Chapter 71

Suddenly, Xu Zirong started to regret. He thought that he shouldn’t have asked his brother to control this giant beast or asked him for essence blood. It’s such a big challenge for him.

It’s such a waste to use his brother’s sweet blood on a puppet.

However, he’d already said what he wanted to, and his big brother gave him a drop of essence blood as well. There’s no way he could ask him to take it back.

Therefore, with a deep sense of jealousy, Xu Zirong put that drop of essence blood into the inner alchemy of the Golden Beast. Then, he put the inner alchemy into the core of the skeleton and started to cast a spell after dropping a drop of his own essence blood.

After dropping the essence blood of Xu Ziyan in the inner alchemy, it was quickly integrated, and the essence blood of Xu Zirong formed a blood net outside the inner alchemy. When the glow of the inner alchemy got stronger, the blood net also became bigger. The blood went along the veins and the bones, then formed some skin, hair…after about half an hour, a giant creature appeared right in front of the Xu brothers.

“How amazing!” Xi Ziyan couldn’t help but exclaim.

Although he had already known how magic the spell was, he still found it incredible to create a giant creature out of bones of a dead body.

However, he still had some doubts in his mind. Did he really read about this kind of spells in the novel?

Also, the blood essence that Xu Zirong had left in the inner alchemy also made him feel kind of uncomfortable. It’s not like he hated the magic, but he remembered having read in the novel, that Xu Zirong became a demon cultivator after his cultivation of Blood Sea Heart Sutra. However, he was sure that he hadn’t ever cultivated the Blood Sea Heart Sutra, so how come…

No…it’s not possible…he must have thought too much!

Xu Ziyan shook his head hard. How could the cold and ruthless demon from his last life be his cute and well-behaved brother? It’s just a drop of essence blood, what’s the big deal? He had given a drop of his anyway. He couldn’t just link everything related to blood with the Blood Sea Heart Sutra. He couldn’t act sensitive like this!

Although he didn’t admit that his little brother had something to do with the blood demon, in a remote area in Xu Ziyan’s heart, he had already started doubting. In the near future, he might explode along with the increasing doubt in his heart!

But, at that time, a lot of things would have become too late…

“Aw!” The Golden Beast, under Xu Zirong’s control, gave a low roar. It’s giant and had an overwhelming momentum. Judging from its size alone, it’s very oppressive, but Xu Zirong knew very well that it just looked powerful on the surface. This puppet of Golden Beast would not have very high performance unless he could find another inner alchemy of the same level to replace the incomplete one.

Xu Zirong actually lacked interest in this kind of creature. However, he wasn’t so powerful yet, and before resuming all his power, the Golden Beast could still be useful.

In the world of cultivation, peace never exists. Let alone demon or devil cultivators, how many “normal disciples” have already murdered other people to get what they want?

Xu Zirong had seen enough of this in his previous life. He was once accused of eliminating countless ordinary people’s towns for his cultivation of demon power, but in reality, there was only one town which was related. The reason why that town was destroyed was because there’s a disciple of the right path who was attracted by Xu Zirong. After failing to seduce Xu Zirong, he was scolded and felt that he’d lost face. Therefore, he had to go to that town to kill people in order to let off his temper.

In the eyes of some cultivators, the lives of mortals are like ants. In their long lives, mortals could always reproduce. Even after killing some, new mortals would always appear.

Xu Zirong always looked down on people who said this. He could tell everyone openly that as a demon cultivator, what he was doing was much more righteous than a lot of other “right path” cultivators.


“Zirong, how do you put away this stuff?” While looking at the gigantic Golden Beast, Xu Ziyan suddenly felt worried. When it was still in its skeleton form, they could still put it together and put it inside the Qiankun bag, but it’s surely impossible to do so now…


“It’s okay, it can open up space on its own.” Xu Zirong said with a smile. “The Golden Beast’s instinct is to open an independent space. He has no life now, so he can fit in perfectly.”

“Really? That’s great.” Xu Ziyan was pleased, then asked, “uh…how do I let him in?”

“I have integrated your essence blood into this monster’s inner alchemy. You can communicate with him by using only God’s consciousness. You just need to call it when you need it.”


Xu Ziyan gazed at the beast and gave an order in his mind to make it return to its space. The Golden Beast moaned with a low voice, and its huge body gradually disappeared into the void.

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