the soft moss, but it was mostly integrated with the bones.

The energy that escaped from it enabled the soft moss to cover the whole ground, it even started covering the wall and going up continuously.

Such an immense power enabled this skeleton to have a majestic power. And this immense power was also highly offensive. If there was an ordinary person, he might be scared to death just by looking at the skeleton.

“Good stuff.” Xu Zirong was really interested in the skeleton and he kept touching the it. The Golden Beast loved killing before death, and after its death, it seemed to be still carrying the momentum.

The skeleton alone had such a strong momentum. If it’s turned into a weapon, it could certainly be beyond powerful.

Aside from this skeleton, the two also found two white jade-like fangs with natural textures on them. Xu Zirong felt a sense of blood on it.

He touched the fangs gently and felt the sense of bloodthirst in it. Without further analyzing, he knew that the texture on the fangs were a natural pattern.

The effect of the pattern was to prevent the healing of the wound. That is to say, when the Golden Beast was alive, anyone who was bitten would bleed to death. Anyone who’s negligent would send himself to hell.

In addition, their biggest gain was the golden inner alchemy next to the skeleton. Although its color became a bit dim over time, there’s no impact on its value.

“It’s a pity.” Xu Zirong sighed lightly. There was only about a quarter of loss of energy in the inner alchemy. Even so, the remaining ¾ was also very overwhelming. Unfortunately, Xu Zirong needed a complete inner alchemy to create a full puppet of Golden Beast.

Even though he couldn’t revive its power totally, he could still compete with cultivators of Golden Age with this inner alchemy.

Now that the inner alchemy was no longer complete, even if he used secret spells to create a puppet, he could at most use it for a few times. Once the energy of the inner alchemy was entirely consumed, the puppet would be no longer useful.

“What’s wrong? What’s a pity?” Xu Ziyan was still shocked by the golden color of these bones. He already knew the quality of the bones judging from the color alone.

Today, they were no longer only bones in Xu Ziyan’s eyes. They were white spiritual stones for him. At this moment, he still didn’t have a pure concept of refining the materials to create a life-saving treasure, he was only thinking about how many spiritual stones he could earn out of these bones.

Noticing what Xu Ziyan was thinking about, Xu Zirong couldn’t help but smile. Since some time ago, he’d already noticed that his brother got ambiguous quite frequently. He often had clear concepts of a lot of things, but he never got the right opportunity to use it.

For example, from the reaction of his brother just now, Xu Zirong could also see that he knew what the Golden Beast was, yet he hadn’t realized that it’s a golden skeleton until he pointed it out.

“Brother, what do you plan to do with this skeleton?” Xu Zirong asked, tilting his head.

“What do you mean? Aside from selling it, what else can I do with it?” Xu Ziyan asked with confusion. He knew that many demon cultivators used corpses and skeletons to cast spells, but he didn’t know how to use those tricks at all.

No matter if it’s his original body or being in the novel, he knew nothing about demon cultivation. He honestly didn’t know what else to do with the skeleton aside from selling it.

Xu Zirong hesitated a little before deciding to test his brother.

No matter how he pretended, in the eyes of his brother, his obedient little brother was just an illusion. He couldn’t guarantee that he wouldn’t expose any flaws. He only wanted to confirm the reaction his older brother would have if he found out that Xu Zirong was a demon cultivator.

It’s definitely inappropriate to tell it bluntly. However, it might be a good way to start now.

“Brother, out of coincidence, I discovered a secret spell, and I can…” Xu Zirong started to stutter.

“Oh? What can you do? Tell me.” Xu Ziyan looked at him in confusion.

“I can turn this skeleton into a puppet.”

After saying so, Xu Zirong immediately looked at Xu Ziyan nervously. He had already made up his mind – if his brother showed a little sign of rejection, he would say that he’d discovered this trick unintentionally in a book, and it might not be reliable. Also, he would intentionally make the spell fail to make it look more convincing.

In short, he would never allow his older brother to dislike him.


Xu Ziyan looked extremely surprised. He stared at Xu Zirong while looking stunned. Xu Zirong felt very nervous and he was almost about to change what he had just said. Suddenly, Xu Ziyan patted on his shoulder, “how come you didn’t tell me such a good method before?!”


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